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After writing last month about being in “perfect harmony” with oneself, I began discovering how much of life is affected by that harmony. In a word, it’s basically everything. In fact, it became obvious that my internal harmony – or lack thereof – is perfectly and nearly instantly reflected in life as it manifests around me.

However, in looking for the words to share how this works and what it feels like, I kept hitting dead ends. How do you explain something when it feels deeper than words can reach? After several stops and starts and getting nowhere, I asked my Master self for her wisdom. She loves that, by the way. She loves being acknowledged, felt, turned to; never imposing anything on me the human, but always offering a sweet knowing essence. Anyway, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and there she was.

“Tell them this,” she said. “When you are so deep in love with your Self, with me, when you are so open and trusting, then nothing remains to fight, resist or fear. In the amnesia of being human, the light is obscured and forgetting darkness veils the unknown. Whence comes fear. Yet now, with the light of our reunion illuminating all reality, nothing can overpower, harm, cheat or deceive you. Therefore, nothing remains to fear. In the radiance of harmony all answers are known, everything needed arrives at the perfect time, and every creation serves the Master, rather than the aspects.

“When you are in harmony with the Master, THAT is what guides and patterns the energy. In dissonance, the energy is guided by limitation, patterned by the diminished parts of self (aspects), which bring their distortions.

“How to be in harmony? Stop resisting what is. Stop resisting yourself – what you feel, what you see, what you’ve created, what is happening. Just stop resisting. Resistance is dissonance, the antithesis of harmony. Don’t like your situation? Embrace it – ‘This is what I’ve created. Thank you, Self. Now what?’ Having an awkward interaction with someone? Take a deep breath and simply be present. Don’t resist them, don’t fix them, don’t try to heal or change them or anything else. Harmony is found in the acceptance; total compassion for self and for all.

“Remember that aspects distrust harmony, for it defeats their purposes. If life is in disarray, it simply means the energy has been patterned by aspects rather than your Self. And, it doesn’t matter. Regardless of what aspect has been creating your world, come back to harmony. In this total acceptance, the aspect loses its dominion over your life.

“Don’t try to change your creation. Adjust your creator perspective to see the perfection, and then it shall be.

“Everything is within. Everything. Everything.

“I, the Master, love me/you, the human, so very much. Or rather, the human identifies it as love. What I actually experience is what you call compassion. Not a vague unfocused compassion for the world, but an active, palpable, welcoming acceptance, for I treasure everything about you. Can you feel that? I treasure everything about you – EVERYTHING – for you are me.

“Here is a promise: When you make the radical choice for harmony, when you choose the courage of total compassion, nothing will ever go wrong. It is impossible. There will be no more unbalanced parts clamoring for dominance, no more memories cowering in fear. In harmony, all those parts are welcomed in the I Am that I always Am.”

What wisdom dear Master shared! She reminded me to take care of myself and stay open to the harmony. It’s gotten easier every day.

I also saw an interesting glimpse into some practical applications of harmony. Adamus has often said that the ones who come after us on this journey into Realization will have a different experience, perhaps not so difficult as ours, and I’ve always wondered about that. Why would they have it easier? Have they not dived just as deep as we? Do they just have less crap to integrate? It didn’t really make sense to me. Then I realized that perhaps they’ll have access to a bit of insight we had to learn the hard way: the wisdom of harmony.

Imagine you’re waking up and just beginning to realize that there’s more to life than what religion and education have taught you. It’s that time when anything seems possible! It’s amazing and magical for a while, but then the sh*t starts hitting the fan. Life goes to hell, everything falls apart and you’re trying to survive with a mix of wonderment and despair. It’s a familiar journey for most of us, but WHY do things go so bad? WHY does life get so miserable for a while? Now I see that it’s all about harmony and the energy that has always been in service!

An important part of waking up is the signal that goes out to the aspects – “Hey, this is it! It’s finally time to come home!” Some of them are delighted, but most want to keep their stories going, even though they too feel the pull toward home. Some are actually quite happy in their rejection and enjoy the attention they’re finally getting, even if it’s negative. And all this means there’s suddenly a lot of internal conflict. In other words, when you wake up, more and more of your “past” starts coming up, and it’s not very pretty. In fact, a lot of it is very hard to accept – “I would never do that!” – and presto! – instant clash and lack of harmony. Energy, being the faithful servant that it is, then answers the conflict with 100% accuracy and life goes to hell.

On a personal note, many years ago I attended Tobias’ Wall of Fire school. We revisited those ancient times before Earth, including what he called the “Star Wars” era of massive conflicts and energy stealing. I found it so utterly impossible to imagine that I would ever, EVER hurt or try to destroy another being, that I finally decided I must have embodied as a shark in order to have that “predator” experience. Funny thing was, the total rejection of my darkness meant it was sneaking into my life in unconscious ways, causing great distortion and challenges. If I could have chosen harmony back then and accepted that, yes, I played with “evil” as well as with “good,” a lot of heartache and struggle might have been avoided.

Have you ever wondered why “muggles” or un-awakened people often seem to have such easy lives? Maybe it’s because they live in relative harmony with themselves. They are here on Earth for a specific albeit limited experience, not to wake up all their aspects just yet. Therefore, the energy is being patterned by a very narrow, unconflicted spectrum of their consciousness, and that’s what it serves. Once they start waking up and all these other parts and pieces come on the scene, that’s when things start getting rough – unless they choose harmony, 100% acceptance of it all. Then the energies will adjust, serving their harmony rather than the usual conflict.

The cool thing is that energy is so immediately responsive these days. You can “try” it and have almost immediate results. When I start experiencing things like minor physical injures, belongings breaking or circumstances going haywire, now the first place I look is to see where I’m not in harmony with myself. The moment I adjust that, everything in my outer world comes back into balance and ease. It still doesn’t mean my human always gets her way all the time, but she’s learning the difference between fighting what is and understanding that something better is on the way.

Harmony is being open to every part of self and receiving the acceptance of your Master self. It sounds great, but allowing the Master this deeply into your life means the human with all its fears and hang-ups is no longer in control. Can you live with that, dear human? If you can, the feeling of being treasured is beyond words.

The other day I was in the car, not really thinking about much, when a question floated through my mind. It was the human wondering if she will ever have a partner or love interest again. All at once, in that relaxed and open moment, something happened. My Master self settled over my human with such a loving presence, and spoke out loud: “Of course you’ll be loved that way again, my dear, but not just yet. This, what’s happening right now with you and me, is so very precious and I’m feeling a bit selfish. I want you all to myself for a little while.”

Human me was overcome with love beyond words. I saw how love between humans, no matter how beautiful, is but a dim reflection of the love of Spirit within. It’s what we’ve been seeking for so long, this deep and total acceptance, and in that clear resonance – and the harmony that comes from it – everything changes. There are no more questions, no more doubts, nothing to prove and nothing to fix. Everything you need arrives in perfect timing, because it’s finally patterned in harmony.

When someone – and child, partner, friend – is completely accepted for exactly who they are, it gives them the space to naturally fulfill their best potentials. Imagine offering this profound acceptance to your human, the harmony of unconditional allowing. What a way to begin the New Year.

12 comments on "Sweet Harmony"

  • Rosana on March 22, 2019 6:02 AM said:
    Obrigada , suas palavras tocaram profundamente meu coração ! "É o que temos procurado há tanto tempo, essa aceitação profunda e total, e nessa ressonância clara - e a harmonia que vem disso - tudo muda. Não há mais perguntas, não há mais dúvidas, nada para provar e nada para consertar. Tudo o que você precisa chega em um momento perfeito, porque finalmente está padronizado em harmonia ." Um forte abraço e um beijo no seu coração
  • Marina Aaster on January 30, 2019 2:37 PM said:
    Such a Wisdom! Thank you much as always!
  • Halina Lindqvist on January 29, 2019 7:38 AM said:
    THANK YOU so much Jean. Love to you too.H
  • Brenda Harley on January 29, 2019 7:07 AM said:
    Thank you Jean. The clarity of your wisdom has been beautifully expressed and is resonating deep within. My heart is humming in joy :)
  • Joan Giambrone on January 29, 2019 5:48 AM said:
    Wow Jean! I just completed an entry in my journal this morning regarding an issue I was currently experiencing. I found such clarity in your article on ‘harmony’ and everything I had described suddenly fell into place. Thank you!
  • Claire on January 29, 2019 4:44 AM said:
    Oh wow, Jean! Deeper and deeper we plunge. I always love your articles and can relate to them but this one pulled me back by my hair! My fondest regards to you x
  • Irene M. Rösch on January 29, 2019 2:15 AM said:
    I love this story. It confirms one more time that I am right in always looking inside because a l l is therein. And a f t e r the outside world changes. Thank you!
  • Rich Sands on January 28, 2019 8:04 PM said:
    Awesomeness. Thank you for sharing! :)
  • Bogusława M Zapotoczna on January 26, 2019 6:02 AM said:
    Thank you, dear Jean. I feel the same as you. Best wishes, Bogusława Maria Zapotoczna ♥️
  • Soraya Rúbia Bandeira on January 25, 2019 7:43 AM said:
    Belo artigo! Simples e profundo. Gratidão!
  • Adori Gonzalez IzarraQuerida on January 18, 2019 1:02 PM said:
    Querida Jean, "qué mejor regalo dices, la aceptación de tu ser humano y la armonía del permitir incondicional", es un buen regalo sí, el mejor y tambíén lo es, tu magnífico artículo que sonríe mi maestro -Alma cuando los leo , porque siento y hago mías las verdades que contienen siempre desde un humor elegante. Gracias otra vez
  • Gerry Maguire on January 16, 2019 6:33 PM said:
    Thank you Jean beautiful article, you have helped me to see what is possible to change my life. Love Gerry

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