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Adamus has said many times, “The Master allows all energy to serve them.” When I first heard this, I figured energy would finally serve me when I managed to become a Master or at least act somewhat masterly. But lately I’ve realized that energy is already serving each and every one of us, perfectly and accurate responding to our consciousness. But it’s a Master who actually allows it rather than fighting it. Lately, he has been saying that it’s time to let energy be our friend, and apparently it’s critically important as we go forward. That sounds good too, even helpful – a friend who serves me – but what does it actually mean in reality? Recently I had an experience that illustrated pretty well how this can work, if we allow and just get out of the way.

I moved into my home exactly 10 years ago (gosh, how time flies!) and it’s been an amazing experience of creation, which I’ve shared about quite a lot in this column. Over the years, and especially recently, I’ve made a lot of changes, improving things and making it truly my own. However, one thing that hasn’t changed at all is my office. It’s a nice room, but also a strange one. Situated above the garage and with its own heat source, it almost seems an afterthought to the rest of the house. When I moved in, the grooved paneling was painted white and avocado green, accompanied by textured beige wallpaper, brown plaid carpet, and every single edge and corner was trimmed with contrasting boards. Not decorative molding, just crappy, warped and banged up pine boards. The low ceiling had a texture I’ve never seen anywhere else – hard plaster shaped into sharp points which have punctured, scraped and drawn blood way too many times. For someone who despises visual clutter, the whole room was an eyesore, even when empty. Shortly after moving in I tried to mitigate the mess with blue and ivory paint, but the shiny paint was just another shade of ugly. Oops! However, it’s a very busy place where I spend 90% of my waking time, and it didn’t seem feasible to disrupt everything. I could fix it up later. Instead, I remodeled the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the entryway and on and on, leaving the office alone. Well, you can probably guess the next part of the story!

A few weeks ago, I just couldn’t stand it any longer. Something had to be changed. One wall was covered with ugly built-in shelves, apparetly remnants of old cabinets, and it was time for them to go. I ripped them out and oh, the relief! But wait, what about the annoying grooved walls and all the horrid trim boards? What about the dangerous texture and the terrible paint job? Yes, it was time to finally redo my office. But I would take it slow, doing a small section at a time over the next 6 months or so, and therefore not too disruptive. Starting in the corner furthest away from my desk, I stripped the wallpaper, removed the wood, caulked all the drafty cracks, and troweled a lovely texture on the wall. It was happening! I couldn't come up with anything to solve the low ceiling except grind off the little daggers, but everything else would finally be just how I wanted it.

That was a few days before ProGnost. Then the dragon landed, and everything blew up.

The day after ProGnost a friend and I were in the office, looking at ways he might be able to help with my little project. On a sudden inspiration, we pulled a couple of the ugly boards down from the ceiling, and all at once the energy started moving – big and fast! Another friend had stopped by, my son was here, and somehow, within 3 hours the entire office was empty and demolition had begun.

“Disruption? Oh, I’ll show you disruption,” rumbled my dragon. “It’s high time for this space to reflect YOU.” By Monday evening, my office was a shell. Heaps of debris were outside, and everything inside had opened up. It felt as if a completely different room had poofed into my house! The low sharp ceiling was gone, the boards and lines and wallpaper were gone, and the whole house breathed a deep sigh of relief. I even felt the energy of “struggle” that has haunted me for decades suddenly lift. Had it really been that ‘bad’ in there? Yes, it had.

It was exciting and a bit overwhelming, but here was the challenge: in such a whirlwind of activity – four people suddenly moving my stuff and demolishing my space – how do I stay connected with my creation? This whirlwind was accomplishing something I really wanted, but it was far more than I expected and happening at breakneck speed. Would I put the brakes on just to catch my breath? Would I try to control and manage the process? Or could I just step back, get out of the way, and trust that this cyclone of energy was serving me? Because in that case, it would all work out perfectly. My human was a bit breathless and overwhelmed, but in less than two days my office had been completely transformed, emptied of everything old and ugly, and ready for the new. It was far more than I had even hoped for.

My friend stayed on a few more days to rebuild the beautiful new vaulted ceiling and help me put up the drywall. Then he left and I was back in my happy place – recreating my home and relishing every moment. Yes, it’s quite disruptive; my work station is in the living room for now and stuff is piled around the house again. But in just a few weeks, I’ll move back in to a completely new, open and beautiful space.

What I learned is this: when you really let the energy start moving, it goes fast these days! Especially if you stay out of the way, let go of control, and trust that it’s serving you perfectly. A bit scary? Absolutely! But it also can feel like flying! Which brings me to “fight or flight.”

I think Adamus is so adamant about making friends with energy because our default setting seems to be fighting with it, and that’s not going to work anymore. We all do it, almost automatically, but what does it look like? As I see it, complaining about “what is” has become our most popular way of fighting energy. And I’ve heard a lot of it recently, probably because I’m hyper aware of this right now. People complain about politics, partners, CC policies, local government, snow plows, rich people, Adamus’ grammar, neighbors, the weather, what they don’t have, what they do have – pretty much everything! It’s as if complaining is the only way humans know how to make conversation! But it’s really just fighting with energy. If you want something different in your life, by all means take action. But just complaining about something you cannot or will not change only blocks the flow of your friend, energy.

Fear is another huge energy fight. Fear of disease, other people, a stock market crash, poverty, boredom – anything – is, without exception, fighting with energy.

How do we not fight with energy? Personally, I think it’s to keep saying “Yes” – to life, to change, to my own creation, to whatever is showing up. Saying yes doesn’t mean being passive or a ‘doormat’ and letting life walk all over you. It means saying yes to yourself at every turn, no matter what. It’s saying yes to what you want and to what you don’t want (in other words, it’s okay to not want something), and it’s saying yes to the inevitable changes. It’s not “Yes, but…” or “Yes, only if…” It’s just YES in total trust, which finally allows things to move freely.

Fight or flight. Will you fight and complain about what is and then wonder why nothing is working in your life? Or will you say yes to it all and soar, like the bird who welcomes the wind, no matter what direction it’s blowing? The fact is, energy is already serving you in absolute accordance. If you’re choosing conflict, resistance, passivity, boredom – it will serve you with more of the same. If you’re choosing freedom and allowing, it will serve you without restraint.

When my office unexpectedly blew apart, it felt as if an unseen foreman was directing everyone. Four people packing, clearing and moving everything, tearing apart the room and somehow knowing exactly what to do at every turn. It was happening so fast that I had to stop and breathe several times, for it was a gift bigger than I ever would have consciously asked for. It was energy serving me in the form of people willingly giving their time and energy (and poking at my “receive” buttons too). And it was the most invigorating (and exhausting) couple of days any of us had experienced in a while! We felt like part of something synchronistic and magical, something more than just “another one of mom’s projects.” And all I had to do was breathe, participate, and watch the magic unfold.

Fight with energy or fly as it supports your wings? There’s no wrong choice here; energy will continue to serve in perfect harmony. It’s like a car. You’re using either the gas pedal or the brake pedal, whether on purpose or unconsciously, and the car (energy) responds. If you wonder what you’re choosing, just take a look at what you’re experiencing.

It takes a tremendous amount of trust to stop the fight, because we’ve trained ourselves to manage energy, trying to keep away what we don’t want and hold on to what we do. It worked in the past (sort of) because of the immense time delay in creation, but it’s different now and energy responds almost immediately. Resist what is, energy responds and fights right back. Just say yes, energy does too and magic happens!

Fight or flight. The only difference is our response to the energy that has always been in service.

8 comments on "Fight or Flight"

  • mari on October 4, 2021 8:35 AM said:
    thank you very much Jean. I know it is more than one and half years ago you wrote this, but still a very good material to show/understand how the energy serves us. thank you.
  • Claire on February 17, 2019 5:44 AM said:
    Oh crikey! Always thought "fight" was the brave thing! Always thought "flight" was cowardly..... but hey, it's not flight but FLYING!! Oh, joy. Jean, you are wonderful and I am flying on open wings to the song of the wind. It reminds me of the immortal words: F*** it! Oh, goodness just seen that asterisk is above f on the keyboard 😂
  • Mem McKie on February 16, 2019 8:36 PM said:
    "Brilliant article Master Jean ... Very pertinent for ALL of us now choosing realization "
  • Bianka Kleibeler on February 16, 2019 5:04 PM said:
    Thanks dear Jean for sharing your experience story! AND it's a wonderful new color in your office room! Allowing and trust is the best we can do! We will more and more experience it...
  • Anne Marie Bass on February 16, 2019 10:11 AM said:
    Loved this blog, Jean! Your office is going to be so cool! I love your "YES!" 🤩
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on February 12, 2019 11:28 AM said:
    Querida Jean: Comparto plenamente en mi experiencia la inmediated de las creaciones, y como mi energía, responde como la hermosa canción que es , a la confianza que pongo en ella. Está claro, elegir volar es la respuesta sabia en este momento, con todas las consecuencias, pero el resultado es magnífico cuando miro más allá , de lo aparente. Gracias, siempre estupenda
  • Mary on February 11, 2019 3:58 PM said:
    Thank You, Jean! Your article is Exactly just perfect for me today (and tomorrow 😊) I really appreciate your sharing of your wisdom. You are so very good at illuminating with words, these concepts that can be challenging for me to "get".
  • Ramon on February 5, 2019 1:22 PM said:
    Este articulo me llego en el momento preciso, cuando mas lo necesito. Gracias.

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