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I recently had the profound joy of attending the Magic of the Masters event in Bled, Slovenia, part of a two-week-holiday gift to myself. In addition to the incredible event itself, the entire adventure was an experience of such synchronicity that I could only marvel at the constantly unfolding perfection. Even when something didn’t appear to be working out, it actually was; I just hadn’t yet realized exactly how. Even when my human self was tired and sore, I was still having a blast! It felt like there was a Master Choreographer working behind the scenes, scripting countless little moments, adventures and surprises, making me feel like part of a beautifully orchestrated production. All I had to do was watch for The Nudge – my cue to act.

It began months before the event when one day I suddenly knew it was time to book my lodging. It had to be done eventually, but all at once there was The Nudge, a clear inspiration to take action. A quick online search led me to a delightful little room in Bled, just a few minutes’ walk from the meeting hall and with the most charming hosts (who would eventually welcome me for an extra night at no charge!).

Now, how to get there? Buying the airline tickets was another adventure in trustful non-planning. Every evening I would look at options, but nothing ever felt quite right. The Nudge didn’t nudge me for a long time and practical me began to worry. However, after several weeks, my itinerary finally took shape, surprisingly in two parts. It would be several days in Slovenia embedded in the middle of a trip to London, where I would have a few days to explore the city. I suppose waiting till nearly the last minute to finalize such big plans might seem a tad irresponsible. On the other hand, waiting for The Nudge meant it worked out perfectly... always!

And things just kept working out. When the late-evening flight from London to Ljubljana was delayed, I texted the friend who would be picking me up, letting her know. Arriving in the middle of the night, I turned on my phone to receive a text that she had been delayed as well. While looking for a comfortable spot to wait, two minutes later came another notification – “I’m here!” Her, driving several hours from Venice; me, flying over from London, both with detours and delays along the way, and we arrived at the very same time! As if it had been perfectly choreographed.

The next day I walked around beautiful Lake Bled. The weather was so perfect it felt like I was in a postcard. Or maybe wandering through a magical painting. The energies, the land, the beauty – it was all amazing. Coming around a corner on the far end of the lake, I suddenly felt like I had walked into a memory. Right over there, next to that wall, I sensed someone had been awaiting my arrival. An important meeting… perhaps requesting admittance to the local Mystery School? Perhaps guidance sought for a life decision? Whatever the purpose, the Master who met me there had left an indelible imprint, and for a moment I felt converging timelines.

Walking on, I wondered, “Was that real? Did St. Germain really meet me in that spot all those centuries ago? Was I just making it up?” Then another possibility presented itself: “What if the very act of remembering the encounter made it real? What if my simple perception is the shimmer of consciousness that literally brings something into reality?” I’m still pondering that idea, observing how my perceptions paint my reality, how timelines and Time itself is not quite what I presumed…

A little further on I found a bench and sat down to enjoy the spectacular view. Moments later, two dear friends I hadn’t seen for years came around the corner and we talked happily for a while. Then it was time to move on, and sure enough, around the next corner were a couple more Shaumbra inviting me to join them. What fun it was to share these magic moments, as if every spot in the day’s schedule had been filled in like a musical note, each knowing when to rest and when to play, ever following conductor’s Nudge. As the conversation drew to a close, along came yet another friend, neither of us knowing the other would be at the event, yet both seeking the opportunity to discuss a mutual project. More gasps of delight as we marveled at the synchronicities.

The next two days were filled with celebration. I followed The Nudge to a different seat for each session, and the results were as if the Master Concierge had put great care into each seating arrangement. Countless moments of magic, laughter and joy in a roomful of 500 Masters – the Choreographer was at the top of her game!

Then it was time to arrange the next adventure: a few precious days at Amir’s enchanted Music Farm, just a few hours away. Saturday and Sunday were filled with Shaumbra, channels, music and celebration, so it was Monday when I started looking at train tickets for Tuesday. I found a pretty good route and was ready to click “Purchase” when I realized The Nudge wasn’t there. A little perplexed but trusting the flow, I decided to wait till morning. Except when I went to buy the ticket then, it had tripled in price! Hello, doubt and frustration – “Did I mess up? Miss a signal? Where’s that damn Nudge now?” I took a couple deep breaths, and suddenly another idea popped in, one dismissed months before as too complicated: what about renting a car instead of going by train? A quick search, and within minutes I had rented 5 days of freedom at the exact same price as the original non-tripled, one-way train ticket! The Nudge is simply never wrong! How is that possible? (I do confess that my human wishes The Nudge would give just a little more information once in a while.)

A couple of blissful days at the Music Farm, followed by a few happy days with my brother and his new Slovenian family, and it was time to turn for home. Back in London, a lovely time at another friend’s beautiful home, and a day exploring the city. Among other things, I was hoping to visit an antique shop just for fun, but she didn’t know of any in the area, so I let it go. We walked around London, peered past the guards at 10 Downing Street, had fish & chips in a real English pub, and toured Westminster Abbey.

Side note: If you ever want to feel some heavy-duty energies, spend an hour or so in Westminster Abbey. Not only are more than 3,000 famous people buried there, it has been a focal point for every sort of human passion – love and hate, victory and defeat, faith and denial, celebration and mourning, on and on – for nearly one thousand years! The air was thick with old energies, emotions, tears, promises and hopes. Sometimes I could hardly breathe.

Anyway, in the afternoon we were getting tired and decided to take the bus back home, but maybe stop for coffee along the way. A couple options appeared – “Do you want to go here?” she would ask – but nothing felt like The Nudge. Then all at once, “Oh! Let’s go here! It’s a lovely little place.” Now that sounded like The Nudge! We jumped off the bus – and found ourselves smack in front of an antique shop! Hooting with laughter, we knew the Choreographer had struck again. (And yes, I found exactly what I was looking for.)

I could tell so many, many stories of these amazing synchronicities, not only during my two weeks away, but in every part of life these days. I’ve come to have implicit trust in the Choreographer and her Nudges. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy, or that doubt doesn’t come in, or that everything just falls from the sky into my arms. As Geoff shared in his article, trying to navigate through mass consciousness can be pretty bumpy at times. But that doesn’t change the fact that when we allow the energies to serve, things DO work out perfectly. Always! It’s hard to explain exactly how, and someone who isn’t quite ready is going to bring up all sorts of examples to challenge life’s perfection. But it IS perfect. Always. The Choreographer is truly a Master at her craft. Or is it the Painter exploring her canvas of perfection?

The point is, you CAN trust the Choreographer of your life, even if you’re not sure who it really is. Things may not make sense at any given moment, but eventually they always will – if you’re open to it. In fact, inviting the Master into your life makes the wisdom, the “sense,” almost immediately apparent. And then it grows. Trusting one quiet little Nudge makes the next a little clearer, and the next and the next; the fear begins to wane, and life becomes an epic adventure to explore rather than a confusing landscape to survive. In fact, instead of following my nose, lately I’ve been following my knows – and it’s way more fun!

I know that more and more of you, Shaumbra, are living this for yourselves. I hear so many marveling at synchronicity that borders on magic, at the beautiful complex tapestry that unfolds with ease and simplicity. Yes, sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes aspects still jump up. The human self can get annoyed at the constant change of plans. But if we just let ourselves be moved by the nudges and music of life, even the dissonant notes bring beauty.

Then the question comes: How to trust? How to let go? How to feel The Nudges? Ah, one of the best things we heard in Bled was from Sam: “Take a deep breath and commune.” Open up, feel the energies dancing, singing, moving, flowing. Let them show you how they’re serving, where they’re stuck, how they sparkle in delight at your awareness. Let your imagination play with them, listen to them, feel them as they respond to you. The more you play, the easier it becomes. The more you trust, the more you’ll see evidence of perfection. The more you open, the more space there is for the magic.

This – right here, right now – is why we’re here! It’s not coming later. There’s nothing to wait for. The time to live – to engage in life, dance the dance, swim in the colors – is right now! Don’t wait for things to get better first; do it now, with however life is for you today. Because when you are present within your creation, everything, everything, everything responds. The energies sing, life comes to life, and the Master Choreographer/Composer/Conceirge joins in the dance.

4 comments on "The Nudge"

  • Katharina on November 20, 2018 12:35 AM said:
    Thank you for reminding me to look for the nudges and to trust. And oh yes, the human self would indeed like some more information and often doubts or worries. Trust is needed to follow the flow. Thank you for sharing your story! I love it!! 💖
  • Alandra on November 19, 2018 11:47 PM said: have described it exactly. The nudges are so clear and strong which kind of surprised me at first but I've chosen to experience clarity so here it Thank you for writing this beautiful article.
  • Nurit Alon on November 19, 2018 9:34 PM said:
    Dear Jean, Thanks for the encouragement to "go for it" right now. Your optimism sounds reasonable AND enlightened. Lots of love.
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on November 15, 2018 11:22 AM said:
    Constato desde mi experiencia todo lo que cuentas de la magia del servicio de la energía al humano en confianza y comunión con el maestro que somos, desde todos los puntos de vista, los que parecen no tan favorables y los que sí. Es un momento hermoso los que vivimos en este momento. Gracias por tús artículos siempre llenos de sabiduría experiencial. Un abrazo Adori

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