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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made by [the Word]; and without [the Word] was not any thing made that was made. (John 1: 1,3)

I have always been fascinated by sound and its contribution to creation. As a matter of fact, sound – the Word – in all its forms IS creation. A brief look into cymatics shows how sound can instantly rearrange matter, even within the very limited spectrum that we can see and hear. Imagine what ‘sound’ is doing along the unlimited range of vibration, and it quickly becomes clear that the entire universe is an incredibly complex symphony of song and dance. But who is singing? And who is dancing?

Adamus says that energy is simply communication, the song of the soul. Physics says that matter doesn’t actually exist. If you magnify it enough, the hardest substance becomes nothing but empty space, potential and patterns, held together by … something. I say that that ‘something’ is consciousness calling energy into form or, in this reality, what we know as physical matter. Said another way, every form and manifestation of the physical world is energy dancing to the song that I, consciousness, am singing. Therefore, everything I perceive, experience, and encounter is a literal manifestation of my song. Like sand scattered on a steel plate (like this), energy is in neutral chaos until I start singing. The moment my song begins, the pattern instantly demonstrates, with uncanny accuracy, the precise notes I am singing.

Well, all that is a cool concept until something shows up in my reality that I don’t like! In the past, I could chalk it up to Satan, bad luck, karma, energy stealing, or most anything else ‘out there.’ But if I accept something as true, I can’t pick and choose when it’s true or how it’s true. So, if I accept that everything in my reality is called into being by me, that’s a pretty sobering thought, because ‘everything’ includes … everything. My creations are not only ‘my’ things like my body, my house, my car and belongings. They are also the road I’m driving on, the people who are making me happy (or pissing me off), the run of good luck (and the streak of bad), my abundance (and lack thereof). My creation is everything in my experience – or nothing in it. I can’t have it both ways.

Now, it’s true that I have been singing in a chorus called “Mass Consciousness” for a long time, and most of us agreed to the song list. But it’s still me singing my reality into existence and experiencing my energy as it acts out the lyrics. I am writing and directing everything that shows up in my world. The question is, what part of me is wielding the pen? Which inner voice is singing the loudest? I don’t have to look far for the answer; it’s apparent all around me as My Life!

And still, every now and then, I catch myself trying to persuade the ‘outside world’ to “Dance to the right song, dammit!” because it sucks when life is dancing to a tune I don’t like! The logical conclusion is that if I sing the ‘right’ song as loud as I can, life will finally become the way I want it to be... right?

It’s a great theory, except that directing my song to the world out there quickly becomes straight-up makyo; just another attempt to manipulate the ‘external’ world. The real songs, the ones that are actually organizing my experience, are the ones I’m singing to myself. And they are so close and familiar that I tune them out as background noise instead of seeing how fundamental they are to my experience.

I’ve recently had reason to take a look at the songs I’ve been singing to myself and reconsider some of the melodies to which I’ve been dancing for a very long time. It’s always a good idea to ask, “Am I singing songs of a victim, struggler, debtor, and insignificant nobody? Or am I singing masterly songs of a clear, free, sovereign and abundant God in human form?” Realistically, it’s usually a mix, but the more I sing a Master’s song, the easier it is to hear the dissonance when some of the old ones come on. The key is accepting that everything in my reality really IS sung into being by me through my thoughts, words, choices, beliefs, time, worth and every other iteration of myself. With that total acceptance, reality becomes delightfully pliable.

How’s your playlist? Maybe you know some of these “Greatest Human Hits”:

Life is a Catastrophe – The chorus cheerfully reminds that for every good occurrence, a bad one is soon to follow and if life is going well, calamity will come along to bring me down a notch or two.

Barely Getting By – It doesn’t even matter what my actual job, income, family or luck might be, this is the most danceable tune in the whole playlist, reminding – and then proving – that I will never have quite enough.

Uncooperative and Unpredictable – This sorry ballad is all about the body with its aches and pains and unpleasant surprises. It’s a catchy tune, easy to sing along with, and gets stuck in the head way too easily.

Bring it Down a Notch or Two – A bit churchy in tone, this one is an effective reminder to not be too extravagant or wasteful or uppity or successful or enthusiastic or hungry or lustful or – well, too anything, really. All that fun stuff is for other people; you know, the ones who don’t know any better.

Taking Care of Momma – Every verse of this song reminds me that the very fact of my existence harms dear Mother Earth. However, if I apply the proper amount of guilt and redress, it may fade into the background noise for a while.

Never Quite Enough – A catchy little tune that encourages me to hold back, because I’ll always be short on time, money, love, energy, resources, knowledge, and most other good things in life. To compensate, I must conserve, protect, be efficient and always tired.

Gotta Prove My Worth – Unless I’m hard at work, I’m taking up valuable space and resources better spent on someone else. Oh, and buried in the harmony are always a few reasons to feel ashamed.

There are a million more, which you can no doubt name, and they are all variations on a theme: “I Can Never Get It Right.” And it must true, because there are always ways to prove that life is not my fault! And so, there I am, humming yet another tune, so quietly I barely notice, and never understanding why life keeps dancing to that accursed earworm.

I don’t know about you, but these stupid old tunes are getting tiresome! I’m ready to get the old songs out of my head and start singing some new ones. But which ones? God knows I don’t want to get it ‘wrong’ yet again!

Then I remember: A song only becomes true when I start singing it! In that case, I’ll pick something I actually like, a tune that suits the new and sovereign me. I’m really done singing about struggle and lack and shame and withholding and uptightness and pain. And anyway, I can’t change the dancers or the choreography or anything else ‘out there.’ They are just picking up the beat I’m putting down, acting out the script that I’m composing. Yep, it’s time to change things up and give them some new material.

To be honest, I’ve been updating the song list for a while now, and it’s really been making a difference. But, now and then, I still find some oldies but baddies running around in my head, showing myself what still needs letting go.

Take a listen to the songs you’re singing. How can you hear them? Well, take a look at what energy is dancing into life around you. Are there any parts of the playlist you’d like to revise? It can be done, you know. You don’t need anybody else’s permission to change your tune. It’s simply about changing the vibe, the script, the stories you tell, because it’s all being created from the inside out.

Oh, one more thing. It’s definitely time to stop singing other people’s songs. You don’t have to sing in the choir anymore, whether it’s Mass Consciousness, Family, Tradition, Religion, Culture or even Shaumbra. It’s time for you to be a soloist. You can make beautiful harmony with others when you want to but do pick your own tunes. We’ve been letting others hold the score for so long, and energy just keeps dancing to the beat. But in this crazy time on Earth, the best thing you can do is sing your own song. It’s why you’re here.

10 comments on "Songs of Creation"

  • tiny hendrix on April 6, 2020 9:36 AM said:
    Thank you Jean.
  • Rosana Veiga Guimarães on April 3, 2020 1:29 PM said:
    Gostei bastante do texto! Com muita clareza sobre a energia!🇧🇷🙏
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on March 28, 2020 5:59 AM said:
    Gracias Jean: Siempre dando en el punto Clave, expuesto con tu ingeniosa genialidad y marav illosa integridad
  • Catrinel on March 28, 2020 3:10 AM said:
    Beautiful and clear example of Mastery and Creation! Easy to grasp and review as I can see again and again where my playlist got outdated but as any song from childhood that brings nostalgia, same addictive feelings keep me busy with fragments of songs I don’t like but just sound familiar, therefore safe and comfortable. Thank you again for putting it in a language I understand much easier. Catrinel
  • John McCurdy on March 28, 2020 12:35 AM said:
    Beautifully put, Jean!
  • Jodi on March 27, 2020 11:16 PM said:
    I have been saving this particular article until just the right is now💜🦋
  • Haa on March 27, 2020 8:34 PM said:
    Here you are! 😀 And once more:
  • kelly on March 27, 2020 5:26 PM said:
    So valuable and so needed! Thank you for sharing and shedding light for me with this analogy. With appreciation!
  • Mabel on March 13, 2020 1:19 PM said:
  • Kenciana on March 6, 2020 11:21 AM said:
    Thank You (rself)

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