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Do you ever wonder if all this ‘embodied enlightenment’ stuff is real? You came into this lifetime eager to make a difference, and then worked very hard at learning, remembering and getting it right. You learned to love yourself after lifetimes of frustration, and have more or less realized that you’re the creator. But now, after all that work, it seems the best advice we get is “Allow. Remember the ‘I Exist.’ Live in the and. Be here.” It can feel a bit anticlimactic, as if they can’t think of anything else to teach us, so now we’re just passing time waiting for… what? We want a graduation ceremony, a Certificate of Mastery, a big explosion of ecstasy, magical powers – anything! Heck, even an actual demonstration from Adamus would be nice.

Allow? I’d rather have some important final thing to do! I Exist? Sure, but give me an assignment so I can get over that damn threshold! (This is where Threshold attendees chuckle.) We want to rev up for the next challenge, the next thing to master. Oh wait, Adamus said “Stop hurrying so much.” Huh? The dictionary defines of mastery as “expert skill or knowledge.” Isn’t that something you achieve through practice and hard work? But then, enlightenment is about relaxing and allowing, which sounds like the opposite. Now my mind is going in circles with all the questions. And, oh dear, how can I allow the part of me that can’t seem to allow?

Whew, deep breath.

The other day I remembered Tobias’ parable about Oryan and his canoe. After setting out on a long and amazing journey paddling his canoe up the stream on a grand adventure, Oryan at last grew tired and weary. He’d seen it all, done it all, and knew there was no reason to continue. It was enough. He left his paddles on the riverbank, set his canoe in the river one last time, and let go. He allowed himself to float back downstream, passing through all the lands and experiences he’d visited on his adventure, all the while moving inevitably toward the massive waterfall at the end of the river.

What would happen when he got there? He knew it would be the end but he no longer cared. (Of course there was also something deep within him that knew it would not be the end, for there is really no such thing.) By leaving his paddles behind, Oryan allowed himself to realize his natural evolution. And, when he went over the waterfall, he finally remembered that it had all been an illusion, an incredible dream created by his own Self. All the experiences of his journey brought wisdom to his soul, but it was only by stopping the effort, letting go and allowing that he could realize this.

When my mind demands proof, what it’s really asking for is reassurance from something or someone still plugging away on the river. When I ‘try’ to allow, it’s just the old habit of thinking I’ll only get there by paddling harder. My rowing muscles have gotten very strong on this journey and the tendency start paddling again is always there. Even now that I left the paddles back on shore and (mostly) let go, I still want to reach my hands in and help things along. But, no matter how much I flail around, it just sends me in circles. I’m going downstream now, and nothing I do can stop me, nor would I want it to. It’s time to allow, and I’m slowly getting better at reminding myself to just lie back in my canoe and enjoy the ride. Even the old issues that seem to come up again are hardly more than echoes of old experiences as I pass by the old scenery.

And Adamus? He’s like our invisible tour guide, reminding us again and again that all is well. He’s not paddling beside us on the river, for he’s already gone over the waterfall. Manifesting a canoe to show off might be fun, but it would just get us going in circles again. Instead, he offers a running commentary of what’s really going on: We won’t get lost, we can’t screw it up, the river won’t run dry, and that distant rumbling roar is nothing to fear. It’s the return we chose a long, long time ago. Like an arrow shot to the sky that always returns to earth, we are inevitably returning to Self. The waterfall, the one that looks like sure annihilation, is that return. And whether the human is worried or not, the Self already knows how to fly.

The closer we get to this precipice, the more we can feel it, and I think that’s where the Master Sense comes in. It’s the awakening remembrance of what’s beyond the river. As I wrote last month, it’s the unlimited perception that’s always been there, but we tuned it out so we could focus here in the illusion. After all, it’s kind of hard to play a board game properly when you’re busy with the rest of your life. So you set it up on the table, tune out most of the distractions and dive into the game. Opening up to the Master Sense is like pulling your focus back out of the game a bit, looking around and starting to notice everything else that’s going on. That’s where the “and” comes in, which, to me, is just another way of explaining the Master Sense.

I recently had the privilege of working on The Master’s Life, Part 2: I Am Here, an incredible multi-sensory experience of the mastery of and. Adamus gives perfect examples of what it means, helps you actually feel and experience what it’s like, and invites you to bring it into your life experience. So the other day I decided to play with it a bit.

It had been a long day and my body ached. A long hot soak in the tub was exactly what I needed. Breathing and letting my awareness roam, I remembered the and of “I Am Here.” Ah, time to explore. What other “here” shall I play in? Immediately came the answer – an ice water bath! It would be completely different and yet similar to my current experience. I closed my eyes, took a breath, allowed myself to be “here” in ice water – and bam, I started shivering! Of course the utter surprise instantly refocused me in the hot water reality, but it was amazing to experience, even for a flash, how easy it really is.

This is choosing our “act of consciousness,” the reality we want to experience. All these things we’re learning (remembering, actually) are simply reminders that we are the creators. I created a hot bath for myself, and could just as easily have created a cold one. The same applies to every single aspect of my life – abundance and lack, love and fear, trust and doubt – and all the myriad variations of experience on Earth and beyond. We’ve gotten so accustomed to a narrow range of perception that we think feeling something that’s “not there” couldn’t possibly be real. But a long time ago this reality wasn’t there either, until we decided, “I Am Here, in this reality. This is the game I want to play for a while,” and it became so.

Opening up the Master Sense, living in the and, choosing the “here” to inhabit – it’s all about creation and allowing. And do you know how it works? By choosing your perception. I chose to feel an icy bath, and for a brief moment it became real. I didn’t feel it because it was there; it was there because I felt it.

All this time, in the illusion of paddling up the river, we believed that whatever destiny awaited around the next bend was what we had to experience. We could run from it, hold onto it, repeat it, ignore it, but it was still happening to us. When we finally plunge over that waterfall into the abyss, we’re going to realize that the whole thing had been imagined and felt into being by none other than our own Self. The doubt, joy, fear, excitement, illness, health, abundance, lack and everything else are things we have felt into being, all for a grand experience.

Here’s something that became very clear to me while going through the “I Am Here” Cloud Class: Consciousness isn’t a feeling; it is the feeler, and through this comes creation and experience. Consciousness has felt countless realities into being, all as ways to experience itself. Every act is a limitation, a definition to play with, but consciousness is the unlimited creator. What a glorious thing to remember!

A couple cautions about all this. I suggest that you don’t try using it to “fix” something in your current reality, for that misses the whole point. There are a gazillion options to feel into. Just play with it, have fun and let the limitations fall away, at least for a moment here and there. Also, it can be extremely disorienting, and the effects don’t always go away quickly. So when you can’t quite tell where you start and stop, or you feel that melting into a puddle of goo would be more comfortable, just have fun with that too. And keep breathing.

It’s all a game and you can’t lose. And, even if none of it was real, when you feel it into being it becomes real.

Now, what do you want to play?

7 comments on "Being Here"

  • Helen Anderson on April 19, 2016 2:53 PM said:
    Thank you Jean, it was an insightful joy reading this,my sense of knowing and reminder to myself was needed ❤️
  • Binkie on April 12, 2016 4:57 AM said:
    Thank you it helps a lot to know that someone else feels the way I do.
  • Angel Pricer on April 11, 2016 3:42 PM said:
    It's always a delicious treat to read your posts, Jean. Thank you!
  • Donna on April 7, 2016 1:24 PM said:
    Your writing helps me to remember. Blessings :)
  • Claire on April 5, 2016 8:51 AM said:
    Dear Jean no really DEAR Jean. You always seem to answer my questions. Yes, I too have felt that restlessness and ennui that comes after all the excitement and struggling. Now, having read your article I think I may go out to play! I have experienced the and but it has been fleeting and not necessarily in my control I come. My kindest regards to you.
  • Donna Van Keuren on April 4, 2016 6:56 PM said:
    Love!!! :)
  • Camilo on April 4, 2016 5:52 PM said:
    I love Jean's articles and her black cosmic sense of humor!

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