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I questioned whether to write about this topic yet again, but it’s the one thing we all have in common and many of us still struggle with. Plus, I’ve been exploring some new potentials, so here goes…

About a year ago, there was a workshop at the Crimson Circle Connection Center called the Embodied Consciousness Retreat. As soon as we got started, Adamus announced that it would actually be the next installment of the Master’s Life Series – Master’s Life 3: Embodiment. During the workshop Adamus brought up various audience members to talk about their life challenges, and then he surprised everyone by calling up some of the staff to participate. Never mind the technical work; when Adamus calls you up to the front, you don’t argue! During my turn, I could only think of one challenge in my life – the body! Even though it’s healthy and strong, it doesn’t feel like an accurate representation of my Self, and I wanted to know what to do about that. Well, Adamus didn’t really have an answer for me in that moment, other than “It will change,” and I’ve been puzzling on it ever since.

As you well know, these bodies we live in can be quite a hassle. They keep changing, getting sick, hurt, fat, clumsy, old, tired; they always need something – food, comfort, sleep, shelter, pills and creams – and with the constant demand for attention, sometimes it’s fun to imagine the freedom of no longer having to haul them around. On the other hand, if I let this body go today, I would miss it very much. It is sensual, it lets me feel pleasure in addition to the pain, it has an amazing ability to heal itself, to express my creativity, and it even has occasional moments of grace. My dissatisfaction comes from the fact that it doesn’t look or feel much like MY body. In fact, it seems more and more like a reiteration of my ancestors’ bodies. I have nothing against my ancestors, but I’d much rather see my Self in the mirror! It’s kind of like driving around in an old Ford – because that’s the family brand – deciding you want to upgrade to a Maserati, and then finding yourself behind the wheel of the same old clunker. But why should I be stuck with a beat-up old pickup truck just because “that’s how it’s always been”? On the other hand, do I really believe it’s even possible to change?

You see, I know I am the Master of my body. I know it doesn’t need to hurt or ache or slow down. I know I can eat whatever I want without negative consequences. I know these things, but I’m not sure my human actually believes them. In fact, my human experience seems to be built more on unconscious beliefs than on masterful knowings, and belief in the unchangeability of the biology goes pretty deep. Apparently, this body believes it’s getting older, slower and weaker, that its hair will soon be snow white and arms brown with age spots, that everything will hurt a little more every day, and that I’ll live to a ripe old age, stubbornly refusing to die even when I’m done living. These things are true of my ancestors’ bodies; why should mine be any different? But wait, I know it can be different. The question is, how do I get from knowing to belief and experience?

Oh, right. Go through Ancestral Freedom again and release the baggage. Consciously let go of my ancestors, their lineage, beliefs and biological traits. Well, I’ve done that and a few things have changed, and it reminds me that I’m asking quite a lot of my dear human self. Being determined to stay here means I don’t want to blow the circuits by going too fast, and recreating a physical body while staying in it takes an incredible amount of delicacy and precision. In fact, I don’t even think it’s possible to turn a rusty old Ford pickup into a shiny new Porsche 911. But wait, aren’t we learning that the impossible IS possible? (sigh) All I want is to see my Self in the mirror and feel like myself in my own skin, and I’m sure it’s possible, even though things that help “regular people” change their bodies seem useless for me. I suppose the body of a Master doesn’t work like a muggle body, but that means… oh geez, it’s so confusing to live in an old body and a new consciousness!

Then it finally dawned on me that the solution has already been given; it just took a while to sink in. In the same workshop where I fussed about my body, Adamus also talked about how “the Master enters the temple with no effort.” That part made a huge impression on me and I’ve been playing with it in various ways ever since. But a few weeks ago the proverbial lightbulb went on and I realized this wisdom can be applied to my body!

Okay, let’s do it. It’s time for the Master to enter the temple. But the temple of what... my light body? That’s a great idea but let’s face it, my human doesn’t quite believe it’s possible just yet. The temple of my perfect body? Nah, too much trouble to figure out what “perfection” means, and anyway there’s no such thing. Hmm, how about the temple of my true body? Ah, instant resonance! That’s a temple I can relate to – not built by my ancestors, not some unfathomable idea of perfection, but simply my most accurate physical expression. I don’t even have to figure it out, it’s already there!

I immediately began “entering the temple” of my true body every morning upon awakening and every evening before drifting off to sleep, plus any time I through of it throughout the day. All it takes is a breath, a choice and a moment of allowing it to be real. “The Master enters the temple without effort … this Master enters the temple of my true body without effort.” And then what? Here is where words are difficult, because what happens is very hard to define. But I’ve been doing it for several weeks now, and will attempt to relate my experiences.

First of all, entering the temple of anything is not about changing what already is. I’ve been in the temple of my ancestral body for eons of time, and it’s pointless to try remodeling something so calcified and tangible. Instead, I allow myself to be in some other temple of my choosing, at least for a few minutes. I breathe deeply, acknowledge myself in the temple and simply feel it. “But how do you actually do it?” one might ask. The mind really wants a good story, a how-to guide, a step-by-step sequence to accomplish. But this isn’t an experience the mind can manage or figure out (although you can give it the job of observing and tracking what you feel, if it wants something to do). You simply feel and acknowledge yourself in the temple, without agenda; not to fix what is, but to experience a different reality.

Sitting in a chair, lying in bed, even driving down the road, when I am in the temple of my true body, I can feel it! Whether it’s the long graceful limbs, the supple skin, the perfectly balanced ratio of tissues, the beautiful feeling of constant regeneration, or just the life flowing through, it feels like ME! Yes, my current (ancestral) body is still here and I feel it too, but for a few moments now and then I can feel my true body. And the feeling is indescribable. Sometimes my current body has been in pain. And yet, for the few moments I am in my temple, nothing hurts. I haven’t fixed the cause of the pain; I’m simply in a different reality.

Of course, my mind wants to know how to manifest my true body right here and now, all the time, but I think physical changes take longer to (permanently) manifest because we’re being careful not to fry the circuits and leave the planet just yet. At the same time, I know that the more time I spend in my temple, the easier it will be, because it’s changing the template upon which my physical manifestation is built. The paradox is this: as long as I’m trying to fix the battered old ancestral version, I’m still identifying with it, still rattling around in that temple. So, I give myself a few moments in my own temple now and then, not to change anything but just for the joy and experience of it.

Funny, though, things have started changing. One of the first changes was tastes, desires and reactions to food. What “I” (my true body) wants is different from what several other i’s have wanted. The very first day of doing this, I happened to eat at a Mexican restaurant. I love this kind of food, but it generally results in bloating and heaviness (a price I’m occasionally willing to pay for the pleasure of the food). However, after spending a few moments in the temple before breakfast, something was different at dinner. The food I wanted and the way my body reacted to it were completely different. No bingeing, no bloating, no inflammation, no pain. I’ve always felt the digestion issues are ancestral, and being out of that ancestral temple for even a few moments had a notable effect!

Another thing is that when you’ve made the choice to let the ancestral biology go and bring in the light body, the Master body or whatever, the current physical body is harder to satisfy. (Sometimes I think it can never be satisfied!) This is a little hard to explain, but now, in order to feel satisfied and nourished, I need to be very aware of my true body. In other words, nothing really feels filling or nourishing to my old body, because it is aware of my choice for something new. I can stuff myself to the brim and still feel hungry if I’m not conscious of what I’m doing. Or I can have a few bites and be completely satisfied if it’s what my Self wants in that moment.

A passing realization happened when some old emotional button got pushed during a family interaction and I discovered it was now almost non-existent. The ancestral biology is what holds the physical, mental and emotional wiring installed when you were a kid. We’ve all done plenty of work in releasing stuff like that, but stepping out of the ancestral body temple sure seems to be a shortcut!

Also important to remember, again and again, is that playing in this new temple is not for fixing something. The ancestral body is absolutely perfect as it is, doing exactly what it was designed to do. It’s the temple you’ve been living in, and there’s no need to try to demolish it (that would only make it more real anyway). The temple of the true body won’t fix the ancestral body, but IS different and it does begin changing the physical template.

All this isn’t only about biological functioning. When you’re living in your true body, you don’t shrink and hide; you don’t apologize for your existence, whether in word or gesture, because your true self has no reason to minimize its existence! That only comes up in the ancestral patterns. When you start walking around in your true body, fully present, people will notice. Your radiance will be seen.

I’ve been playing with this for several weeks now, observing the changes in and around me, based in the inner reality. My true body moves different. It feels graceful, solid yet light. Pain sort of evaporates. It’s just not there… until I notice that and start thinking about it, which pops me right back into my ancestral reality. But when I’m fully aware of my true body, everything is different and nothing feels out of balance. Oh, and try being in the temple while preparing food! Let yourself feel the difference in your body, in your movements and actions, and in the food itself.

This is still quite new to me and I don’t pretend to have definitive results yet. But one of the more encouraging things is that people keep asking how much weight I’ve lost. None, actually. But then again, maybe they are seeing my true body, regardless of what my ancestral eyes perceive.

I invite you to play with all this. Don’t try to change something or “get it right.” Simply let yourself have the experience. Pretend it’s true. Be in whatever temple you want, and play. Feel the difference. You can have a temple of abundance, a temple of health, a temple of love, even a temple of Realization. There’s no work involved, you don’t have to build the temple or figure anything out. You just allow it to be real. Remember how time and space move through you? Well, so does the temple. It’s sooo easy! You ‘know’ it, but when you feel it settle into place, even for a moment, you’ll believe it. Then you’ll realize that changing your body – or anything – is about consciousness, not control; that freedom isn’t something to strive for but simply a change of perception. All the temples have always been here, we just got so focused in the limited ones we forgot about the rest.

When you wonder where to find your true Master’s body, simply enter the temple… without effort. It’s right here.

1 comments on "Playing in the Temple"

  • Ton Kooiman on April 15, 2022 12:17 PM said:
    Dear Jean, thank you so much for the wonderful explanation ! It is so close to what I am allowed to experience and it inspires me to go through it also. Namaste.

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