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This summer has been the busiest that I can remember. To give you an idea of the busy-ness, take a look at these numbers for June, July and August:

20 – Trips to the Crimson Circle Studio (for)
127 – Hours of production (that generated)
851 – Pages of content (supported by)
1,000s – Shaumbra attendees

And of course, all this amazing material resulted hundreds of hours of audio, video and text editing, much of which is still underway.

How amazing it feels to be smack in the middle of this energy cyclone! It can be quite a balancing act to keep some level of funtionality while also experiencing and integrating a non-stop deluge of things like the Sexual Energies and Aspectology Schools, Ancestral Freedom, Keahak, ProGnost, Addiction Unplugged, monthly Shouds and much more. But I am privileged to work with an incredible bunch of divine humans and always marvel at how the Crimson Circle staff produces one miracle after another.

Need a new web page? Sure, no problem!

Revise and update dozens of video and text files for teachers around the world ASAP? We’re on it!

Join a short-notice staff meeting to hammer out some details? On my way!

Oh, and don’t forget tomorrow’s deadline for _________ (fill in the blank). It’ll be ready tonight!

When I look around our virtual office and see every single person hard at work, giving their all to a rather intense job while also managing family issues, moving house, crazy travel schedules and personal evolution, I feel deep gratitude and admiration for these Masters. No matter what else is going on, I know we share the most important things in common. We’re here for our own enlightenment and to support you in yours, and no matter what the day’s pressure might be, I never see the team engage in drama, feeding or energy games; just mutual support, understanding and gratitude.

It’s funny. I wanted to write this month about the grace of enlightenment, how smooth and easy my life is now, and how even my physical body has forgotten its mortality. But then I had some days where that all seemed to get replaced by struggle and heartache. The fact is that reality is usually somewhere in between and enlightenment is a messy process! We lurch between grace and chaos, doubt and trust, ebb and flow, while the body just tries to keep up. But if I remember to let my Master self be in the driver’s seat, somehow my human self comes through relatively unscathed – or at least a bit stronger where the ‘scathing’ made contact. And I’ve got to admit there’s nothing quite like holding on for dear life while “we” (Master self, human self and all my other selves) careen through experience after experience; one moment tingling with such intense love and life that I feel like a firefly, the next moment drowning in frustrated tears like Alice in her Wonderland burrow.

It’s quite a ride, to be sure, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Living at the center of a serenely turbulent (or turbulently serene?) energy cyclone, surrounded by Masters and Magi, is a ride I’m glad to be on. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see a message from someone whose life has been changed by the channels, whose heart has been touched by the connection and care. It’s inspiring and humbling every single time.

In fact, individual Shaumbra around the world are my biggest inspiration! I can see each of you doing your inner work, calling up the courage to face challenges day after day, and it’s no small task. On the tough days I think of how Tobias and Adamus expected us to take two or three lifetimes to do this, and I wonder at our sanity at trying to cram it all into one. But if anyone can do this, we can! I know Shaumbra who have ‘regular’ jobs, going out to interact in the world every day, and those who don’t. I know some who have family entanglements of extraordinary proportions and some whose relatives have all passed on. I’ve spoken with those who are ready to call it quits and some who can’t wait for whatever is next. I know of Shaumbra who have experienced unbelievable heartache and others who wonder why they’ve had it so easy. And I marvel at every single life I’m privileged to witness, for there in the window of each soul I see a little sign, painstakingly hand-painted on some dark night. It reads, “Enlightenment or Bust.”

Shaumbra, our lives are the stuff of movies – a lifetime’s worth of transformation in a single year, a heart full of love in every breath, countless lives changed in one short summer. On those days when your human self gets tired, please give yourself an extra hug and remember a couple things. You’re not the only one (trust me on that!) and we’re all in it together. None of this would be happening without you!

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