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My Perspective of DreamWalker Birth

If Shaumbra have one thing in common, it is our desire and commitment for embodied realization in this lifetime. And when we understand where we came from and how we got here, we can have a much easier time moving on, whether through conscious death and rebirth or through that final realization.

As with every presentation he gives, Adamus Saint-Germain offers so much more in DreamWalker Birth (DWB) than the title implies. While a large part of this class is indeed focused on conscious birthing and Adoula work, also called spiritual midwifery, as much or more of the class is also about your own journey to Earth and eventually into enlightenment.

DreamWalker Birth was recorded in Taos, New Mexico in August 2006. Not long before Adamus had introduced DreamWalker Death (DWD), and DW Birth was his logical next step. Learning how to die consciously – and assist others in the process – is a tremendous step in the soul’s evolution. Being consciously birthed on Earth, whether for the next go round or one’s very first lifetime, is also an incredible asset to the incoming being and his or her development. It also has a profound effect on human consciousness, both here on Earth and in the Near Earth Realms. In fact, Adamus recently commented on this very thing.

He said: “[DreamWalker Birth] has brought more consciousness to the other side of the veil than it actually has here on Earth. There’s been more attention, more light for the beings who are coming to Earth. There’s been more attention and focus on the monatry for those who are studying or rebalancing before they come back for another lifetime. At the same time, you’ve added a tremendous amount of light to the consciousness of birthing. This light is starting to radiate, to emanate into birthing, and it’s going to cause many to start asking what birth really is.”

DWB is indeed having a profound effect, and if you’re fortunate enough to know a “DreamWalker baby” you can see it in their eyes and energy. However, it may surprise you to know that DreamWalker Birth isn’t only about bringing conscious babies into the world! Like everything else Adamus has shared over the years, it is also directly related to our personal realization.

Adamus had this to say: “You’ve gone through so many births in your evolution on this planet. Ah, you’ve gone through many deaths, but so many births. That’s so important for all of you personally, individually right now, because, even as I speak, you’re going through another type of birth. Not the physical birth that you experienced when you came back into this lifetime, but your body, your biology is rebirthing right now. Your consciousness is rebirthing right now.

“There’s a general sense of birthing, rebirthing that’s occurring within you. Maybe you weren’t aware of it, but it’s what’s happening on this path to enlightenment; rebirthing the Self while bringing back all of the aspects, all of the past lives, all of the future potentials, all being rebirthed, brought back into a new form in this time.

“There are so many similarities in the physical birth, coming from the other realms, taking on a new physical body for yet another lifetime; there are so many parallels, similarities between that and what you’re going through right now on your path to enlightenment. That’s why I love DreamWalker Birth.”

Even if there are no babies in your family’s future; even if you’re not interested in becoming an Adoula (one who supports the parents through the process of consciously bringing in a being), DreamWalker Birth could very well provide some of the missing pieces you’ve been waiting for. I’ll tell you about one of the pieces it provided for me.

In a short but profound segment near the end of the class, Adamus talks about a new “tube” that functions almost like an elevator, allowing beings to come and go as desired without all the confusion of the usual route. He then talks about another way to return to Earth, by simply slipping in and out of matter. He says if you choose to do it that way, “There’s just one secret to it: Choose your death.” He then gives some very practical, matter-of-fact advice on this topic, even down to appropriate diet and lifestyle choices, that enabled him to simply walk on at the time of his own choosing, taking his body with him. It is truly the choice of a Master.

Details: The DreamWalker Birth Cloud Class will feature the original channels from Adamus Saint-Germain, and new channels that were recorded a few months ago.

Excerpts: You can experience excerpts from one of Adamus’ new channels called “First Birth” on YouTube.

Discount: Current graduates of DreamWalker Birth and those who have previously purchased the Personal Study Course may attend the Cloud Class at a 50% discount. Simply choose the appropriate option on the order page.

Access: Attendees (in-person and online) will receive 30-day access to the streaming video files after the event. (No pdf or e-reader will be provided.)

In-Person: This updated DWB class will be available for presentation by certified teachers. When you attend a teacher presented class, you will receive a printed copy of the transcripts, plus personal guidance and connection with other Shaumbra. Watch the DWB listings for classes in your area.

Click for MORE INFO on the new DreamWalker Birth

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