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January was quite a month on all fronts. As we began what Adamus calls the ‘Year of Separation,’ world events took on a strange sense of the surreal. I won’t get into politics here, but sometimes I find it hard to fathom the reality that humans are creating for themselves. So instead I try to stay focused on my own personal, albeit ever-changing reality, which has been remarkably augmented by several recent presentations from Adamus.

Let’s begin with the January Shoud. I had been thinking about stories lately, particularly my own, and how our stories so often determine our experience. Whether my story is “I’m sad, lonely and abandoned” or “I’m capable, strong and inspired,” I’m going to experience whichever one I tell myself. We think stories convey something from our past, but in reality they demonstrate – and create – our current experience. What Adamus calls hypnosis is really just the story – or stories – we’ve decided to believe so deeply we forgot they’re only one version of ‘reality.’ Now, in the Transhuman Series and elsewhere, he’s inviting us to go sensual, to dive into our senses. Why? Because then we’re in real, actual experience instead of mentally analyzing, fretting and regretting over an imaginary, hypnotic memory.

For me, it came together during the transsensual merabh. Before opening up the senses, Adamus invited us to first go beyond the hypnosis, beyond our mental thoughts and programming. But how do you release something that’s so close it seems a part of you, even ‘who you are’? Then an image came to mind, inspired by a metaphor Adamus used in Keahak a while back. I saw my Self, my consciousness as a beautiful piece of golden fabric, moving and billowing, unbound and unlimited by time, space or matter; able to move through itself, expanding and expressing in all directions and dimensions. This golden fabric of my Self was infinite in its experience, and very sensual!

Then I noticed all the limitations and hypnoses. They appeared something like buttons, anchoring the fabric at certain points and limiting its motion, expression and experience. Each ‘button’ was affixed to some story or memory that had gotten stuck, and although small areas of the fabric could still move a little, there was no freedom. The limitless movement and expression of consciousness had become bound up and limited. Adamus said, “And now, as the human sitting here, you, in whatever way that is appropriate, can release all of the hypnotic overlays.” I watched as the buttons began dissolving, evaporating, disappearing and felt as the fabric of my Self slowly began to move again, opening up, billowing freely. Over the next several days, any time I thought of the past and remembered a story, even one that I loved, I could feel some button somewhere, tightening up and bringing back a sense of limitation and pain. And every time I allowed a story to dissolve away, I felt a little more freedom seeping into my reality.

Now, I should note, when talking about stories here I’m referring to the ones by which we define ourselves and our experiences – “This is what happened to me. This is who I am.” Adamus often invites us to embellish our stories, in other words, to reinvent them, which sets them – and us – free to evolve. But sometimes I need to be reminded, for lately, a story that’s been difficult to release is ‘love lost.’ How does one embellish – let alone release – a story that’s so fresh and painful? Funny you should ask…

A week after the Shoud was the ProGnost 2017 event, three intense sessions where Adamus shared a sobering announcement about Old and New Earths, and then told about a brand new “region” on New Earth called Theos. There’s been a lot of discussion about Theos in the ProGnost Facebook group and elsewhere, but its essence is a beautiful safe space. And Adamus specifically noted that Theos is a place where we can finally experience true and deep Love, something many of us have failed to actualize here on Old Earth. Love is so often tainted by aspects and karma and expectations and regrets; here on Earth, where love was first experienced, it is all too often painful and distorted. (In an eerie coincidence, while driving to the studio for ProGnost I called out to whatever spooks were listening, “What’s the point of staying here without love?” It seems Adamus was already preparing the answer!)

He explained that Theos isn’t somewhere off in another universe. It’s right here, in a reality just slightly off from this one; a different “frequency” (my word) or place in consciousness. He explained how we can be here on this dear old planet and, at the same time, be here on Theos. How to get from here to, well, here? Ah, Adamus tells it much better than I, but the most precious part is building your own Dream-Bridge to Theos; your very own pathway to Love. It touched me deeply, and somehow began to unbutton the story I’d been living. (Insider tip: Watch Master’s Life part 2, and then ProGnost 2017 for a whole new level of insight and delight.)

Little did I know, however, that, as extraordinary as it was, ProGnost was only preparing the way for a whole new treasure. Just four days later we went back to the studio to record The Wound of Adam. It was as if ProGnost had set the stage and unveiled the biggest prop – the Bridge to Love – and then The Wound of Adam provided the script; an epic tale of discovery, heartbreak, hope and realization.

I can hardly begin to share the impact this material has had on me. First, it explained so much that has recently happened in my life. Then, at yet a deeper level, it revealed the source of issues and dynamics that have been a part of my experience from childhood. Never feeling quite good enough, a constant nagging sense of homesickness, mocking derision toward certain expressions of myself – all explained. Ever searching for love, yet forever frustrated with what I found – now it made sense.

What makes the heart give itself away to that which can never satisfy? Wherefore comes the gnawing empty longing, even when life is filled with all that one desires? Why a sense of unfulfillment that lies hidden but never satisfied? It is Adam’s wound, a pain so deep that it drives him to despair even as he relentlessly seeks his love.

Adam is an archetype within you, no matter your gender. Adam lives through you, no matter your life. Your Adam seeks your Isis, no matter whom you love, and constantly he calls, “Where is the love? Where is my love?”

Such a deep question must inevitably bring its answer, and so it has. And with the answer comes recognition, reunion and Realization. I know you’ve heard “It’s coming” for a long time now, but it is like the dawn. It may seem to take forever to arrive, but nothing in all of creation can stop it. And all your searching, all your longing, all your striving will be answered in the homecoming, in the reunion of Love.

Perhaps I’ll share more of my experiences with The Wound of Adam next month, after you’ve had the chance to experience this most precious message. But for now, I will simply say, here is the Love, so gentle and fragile, so deep and strong. This Love is hinted at in humanity’s most cherished acts and rituals, but they can only be a dim reflection. To feel just a trace of this Love is to realize that every longing will be fulfilled; every heartache – caused only by forgetfullness – now healed by the remembrance and reunion.

The magical synchronistic life, my friends, is real. Even the most devastating experiences are, without exception, in service to your enlightenment. Indeed, tell your stories, but hold them lightly. Then tell the new stories of discovery, homecoming and love found.

Here is the Love. Everything else follows.

10 comments on "Where is the Love?"

  • Claire on February 24, 2017 1:50 AM said:
    As always your words resonate, inspire and lift me up. Again I thank you Jean and wish you well x
  • Melissa on February 15, 2017 1:42 PM said:
  • Janet on February 14, 2017 8:49 AM said:
    Jean, my experiences since the last shoud have been very similar. Though I hadn't realized I carried a very deep pain from many lifetimes ago, which seemed to carry on directly in this lifetime. I have come to understand and release those memories and stories. I also have found my love - the very essence of me. I now can express my love and all else will follow. Thank you Janet
  • David on February 13, 2017 11:23 PM said:
    Beautifully said. I have received such confirmations as well from "othet" sources. Love is on its way.
  • Antonique on February 13, 2017 4:06 PM said:
    I am Here.... Here is the Love. <3
  • Christian on February 13, 2017 1:36 PM said:
    Thank you Jean.
  • Sparky on February 13, 2017 12:45 PM said:
    Thank you! I've been feeling so neglected & unloved these past 3 days. It's such a huge relief to find that, once again, I'm not alone.
  • Joey Pappin on February 13, 2017 12:41 PM said:
    Thank you for your beautiful, gentle and yet vivid sharing of your experience with this material. I sat with tears in my eyes just as I had listening to the video clip of Prognost 2017 when Adamus introduced Theos. Just when I accepted that the love I searched for might not even exist...ahhh.
  • pranjit on February 13, 2017 11:24 AM said:
    Love EVE
  • Muriel Shickman on February 13, 2017 11:20 AM said:
    I couldn't have said it better myself Jean. You are an amazing writer. Thank you for your shining light and love for yourself, for life, for us. Many blessings!

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