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It’s interesting to notice how life reflects itself from micro to macro; how “small” things and “big” things flow in similar patterns. As above so below. This type of “echoing” or reflective dynamic recently caused a simple everyday life experience to help me better understand how to handle some big stuff that’s coming.

Having allowed an utterly wonderful relationship into my life, I’ve recently been dividing time between my place and his place. It’s a curious living situation to be “bi-locating” on a regular basis, and a whole new thing for my human to figure out. What shoes will I need in town this week? Should I take that jacket back home? Where did I leave my warm sweater? It’s confusing sometimes, but certainly a “high class problem,” meaning it’s a small inconvenience compared to the joyful reason it’s happening. However, it does present occasional challenges.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling “off,” disgruntled and a little grumpy. With a bit of inner exploration, I found the issue: With all the going back and forth, keeping tabs on what stuff is where, and what next week’s schedule holds, I told my partner that I felt “unrooted,” which was causing my human self to feel uneasy. It wasn’t really a problem to solve, just something to be aware of, so I let it be. In this case, allowing meant letting myself feel unrooted and unsettled for the time being.

A couple days later, we were at the studio recording Sam’s “Be Well” message, and Sam said something that turned on a lightbulb in my head:

(Distilled) One of the reasons I was called home was also to be back on the nonphysical side to help you ground and balance energies. You’re going to need it grounded and balanced on the Earth, the human side, but also in the other realms.

Heaven’s Cross simply means that consciousness on the planet has gotten to the point where the door is going to open. More divinity, consciousness, energy, more accessibility to the other realms is now there. For those who understand and know, as the heavens open and intersect with each other, you’ll have so much easier flow between the other realms, between your soul and your Self. But it can also be overwhelming to one who isn’t grounded, because suddenly you have this very big amount of new consciousness, more of your Self. It can truly shake up the human mind and body if it’s not grounded.

On the human level, it’s up to you to stay grounded. But in the other realms, you’ll [also] need grounding, as you quickly traverse back and forth, as you stay on the planet in the And. You’re human and divine. You’ll need grounding in the other realms to make sure that it maintains a balance, a flow between the realms. Without the grounding, even in the other realms, you could open up to more divine, literally go into other nonphysical realms, but you could also get sucked in there where it’s difficult to then come back to your grounded human self.

In a way, going back and forth between the realms isn’t a whole lot different from going back and forth between homes. I “belong” in both places, and don’t need to choose one or the other to help me feel at ease. But when I feel “unrooted” to the point of disorientation, what’s the solution?

Well, we’re told that it’s important to be grounded here AND there. But, to be honest, it’s hard for me to imagine “grounding in the other realms” because “ground” is the literal earth beneath my feet in this realm. However, “rooting” is a term my brain can work with! As Sam was speaking, I realized it’s not about grounding to something outside of me somewhere. Rather, it’s about being so rooted in my Self that it doesn’t matter what realm – or house – I currently find myself in.

A few days later, I had an opportunity to play with this realization. Sitting quietly to bring a bit of calm in the pre-holiday turbulence, I took some deep breaths and remembered the idea of “rooting into myself.” Okay, Self, how does that work? I closed my eyes, took some deep breaths, and “watched” as gentle root-like tendrils began expanding through my being. They seemed to be coming from my head down into my body (although other times they apparently generated from my heart area) and appeared in various earth-tone colors. Winding through their way through me, my own roots had some kind of wisdom my mind didn’t understand. Tummy ache? They gently wrapped around my stomach, bringing comfort. Tension in my shoulders? They caressed the aching muscles and brought relaxation.

Those five minutes of rooting into myself created a sense of groundedness and balance that beautifully affected the rest of my day! I didn’t start out with an agenda or try to “manage” my imagination; I just breathed, remembered the idea of rooting into self, chose it, and observed what happened. My body relaxed, my mind cleared, and I felt at peace even as the holiday chaos swirled. The next time I felt buffeted by the motion of life, I again took a moment to root into myself, and once again my human immediately calmed. Each time I do this, the experience is slightly different, but it is always comforting and balancing. And, thanks to the micro/macro nature of life, I feel it’s providing some good practice for keeping my equilibrium in whatever’s coming with Heaven’s Cross.

Something else has been happening that also requires maintaining a steady balance. But, once rooted in myself, it’s actually been easier than expected.

My adult kids have moved in and out of my house several times over the years. This means there’s a lot of stuff stored in the basement and numerous piles of belongings here and there, shoved into the corners waiting to be sorted. But it was time for a change, and I spent the Christmas holiday moving like a whirlwind through the house, helping the kids sort through their stuff, discard what they no longer wanted, and decluttering ancient piles of forgotten detritus from their teenage years. In fact, the flow was so vigorous that they had a hard time keeping up with me, to the point that one of them asked “Mom, are you on drugs?” Ha! No, I’m just keeping balance in the rush of change. It was a ton of work, but after wearing out the vacuum and making a couple trips to Goodwill, it feels like my house is breathing again! A similar thing is happening with some physical stuff I’ve been tolerating for too long. A deep “No more” has come up, along with the determination to get it taken care of in whatever way is needed – physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, etc. – and stop suffering already! In other words, the drive to clear out extraneous clutter and stuck energy from all parts of my life is pretty much unstoppable at the moment.

Wondering what possessed me to make all these changes, I remembered Adamus’ words in the recent CC Angels channel:

Anything that is not grounded and accepted by the human is going to feel the effects of [Heaven’s Cross]. That’s why I told the Crimson Circle “Get your house in order. There’s something big coming along,” and it’s the same with each and every one of you. Get your house in order. And to each of you it’s going to be a different thing.

On this day of March 22nd and after, if you are allowing these divinity energies to come in and your body’s not ready, it’s going to hurt. So right now is the call to clean up, to let go of stuff that’s not serving you anymore.

I didn’t consciously set out to “get my house in order” in some kind of preparation for Heaven’s Cross, but it sure seems to be happening anyway. And fortunately, my Self showed me a way to mostly stay in balance. Rooting into myself really helps when the winds of change become a whirlwind. Feeling the gentle roots of my Self wending their way through my physical being is such a beautiful experience to allow. Of course, it’s “just” in my imagination, but really, ALL of this is my imagination. So why not let it be wonderful?

When things get fast and crazy, there’s a saying: “Get in, sit down, shut up, and hold on.” I would add “Buckle up” by letting the roots of your Self gently move through your being. It will make the ride a whole lot smoother.

6 comments on "Roots and Balance"

  • Ruth Frauchiger on February 3, 2023 6:03 PM said:
    Dear Jean, thank you for sharing your experience. Much appreciated. Ruth
  • Debora Figueiredo on January 30, 2023 5:11 PM said:
    Grateful for sharing this experience Jean. It was inspiring to me.
  • Rosemarie on January 29, 2023 10:42 PM said:
    Dear Jean. The gift or your comments and "heartbeat" are greatly appreciated and always very welcome. I look forward to all your posts facebook, or Crimson materials. Thank you so much Rosemarie
  • Yesenia Ramos on January 29, 2023 9:46 PM said:
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful article! It’s sooo helpful now to be grounded as you said. Also to get our house in order. I did my trust recently because I was feeling that was stopping me to let go into my realization; in case I got swept out of my body without leaving things in order for my still young children. Much love and respect for what you do 🙌🏻🤗💗 Jean and the whole CC staff.
  • Johanne on January 29, 2023 7:21 PM said:
    Thank you Jean for this sharing ! Help me understand what is happening in me Wright now . Funny how life brought me your article that I decide to read .I asked for help and clarity and I thank Adamus , kutumi, Tobias and all shuambra for what you are doing 💖🌈 Johanne
  • Beatrix Topp-Lauterbach on January 13, 2023 9:45 AM said:
    Liebe Jean Tinder ❤️ von ganzem Herzen.... DANKE fürs teilhaben lassen.... herzlichst BeatrixChristine

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