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From the moment this lifetime began, it was about connecting and attaching ourselves to other people, things, beliefs and situations. In fact, from the moment we began incarnating on Earth, it’s been the same – connecting, attaching, holding, protecting. It’s been a long journey of discovering ourselves through “other.” 

For eons we have defined “who I am” by “what I have,” which can be anything from objects, animals and people to tribal acceptance, bright ideas, correct beliefs, and other intangibles. It’s been an effective way of immersing ourselves into the Earth experience, but now that we’re ready to move on, it’s time for a reverse process of disconnecting and letting go. Sounds good, not always so easy to do. How does one drop lifetimes of loves, hates, entanglements, fears, beliefs, hopes and expectations? At some point it becomes a fulfillment of Kuthumi’s joke – “On the way to ascension I lost everything” – but getting there is the challenge.

Last month I shared about discarding all the rules I’d been following, particularly about what I should and shouldn’t eat, when and how much, even why and where. It was (and still is) quite liberating, but also confusing and challenging to the parts of me whose sole reason for existence was keeping those rules in place. With the Master in the house, the servants no longer get away with all their micromanaging, and not all of them are pleased.

Of course, this journey also includes letting go of old religious beliefs and ideologies. Things like guilt and original sin, keeping certain days holy, having to appease a vengeful, insecure god and beg his forgiveness now seem ludicrous. Still, they served us at some point and the sticky old beliefs can have surprising tenacity. Then there was ‘saving the world,’ one of the tougher things to release, for we really do love it so much. It can be hard to see humanity’s lack of consciousness toward Gaia, but it’s time to move on from that too, on as others wake up and step up to look after the Earth. Connected to that one is ‘saving the people.’ I still catch myself trying to help people get along with each other, unblock themselves and not make stupid choices – whether they’re interested in my help or not! Oops…

Then there’s the nitty gritty personal stuff we’re letting go, and it can get complicated! It’s easy to quote Tobias saying it doesn’t matter what you eat; it’s something else to apply that with absolute trust at every meal. It’s great when Adamus says that evil is a lie; it’s a challenge to let go of personal offense and betrayal. We know death is an illusion, but that doesn’t lessen the shock when someone is suddenly no longer here. It’s a great idea to release expectations, but quite another when someone’s behavior shatters them. And yet, could it be any other way? The spiritual path is littered with disembodied platitudes and ethereal clichés, but at some point it has to get real. So, our inner stuff comes up and asks, “Ready to let go yet?”

Recently I’ve been immersed in the DreamWalker Birth material as well as The Master’s Life, Part 3: Embodiment. They are both amazing, as well as unexpectedly congruent. DreamWalker Birth was a bit unfamiliar until recently, but diving deep into it made me realize how relevant it is to our re-birth into mastery. Of course, Adamus helped with that realization by actually saying it, but also with his deep journeys and experiences. And then it got interesting.

I began feeling a new (to me) energy, one that felt soft, gentle and nurturing (in marked difference to my usual “full steam ahead” state of mind). After a few days of this gentleness, it finally dawned that I was feeling the energy of Eesa, the angelic Order that supports birthing! Eesa is deeply woven through DreamWalker Birth, and is available to anyone in the process of birth – or rebirth - bringing tremendous compassion and support.

The parallels between birth and rebirth are remarkable. Both are a wholly natural process, neither can be rushed or forced, and both require one to complete let go. And for both, the best way to get through the process is to simply relax and let nature take its course. In a way, I Adamus is our birthing coach. He’s been through it, he knows the process, now we just need to breathe and trust the process. In fact, the embodiment is already done, just like the child is already complete in its mother’s womb; now we’re just allowing our new self to manifest in this reality. All we have to do is let go.

When things get tough and the “labor” gets intense, that’s the time to let go of the distractions, baggage and attachments. You don’t need them anymore. This is the time to gently nurture and “mother” yourself, regardless of gender, for you are the birther and the birthed. If you need support, call in the beautiful energy of Eesa. She will joyfully assist you. And let go, let go, let go.

Do you have hopes and expectations of what should happen? How people should behave? Memories of past failures? Dread for the future? Things you just can’t do? Is the world getting on your nerves? Are people just flat out annoying? Are you annoying yourself? (Trust me, I can answer yes to most of these.) The only thing to do is let it all go. Holding on will only hold you back.

Perhaps next month I’ll write more about The Master’s Life: Embodiment, but here’s something I took from it. In embodiment, you will eventually find yourself in nothing. Everything will be gone – hopes, dreams, fears, desires, identities, stories, emotions and regrets – everything. From that nothingness your new Self will emerge, but first you have to be there. It’s very much like death, even in its certitude, but there is nothing to fear unless you try to bring something with you. In the meantime, enjoy life thoroughly; savor every moment, even the bad ones; and let go, let go, let go. As the old saying goes, if your hand is holding onto what you have, you can’t receive anything new. In birth you bring nothing; in rebirth you take nothing. If there is pain, simply ask, “What am I still holding onto? Am I ready to let it go?” Then take a breath and walk on.

When you least expect it, everything will change.

6 comments on "Let It Go"

  • Helen Fraser on November 14, 2016 5:19 PM said:
    Thank you dear Jean, for this wonderful article. I took none of the materials you mentioned but I have been following most of the monthly shouds since 1999 and I have gone through a lot of the feelings and difficulties you mentioned. Today, I feel more & more at ease to let go and to live fully as I go on. Your article is very inspiring to me and encourages me to keep on walking on in confidence. Hugs and gratitude, Helen.
  • Isarieq (Denise) on November 1, 2016 1:56 AM said:
    Thank you Jean for putting into words what I have been feeling so deeply. Let go and watch the process happen. Usually what happens is so much deeper than what one tries to control or hold onto. Holding on feels like a prison and that all we have to do is walk out. Letting go is so freeing and allowing rebirth to happen with all of our feelings that arise. When the feelings get intense~Breathe and let go.
  • Maija Rapeli on October 12, 2016 9:58 AM said:
    Thanks dear Jean, so good to read your article ,´ve just myself had the same materials DwBirth and Masters Life your words and insights! Hugs Maija Rapeli
  • Brenda Harley on October 11, 2016 7:25 AM said:
    I so resonate with this knowing Jean :) For me, so much realization arrived through the experience of three natural deliveries, the phase of transition always being the most intensely uncomfortable. And so as I began to allow the re-birthing in me, I recognized the feelings! Wired, magical and still here enjoying it all... for the most part ;) for when it get's intense, I remember that this too will pass. Great article, birthing from the inside out...
  • Tiny Hendrix on October 8, 2016 3:19 AM said:
    Thank you so much for sharring Jean, so inspiring.
  • Siphamandla Zwane on October 7, 2016 11:55 PM said:
    Thank you for this article. For me i feel my age has been holding me back. I ask myself a lot if im too young(im 19) to be a Master or am i too young to let certain things in my life go in my life. But at the same time i know it doesn't matter. A part of me is afraid that if i let things go now i won't be able to come and experience them anymore

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