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Sometimes, finding the words to share what I want to say feels nearly impossible. How do you describe what’s beyond description? How do you define the indefinable? One of the many, many reasons I appreciate the verbal genius of Adamus and Geoff is because they manage to find such beautifully apt words and phrases.

By now you’ve heard Adamus talk about the “and” – living in a multiple consciousness, aware of different realities simultaneously – and lately I’ve had a taste of what that really means. When living in the “and” first came up, I thought (hoped) it meant I would be aware of my mundane human life while at the same time be aware of floating around in space or some other magical dimension. Well, while that might happen at some point, it turns out the “and” is much more practical.

The last few weeks have been pretty intense with some big energies and changes in my life. However, along with all the busyness and change, there has also been a constant awareness of … something else. Words like peace, wholeness, balance, oneness with myself are all accurate, but they don’t give the whole picture. It kind of feels like I’m glowing on the inside, as if a gentle flame is illuminating my inner awareness. And, at the same time, I’ve also experienced acute frustration, a touch of anxiety, extreme tiredness, a flu that knocked me out flat, and lots of other things that go along with being human. So it’s been a sort of dual consciousness – transcendence and humanness – and feeling both at once is quite a curious experience.

The interesting thing is that one doesn’t negate or fix the other. My human reality is what it is – some things I’d like to create differently, some tired and overused limitations, but overall not so bad – and there is also a pervading, ineffable sense of peace, wholeness and presence. They exist simultaneously.

When I felt the first delightful glimpse of this, I hoped life would finally turn into a smooth flow where everything unfolded perfectly without a hitch. And it did! Well, except when it didn’t. But even then, well, it does! Even when things don’t go the way I expect, plan or want, it somehow doesn’t matter. In fact, “doesn’t matter” has also gone beyond a concept into a state of being. Life dances lightly in my heart and the inevitable human wobbles simply add a bit of spice.

A few ways this new equilibrium has manifested:

• No matter how mystifying the choices and creations of other people are, I no longer feel the need to save myself from them or save them from themselves. (It does simplify parenting a bit...) Now I take a deep breath, be clear about what I choose, and watch the energies align. (By the way, it helps to choose “yes to this” instead of “no to that.”)

• The transitory nature of pretty much everything has become exceedingly obvious. When fretting about deadlines, bills, relatives, logistics, schedules, etc., it really helps when another part of me remembers it’s all just a game, that everything works out and this too shall pass, probably by next week.

• My body is where I live, not who I am. We all get this intellectually, but to go beyond the concept and feel it in my daily experience is… well, how do you describe feeling eternal and mortal at the same time? It kind of takes away any last bits of fear. By the way, Adamus’ 60-Second Workout has been a huge support for this one.

My mind wants to know exactly how this all came about, and of course there’s no single thing I can point to. In fact, it seems to be coming together for a whole lot of us, because this has been reflected in the Shouds and other messages lately, and some of you have shared similar experiences with me. There isn’t one specific thing that did the trick, but everything has contributed. The 60-Second Workout – what a gift to my body! Bringing my I Am into such intimate awareness of this physical vehicle has renewed the sense of life in every cell. The ongoing participation and connection of Keahak is a very supportive maintenance and growth program for both human and Master. The monthly Shouds and merabhs bring a level of sustenance that I treasure. How tough would this whole process be without those?

Then there are the workshops and classes. Every single one I’ve ever attended has offered a cornucopia of gifts. Some have changed the very fabric of my life (for me these are SES, Aspectology and Threshold). I was recently privileged to have a sneak peek into the Embodied Consciousness Retreat (imagine Ancestral Freedom on steroids – plus Light!), and once again the repercussions are physically tangible to the point of astonishing.

As supportive as they are, I also know that all these events and workshops are not the cause of our enlightenment. There are people who get little or nothing from them, and there are many people who never experience them at all, and yet they too are relaxing into their realization. The fact is, we can’t not do this. It’s inevitable, even when it might seem to be lightyears away.

Did you see the movie Inception? (If not, I highly recommend it.) Essentially, it tells the story of a group of people who figured out how to dream consciously and then interact with each other in the dream state in ways that had real world consequences. Sometimes the dreams would go several levels deep, a dream within a dream within a dream. Some of the characters got so deep that they almost forgot they were dreaming, but at every level, before diving any deeper, they placed some kind of trigger or reminder for themselves to make sure they would remember. (Sound familiar?)

One of the most interesting aspects of the movie is how they experienced time. It was different at each level of the dream and what took a lifetime to unfold in one reality was merely a few hours in another, and perhaps only seconds in the “real” reality. That’s how it is for us. We put part of ourselves to sleep and dived into this incredible dream to play with creation. There are many, many levels to this dream and things can seem to take forever, yet at another level it’s been only a breath. And, no matter how “lost” we may get, we’ll inevitably find the reminder we set for ourselves. Shaumbra already have. We’re waking up to our true reality, and this remembering affects our human self, our past lives, our future potentials, our body, mind, spirit – our entire being. They are all waking up.

No matter how long it takes, every human cannot not awaken. Your dream characters might doubt and forget, but You, the Dreamer, are not stuck in the dream. You are stirring, waking yourself up, and that quickening is filtering through every dream character you’ve ever dreamt. What happens to this human reality? Ah, as you return from the dream, it continues on but now suffused with flow, remembrance and grace.

The dream human still has her struggles, but when she knows it’s a dream, they really don’t matter anymore. She becomes aware of the Dreamer who is relishing the dream, and she can finally relax into its integration. We are beginning to feel what it’s like, and yes, words become more and more challenging because you start talking in circles of reflection… this is that and that is this. Fortunately, the dream human doesn’t have to sort it out; the Dreamer has it covered and she’s having a blast.

It’s been a fantastic dream, deeper and more vivid than we ever thought possible, and now, as the awakened ones, we’re becoming aware of it all. Welcome to a life of frustration and synchronicity, confusion and total insight, obstacles and grace. Welcome to the life of a Master.

3 comments on "Dreaming in Grace"

  • Wanderley Paiva on July 16, 2016 8:59 AM said:
    Grato querida, seu relato tambem assino come meu! Abraços
  • Daived Trombetta on July 15, 2016 4:08 PM said:
    Jean , this is an amazing description of the indescribable ! On par with Adamus' most enlightening words. Brilliant.
  • Tiny Hendrix on June 30, 2016 4:23 AM said:
    Thank you so much Jane, for this explanation which i felt but could not articulate. Hugs Tiny

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