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Knowingness is the ability to know whatever you need to know in the moment it is needed. It’s is not intellectual knowledge; it’s just a knowing, a feeling, an intuition. Everyone has had moments of knowing, when our inner hunch proved to be right on the mark. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we don’t, but we all know the feeling. Where does this knowingness come from? The mind likes to think it knows stuff, or can at least figure it out how, but that’s different than knowingness. So where does this knowing come from? How do we know stuff? And, more importantly, how can we enjoy knowingness all the time instead of only once in a while?

Well, now that Adamus is talking about senses, it all makes … sense! Knowingness comes through our senses, including the ones beyond our usual human perceptions. For instance, if I see a tree, I don’t question how I know it’s a tree because I trust my eyes. If I hear a Beethoven symphony or the squawk of a crow, I know what I’m hearing because I trust my ears. If I taste something salty I don’t second-guess myself I know it’s salty because I perceive it to be so. Can you imagine knowing everything that easily, perceiving reality beyond the five physical sensations? Such knowing may seem magical or supernatural at first, but it’s no more astounding than opening your eyes. And, as our senses open, we’re going to find ways for them to intersect, or inter-sense, and life will really get interesting!

My favorite sense is Love, and it is rather life-altering when you realize that the experience of Love is not dependent on a particular person or situation. Someone dear can help awaken your Love (which is why it’s so easy to pin it on them), but their presence is not required. I encourage you to find and use whatever you can to awaken this for yourself, whether remembering a loving experience, looking in someone’s eyes, snuggling a kitten or whatever. And, when you feel Love begin to tingle in your heart, don’t automatically “give” it to whatever triggered the feeling. Just let it swirl and grow within you, warming the corners of your heart and filling your entire being with a beautiful glow. At first, you might get distracted, because the feeling is often associated with things like physical desire, benevolence, even suffering. But take a breath and come back to the sense of Love. Let the feeling flow without having to direct it or define it.

After playing with this and becoming more accustomed to what it’s like, then start perceiving through Love. It doesn’t matter what you turn your perception toward, but start simple. The other night in the bath, I sank into the sense of Love, and then perceived a candle through that sense. I could only manage it for a few seconds, but it was still an extraordinary experience! Play with it, use it, sense with Love and it will grow. Just like your physical perceptions can become more acute when you focus on them, your sense of Love will become easier and easier to open and use.

Why bother with senses? Well, our perceptions create our reality! Back in April 2011 I wrote about how we can choose to see life through the eyes of a Master, thereby creating an experience of mastery. If life is created by our perceptions, can you begin to imagine the creativity that becomes available as our senses awaken? And oh, dear Master, can you imagine what might happen when you perceive yourself and your world through Love?

Adamus has mentioned several other senses too, in Shouds, Keahak and Master’s Life 4 (release date April 22, 2017), and another one of my favorites is what he calls the sense of Communication. As a channeler, it has been familiar to me for a long time (although I never exactly called it that), but it is part of everyone’s sense toolbox. One of the most frequent questions from clients is “How can I talk to the entities?” The answer is through your feelings, your senses, and now, more specifically, through the sense of Communication.

The biggest problem or “block” to trustnig this sense of Communication is wanting to perceive it through physical sensations. We wonder, “If my soul, the angels or even Adamus don’t talk to me in words, how do I know it’s not my mind just coming up with non-sense?” Here’s something I’ve learned: The real communication we’re looking for nearly always comes from beyond the current thought-stream or story. I’ll give an example.

I recently had an extremely intense and busy day full of meetings, a crash course in technology, international phone calls, and lots of deadlines. In the rush, I made a poor decision which was soon pointed out to me with the appropriate corrective input. With everything going on I’d been working hard to keep my balance, not have a meltdown and prevent my energies from dissolving into chaos. But now came this ‘oops,’ the proverbial last straw. Tears began to flow, I felt myself begin to crumble, and the old familiar feelings of self-pity, self-loathing and defeat started churning. Then came a gentle inner voice, “But I can get it back.” And the whole internal avalanche suddenly lost all its steam.

I can get it back! Just because I had a wobble doesn’t mean I’m down. Just because my mind fell apart for a moment doesn’t mean that it’s in charge. In that moment, my Self communicated an alternative, offering a knowing that I could choose to allow (or not). “I can get it back,” I said to myself again. And guess what? I had it back! A feeling of stability, clarity and peace filled me as I allowed myself to ‘know’ balance instead of chaos and shame. It had come through the sense of Communication, and it was outside the wretched thought-stream running through my head. It didn’t shout at me; it was simply a gentle knowing. I could have argued it away, stuck to my story of failure, kept the tears going, and made quite a mess of myself. But what a relief to just let all that go and be okay.

That’s what the senses do. They offer a knowing of some kind, but it’s up to you to accept it. The grandest beauty may be right in front of you, but you have to open your eyes to see it. Birds might be singing all around, but you have to remove the earplugs. So remember to hold your thoughts and stories loosely, for they can change in a flash if you allow.

Once we really get the idea that there are other ways of perceiving, we can start discovering them for ourselves as well. For example, the other day I was pretty sure I found a sense he hasn’t mentioned yet. It’s something I’ve noticed for a long time, but only recently wondered if it might be a sense. Have you ever noticed how good the car feels after a wash? There’s a sense of something like refreshment. After a good cleaning your house just feels better. Sure, the smells have changed and the dust and clutter have been removed, but there’s a sense of something more. It’s been refreshed, changed somehow. You’ve felt the opposite too, maybe walking down a filthy, cluttered alley or visiting a house that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time.

When I visited Egypt, I couldn’t believe the garbage filling the streets and canals. There was so much of it, but no one seemed to notice. “How can they live that way?” I wondered. Maybe it’s because this particular sense hasn’t awakened yet, so the clutter and debris goes unnoticed, un-sensed.

(Full disclosure: I’ve since discovered that this is part of what Adamus calls the sense of Unity, which we use to perceive things like chaos or simplicity, messes or cleanliness.)

When you start noticing, there are so many ways to perceive life! Is optimism a sense that pessimists haven’t awakened? I usually see things through the proverbial rose-colored glasses and can’t understand how others see clouds before my silver linings. But it’s just a different way of sensing, perceiving and creating reality. How do you perceive reality? Does it keep turning out the way you’ve perceived (and created) it?

I think the more we play with this the easier it will become. And the miniscule amount of true sensing that I’ve explored tells me I’ll never, ever get bored! There’s just so much waiting to be created, perceived, felt, and created again. I’m beginning to understand why Adamus laughs when we wonder what the Ascended Masters do all day. It’s a never-ending riot of experience with infinite combinations and variations. What happens when you perceive a candle with Love and Communication? What about sensing a meal with Unity and Imagination? Or perceiving yourself with Love and Motion (which I understand as the perception of change)? Imagine all the knowing you’d have in one single moment.

When Adamus first mentioned sensuality years ago, I assumed it meant enhancing or focusing on the physical senses. So, I would sometimes focus on a physical sense, such as taste, allowing it to expand and fill my awareness. This led to some very interesting experiences, such as becoming aware of the many people who had picked, packed, shipped and stocked the apple I was eating; or suddenly noticing the energy of our house elf (which led to a very curious adventure). Diving deep into our physical perceptions or “focus tools” can be amazing indeed. But now, as we start going beyond Focus into more and more of our true senses, all of creation is opening up.

How do I know? I can feel it! And it’s a very sensual experience.

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  • Kelly Sampson on April 10, 2017 2:23 PM said:
    Great read made perfect sense...

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