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Adamus rarely takes questions. But have you noticed that when he does, just about every answer boils down to “Allow”? There have actually been requests for him to give an answer that does not include the ‘A’ word. So, I have a word that you can use as a substitute: “Yup.” But first, a bit of clarity.

In the January Shoud, Adamus hit a deep nerve in me, and probably in most of us. He talked about when Shaumbra came together during the time of Yeshua, many as Essenes. We had found something so very, very precious, but didn’t quite know what to do with it, especially after Yeshua’s death. Over time, the beauty of our treasure was lost to monetization, misinterpretation, power and control as it was turned it into religion instead of inner truth and experience.

Do you remember?

We’d already spent countless lifetimes searching for the solution to energy and existence. As the truth began to dawn and the time was finally right, the crystal clarity of Christ could come in. Yeshua lived as the physical embodiment of our answer – a life mostly beyond duality. Do you remember the passion? The hope and joy for a new world? Perhaps also the devastation when it didn’t turn out that way.

Now, here we are, together again; a little more weary, a few more battle scars, but still burning with the passion of this truth we know so very deeply. But this time we’re not pinning our hopes on another person to lead the way. This time it’s about each one embodying the beautiful answer within ourselves – a life lived beyond duality.

By the way, why is it that Shaumbra are such pirates and rebels? Maybe it’s because we find it impossible to align with one side or the other, with “good” or with “bad,” which means we don’t fit in anywhere. But rather than being the misfits, we’re actually the way-showers, walking in the steps of Yeshua as we go beyond duality within. And I am certain that somehow, deep inside, you’ve always known this.

I sensed this all my life (and was often accused of naïveté), but it crystalized in my awareness in my mid 20’s. At the time, I was facing a life situation with two possible outcomes, both of which I wanted very much even though they were mutually exclusive. Absolutely torn, I was at a loss for what to do. One morning I woke from a simple but vivid dream. It had that feeling of “this is important” so I wrote it down in my journal: I was walking on a road in the forest and came round a bend to see a little plush toy-like baby zebra frolicking in a mountain garden. (Interestingly, it was the first of countless dreams that took place at my mountainside ghetto/estate, which I wrote about here.)

After writing it down, I wondered why such a frivolous dream felt so significant. Suddenly the understanding hit me like a thunderbolt. A zebra doesn’t have to choose between “this” and “that.” It doesn’t have to be black or white. It is both together, without turning gray. Instantly, I saw how it applied to all sorts of things in my life, and I started giving myself permission to want “both” – or even more – of whatever, and then see how things played out. These days, I would call it “Allowing the And, and letting the energy serve me.” Back then, it just felt like a huge relief. From that day on, I have collected occasional zebra memorabilia to remind me that I am both light and dark, good and bad, this and that, without losing the beauty and definition of each.

What does all that have to do with the ‘A’ word? It’s simple. When I allow myself, as is, I am removing all duality-based judgment (there is no other kind) from my experience. Whether I feel angry or joyful, tired or energized, frightened or trusting, if I can allow it to be as it is, then it no longer has the spin and distortion of duality. Which means the energy can finally re-pattern itself in whatever way is appropriate for serving me.

I admit it’s not so easy for the human to “allow” something she doesn’t like. Allowing when I feel sad, for instance, makes me worry about falling into depression so deep I’ll never get out. What if allowing when I feel tired means I’ll never get out of bed again? And pain! It’s totally counterintuitive to ‘allow’ my body to hurt; what if it never goes away? I need to fix it, change it, take a vitamin, take medicine, just do something to fix it! What if allowing pain is even dangerous? What if I get sick or something really goes wrong because I allowed it instead of fixed it? Well, allowing isn’t passive – I still do things to take care of myself when the inspiration comes – but all our human red flags start waving frantically when we’re told to allow, especially when we don’t like the situation. So, I don’t ‘allow’ anymore. I ‘yup.’

“My body sure doesn’t feel good today.” Yup.

“Why did I do that?? Now everything’s gonna go wrong. This self-doubt is killing me.” Yup.

“I’m worried that there won’t be enough money.” Yup.

“My kids are having a hard time and I don’t know whether to help them or leave them alone.” Yup.

“I’m worried there will be a wildfire and my house will burn down.” Yup.

“Everything is going wrong today.” Yup.

“I feel overwhelmed, there’s just not enough time.” Yup.

“What awful things I’ve done in the past.” Yup.

“I wish I wasn’t so fat.” Yup.

“That person was a jerk.” Yup.

Zebra gift from my kidsIf it wasn’t clear by now, “yup” is another word for “yep,” “amen,” “okay” and so on. For me, it’s a lighthearted acknowledgement of something as it is without adding arguments, regrets, yes-buts or any other value judgment. When I yup myself, I’m acknowledging the part of me that’s having a rough time without letting it direct my life. For me, it’s like a child who just needs his grievance to be heard. Once it is, he runs off to play again. You’ll hear him out, but you’d never put him in charge of your life! By the same token, I try not to let myself take sides among the aspects and their complaints. I simply allo.., er, yup them, and remember who’s really in charge.

Allowing something doesn’t mean you have to like it, nor that you’re prohibited from taking action about it if inspiration arises. It means reserving judgment about it. When you go beyond the duality of “this is bad and that is good,” then the energy – whether it shows up as other people, situations or aspects – can rebalance and reorient to your new, non-dualistic life. The charge goes away. The discomfort eases. And our real treasure comes a little closer to the surface.

You see, allowing literally means going beyond duality. But, having known only duality, that’s a tall order for the human. So it becomes yet another thing to do, to get “right” or “wrong.” That’s why I go with Yup.

Yup, this is me with all my spots and stripes and warts and flaws.

Yup, this is me with all my weakness and my brilliance.

Yup, this is attentive me and forgetful me; distressed me and inspired me.

Yup, I am a saint and I’m a sinner.

And yup, I just tricked myself into getting around that confounded ‘A’ word and just be okay with it all and – most importantly – with myself, as is. Who knew such a silly word could be a gateway to the crystal clarity of our long-awaited Christos Era!

Don’t worry if you can’t quite get on board with allowing. Just go with yup.

You’ve got this.

5 comments on "The "A" Word"

  • Emma Clark on June 11, 2023 11:16 AM said:
    I have returned to this article several times because it provides such a clear thought process for someone like me who is new and learning ever so much. Your writing style is very engaging and compassionate, and always with no makyo and a great sense of humor. Thank you, Jean!
  • Mary Chiholm on February 10, 2021 10:56 AM said:
    A most helpful re-take on allowing, Jean. And yes, even 'allow' can morph into a ritual command (ment) type frequency/mantra quality... Hail Marys. Creating resonating self messages is almost a necessity. Recently, I've been using "stop the story." So far, a rather powerful reminder JOLT so I don't get entangled in whatever judgement thoughts are coming into focus. Thank you Jean
  • Max Achar on February 9, 2021 6:52 AM said:
  • Andrea Sperling on February 7, 2021 11:50 AM said:
    .. very clear, pleasant!! thank you very much for sharing dear Jean Tinder, it helped me so much to understand better... 🙏🦋
  • Claire on February 5, 2021 4:17 PM said:
    Yup! ;-) xx

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