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We humans like our linear reality. We enjoy timelines that show a sequence of events, To Do lists where we can check off our accomplishments, clocks to let us know how much of the day remains. There’s a satisfaction in going from point A to B to C, and shortcuts are great as long as they get us “there” a little faster. Whether we want progress and evolution or a return to the “good old days,” it is always with reference to what (we think) came before and what might be ahead.

However, the more I watch the world these days, the more I notice a familiar feeling, as if we’ve been through this before. There’s a sense of déjà vu, something recognizable in the unknown. Maybe Solomon was right when he said, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

Here’s an example. Stories about Atlantis can really pull at our heartstrings. Humans tend to romanticize the past and Atlantis was like our first love. It was amazing, groundbreaking, magical… and then horrifying in its spectacular failure. Civilization made incredible progress, we learned so much about energy, consciousness and life on Earth, and the innate longing for Home felt close to fulfillment. Then, as Tobias tells in the Sexual Energies School, the energy virus came to life and the power games began. Lust for power overshadowed the promise of transformation. Egalitarian society gave way to things like mental control and domination, dishonor of the rising feminine energy and widening disparity between the have’s and have not’s. And, even though we came together in the Temples of Tien to work toward a compassionate solution, eventually we saw our dreams crash and burn.

Does any of this sound familiar? To me, the similarities between then and now are striking. There are many who strongly desire to create an inclusive and compassionate society, and many others who are passionately devoted to the rule of power, fear and exclusion. Feminine energy is blossoming all over the world, right alongside a determined effort to put it back under control. Creativity and intuition are on the rise, along with an ever-narrowing definition of what is “normal.”

And here we are again, this time gathering in our virtual “temple,” learning about consciousness and energy and wondering if the rest of the world will catch up before they blow up. We’re even looking at the potential of stepping half a dimension away into our own world – safe, unseen and untouched by all the power games. New Earth anyone? Once again we face the dilemma: do we stay and try to make a difference, or step away and leave them to it? It can feel very personal because we’ve been there, done that, and have the scars to prove it.

Over the last several weeks I’ve had days of unbelievable heaviness and darkness, as if storm clouds were blocking out the sun of consciousness. I have spent days engulfed in profound sadness, with nothing to blame it on and no story to explain the tears; just pure unattached sorrow. I think it’s because we’ve been here before, and I might be picking up on other humans’ unconscious “Here we go again” desolation. To we who like the linear idea of progress, it can be discouraging to think we’re stuck going in circles. But, I feel there’s more to it than that. There’s a reason it’s all happening “again.”

I’ll never forget an experience during a sacred tour with Shaumbra in Egypt. Visiting a very unique temple at Kom Ombo on the Nile, we learned that it focused on the integration of duality, something not seen in other temples. Whoever built this massive structure took great care in depicting the union of masculine and feminine, human and divine, light and dark. It made a huge impression on me and brought up the question: if we had this understanding thousands of years ago, why did we have to go through all the pain and suffering since then? And the answer came: It was for the experience in order to embody the wisdom. And now here we are, integrating these dualities, not in a stone temple in the desert but in the temple of our Self. We had the knowledge but not the experience, so we played it out in order to internalize the wisdom.

I believe it’s the same with pretty much everything. Our soul isn’t trying to get somewhere or achieve some kind of completion; we’re going through the cycles of desire, creation, experience and wisdom. It starts with the desire to know and understand, which inspires setting up a creation in which to play out and experience the dynamics that ultimately bring wisdom ... which might then generate a new desire, but let’s get through this cycle first! So when you feel overwhelmed with all that’s going on, just breathe it in. That’s the wisdom coming home, the whole reason you’ve been here all this time.

Now, here’s something else that may feel familiar. That Master Sense that Adamus has been talking about? It’s not some cool new trick we’re learning or evolving into. It’s our forgotten Self. How do you suppose ‘reality’ was perceived before you came to Earth? How do you experience yourself between lifetimes or in the high angelic realms or even in those wild dream states the mind can’t interpret? How do you think we interact on the New Earth? In the Ascended Master’s club? In the No Place? You can be sure it’s not through our eyes and ears and hands, but it IS very familiar.

Think of playing Monopoly, the popular game of buying, selling and getting ahead. You have the game board, the things you want to accomplish and the setbacks you experience, all governed by very clear rules. The little car or hat or shoe or whatever object you chose as your game piece is like your body. It can move forward, pass Go, get a lucky shortcut, be sent to jail, etc., but its abilities and “senses” are limited to the game. When you end the game and go back to your life, it’s limitations are forgotten because your existence is about more than going in circles around the board, trying to win.

To state the obvious, your human self is the object you created to get around the game board of Earth. Its senses are limited by the rules of the game, even though your real existence is so much more. Allowing the Master Sense is simply remembering the rest of your reality. It’s not new or something you “achieve.” You’ve been there before and used it before. The Master Sense is your natural state, unlimited by the artificial confines of the game, and as you release yourself back into it, there might be a curious sense of déjà vu. Oh, and guess what? This time your little game piece doesn’t have to go back in the box. It is waking up too, coming alive and expanding to become part of the True Self.

This time around is different. Familiar as it is, the board itself is changing, we’ve loaded the dice, and it’s just a game. Humanity isn’t going to get it right this time, because we didn’t get it wrong before. It was just an extraordinary experience. Some of us are waking up from the game, remembering why we played it and allowing the ‘and’ – which means you can still play the game and head out to party in the garden. But remember, trying to get the little Monopoly train to take itself out to the sunshine isn’t going to work. Just go out there your Self, bring the little guy if you want to, and you’ll remember exactly how it works.

You’ve done it all before.

2 comments on "Déjà vu"

  • adam oz on September 5, 2016 9:57 PM said:
    Great!!! very good article!!!! Here I AM!! I AM Adam Oz and you are not!!!! jejejeje
  • Pablo Vega on March 16, 2016 9:50 AM said:
    I really like this article. The metaphor of the Monopoly game is great. I also feel that the experience of our master sense means to open up our consciousness to our greater and original I AM. And the earthly experiences we go through...? Well, sometimes they feel a quite exciting but they truly do not feel like new. So I guess it's time to relax back into ourselves, allowing the seeking sink into the seeker letting the movement of time become still in the presence of pure consciousness.

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