The Embodiment Series:
SHOUD 10: "Let Go of the Control" - Featuring Tobias

Presented to the Crimson Circle
May 7, 2005

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together in this classroom of the New Energy. I am Tobias, you are Shaumbra, and we are all family. Amazing times that you live in and that we share with you – it is a time of completion, a time of entire new pathways being opened, entire new dimensions. And even the word “dimensions” doesn't even serve what is truly happening.

We spoke recently to a group of Shaumbra about the Third Circle opening up. The First Circle, of course, was Home, the energy of the Kingdom, All That Was. The Second Circle was everything outside of Home, the existence, the reality that you have been in ever since you went through the Wall of Fire and went into the Void and began creating.

Now, you are on the very edge of completion of that cycle. The New Earth that we spoke of a week ago is indicative of that. The New Earth could not be built; it could not even be conceived if it was not the appropriate time. There are so many questions about the New Earth – where it is, how it is progressing, who can go there. But none of this would be possible, Shaumbra, unless you were at the point right now of completing the Second Circle.

“What is the Second Circle?” you say. It is everything outside of Home. It is your playground. It is where you are learning to be Creators. It is Creator-ship training. That is what you have been doing. You have been learning how to be Creators. You have been doing it in various ways, multi-dimensional. Then, you come to Earth, and you do it here in this very limited, very harsh reality, your last step and your last stop before going on, before going on into the Third Circle.

Words will not even do this justice, Shaumbra, in trying to describe the Third Circle. Let us just say it is the place for full Creators. Full Creators without limitation, without restriction; full Creators, what you have always thought of as the capabilities, the abilities of Spirit itself; full Creators, when you're not limited to any dimensions, any type of specific reality. We are going to ask you to feel it from the heart, not from the mind.

But you are at this point now in the evolution of humanity in the fulfillment of the Order of the Arc where it is time now to go beyond while you are still here on the Earth, still here in these human bodies, still going through this beautiful, sometimes frustrating awakening process. You are doing so many things to open the doors for others, to help others free their energies.

You wonder sometimes why it is difficult. You say to us, “Tobias, Saint Germain, and Kuthumi, Ohamah, why is it that it is difficult sometimes?” Again, it is because you are the first going through this. You are leading the way. The energies are the most difficult, but yet the most exciting.

The times you live in right now are so very exciting indeed. And perhaps you say, “But Tobias, how can you look at a newspaper or listen to the television and say the times are exciting? There is violence. There is sadness on Earth. There are wars. There is poverty.” And we say to you, Shaumbra, it is an exciting time because all of these are in the process of their change also. They are all appropriate, but they are changing, for human consciousness is coming to realize that wars don't solve anything. Human consciousness is beginning to realize that self-imposed poverty doesn't solve anything. Illness doesn't solve anything.

There is a massive shift taking place on Earth right now. What you read about in the papers and see in your news are the remnants – the drama portions, yes, the most difficult – but we’re going to ask you for a moment to feel all around Earth the consciousness of humanity. It is changing. It is tiring of some of the Old ways. It is throwing them out. It is tiring of its own suffering. That was of another time, of another incarnation. It is tiring of the limitations of the human nature. It is tiring of people trying to steal from others, take their energy. It is tired of always going to the outside to look for the answers. It is learning to go on the inside.

Read between the lines, Shaumbra, of what is really taking place on your Earth right now. Go beyond the headlines. Talk to other humans. Feel what is in their heart. When you get out of the mind and into this divine heart, divine energy, you’re going to realize that there is a tremendous, tremendous shift on Earth. Right now, there are millions and millions of humans worldwide that are aching to go through the awakening process, to learn. They don’t know where to start. That is what we have told you before. You are the ones to be the teachers.

Shaumbra, at this time of your completion, the time of Earth coming into its last true cycle before the quantum leap, before a total type of split of consciousness in order to allow a remelding; at this time right now before the quantum leap is a time where you have been going through so many of your processes. You are learning how to release. You are learning how to embody, which may seem to be a contradiction, but totally appropriate with each other.

As you embody, you accept everything fearlessly. You bring it in. You love it – everything about yourself, everything about your past, everything about past lives, your ancestral past lives, your star-seed past lives – you bring all of these in. You welcome them back to this precious, sacred moment of Now. You have this incredible family reunion, this party in the Now. One-by-one they file in. They file into your Now, aspects of you from the past. Energies that have split off from you for a long time, they file back in one-by-one, groups at a time, all coming for your love, for your acceptance, for your fearless acceptance.

No change, Shaumbra, not trying to change a thing. Why would you want to change anything about your past? You created it. The aspects are filing in, filing past you, even right now, just wanting to see that smile on your face, wanting to know that everything is okay, wanting to know that there is no animosity in your heart towards you or any aspect of you, wanting to know that you bless, just as Spirit would bless; that you release, not a release of denial, but a release of total love. Oh, you can only release something when you totally love it. You can only release something when you totally love it, you see.

So, all of those aspects of you from the past that have been waiting. All of those aspects that were buried or wounded or were in a type of frozen energetic state; all those aspects that were splintered, fractured; all of those aspects that were denied, unloved, they come filing back in now at this time of completion for your blessing. That is all. You are God also. These are your creations. They simply want your blessings right now.

Phenomenal times that you live in, Shaumbra! We know we tell you this over and over, but we are so honored to work with you. We line up here, all of us who are working with you – the energies of Quan Yin and Yeshua and Mary, Adamas, Ohamah, Kuthumi, all of us – so honored to work with you, envious in a way that we can't be there on Earth with you right now, laughing right alongside of you, enjoying all of the experiences, understanding when you get aggravated and angry, understanding when you sometimes say, “Damn it, if you’re so honored, you get down here and walk in my shoes (audience laughter). Honor this, Tobias (Tobias making a gesture). Oh, I think it’s the other way (making another gesture) – honor this!” I have seen that sign, and it doesn’t compute, as they say. I’m not sure what that means. I'll have to ask Kuthumi.

Shaumbra, you come to this time of your own completion. I know sometimes it appears that it is elusive, that it is a long way off. But it is not at all. It is here right now – that moment of completion. We’re dancing in the room right now with you. You’re tasting it already. It’s integrating with you already.

There are still vestiges from the Old that are still so present. And that is appropriate. Allow them to be with you. You’re not trying to throw them out. The vestiges of the Old that are fearful, the vestiges of yourself that fear the change, love them, honor them. Let them know that they are released anytime they want to be released. Let them know that they can be free of any structure that limits them.

What an incredible time you live in and an incredible time for Shaumbra! We told you back in August of last year that things were going to change, things were going to get different. And they have been. We told you that we were going to be bringing in different entities, different angels to talk to you about what was going on. And we have been.

And we told you that we were going to make a shift. It was going to be a time where there was no longer a need for processing. There is no longer even a need for healing because the illusion is that there is something to be healed, you see. It is all an illusion. We use those words because you use those words. But we know – and underneath even you know – there is nothing to be healed. And you say, “But I look in the mirror, and I see a body that needs healing. I know that there is a mind that needs healing. But what do you mean, Tobias – nothing to be healed?” There is nothing to be healed. There is only energy that seeks release, blessing, and resolution so it can serve in a new way. It is so very simple.

It is time now for action for Shaumbra for movement of energy. Remember, we said that you go from being the Energy Holders – oh, a wonderful job, but a difficult job. You go from being the Energy Holders to the Energy Movers. You and your consciousness take a new direction and now of just sitting in the chairs it is time to begin truly moving energy. We’re doing that right now with you. Why is that? Why is it that it is so easy for us to do it right now? It is because you have allowed yourself to get out of your head.

Oh, yes, we told a group at the Ohamah School not so long ago, “You can't get in your head; you have to use your heart. You can't think it or analyze it. You can only feel it.” What an incredible thing – 5 days of feeling and no thinking! Within hours they were ready to kill each other (some laughter).

Shaumbra, it is because the mind has been controlling. We’re going to talk about that today. You've given it permission to control. The feelings have been blocked up, hidden away, a lack of trust in how to use your feelings.

But you’re different now in a few short months even. We can tell the difference right now looking at you. Yes, even those who aren’t here physically in the room, we’re looking at you sitting in your living room, sitting on your bed, laying on your bed right now. You’re not so much blocked up there in the head. You've slowly, surely, very gracefully been allowing yourself to go into a feeling sense.

This isn’t just about emotion. It is about feeling. It is an expanded state of being, a knowingness that is divine, and not intellectual, a knowingness that you can't put your finger on. You want to try to analyze it. You want to try to figure out where the knowingness is coming from. Don’t! You don’t need to. You are going to know from the depths of your spirit where this is coming from – not from your mind, but from the depths of your spirit.

So, you’re making the shift. You are getting into a new type of balance, a new dynamic right now – of the heart, what you call the heart energy, the divine energy, combined with the human energy of the mind, of the analysis, also of the body, of this reality. It is all melding together. You are coming to the point now where you are letting go, when you are becoming who you truly are. It is difficult to go through, a difficult process. It would seem so easy, but it is difficult letting go of that story to become who you are.

And with all of this, Shaumbra, you are coming to a point where now the fun begins. Now, you are already creating the vehicles that will allow you to do the things that bring you joy, that allow your passion to come out. You’re creating the new Shaumbra venues. Some of you are creating books, others, songs. Soon it will be healing centers. Then, it will be places of truly higher learning. Then, it will be places of a healing that has never truly been practiced en masse as a group on Earth, a healing center that takes the attributes of the Temples of Tien but puts them into your Now moment without the fear, without some of the imbalanced energies that were present in the Temples of Tien but the very essence energies that we had come upon there. True healing that requires no force, no hand-waving, no need to change.

Imagine healing, physical healing where you’re not trying to inflict change. Imagine that! This is where Shaumbra is at.

Some have dropped out recently, as Cauldre has mentioned. Some felt that the – how to say – the intensity of the New Energy was a bit much. And it can be. And you know that; you understand that.

But Shaumbra, we see you moving energy right now. We see in the potential creations – the etheric creations that you are working with on the inter-dimensional levels – we see what you are putting together, the potentials that you are going to be bringing down to Earth soon. But in order to do that, we need to cover a few things with you today. We need to talk about a few elements that would certainly make it even more graceful, make it even more New Energy.

So, over these past several months Adamus, also known as Saint-Germain, has been speaking to you about the true freedom of the soul. The soul has been trapped in an energy, trapped in your Creator-ship. It has been put into a mold, so to speak. It has been put into the birdcage. It is now time for that to come out.

Adamus came and spoke to you about his past, who he was – yes indeed, offended some – but what a delightful thing to be able to talk that well about your story! Why are you ashamed, Shaumbra, to talk so boldly about your story? Perhaps, you are fearful that other humans might run the other way, might think that you are arrogant. Perhaps, one day they too will learn what a beautiful thing to talk well about your stories.

Humans tend to continue to beat themselves up about their stories. Start talking well about yourself. It’s a wonderful thing, even if no one else cares or listens (some laughter). At least you have made a friend with yourself.

So, Adamus talked well about his story, and an incredible story it is. Much of it embellished, I have to add (more laughter), polished off many of the rough edges he did. But his point was – as you already know – to wake you up a bit, to shake you up a bit. He told you the story of how he was trapped in this crystal for 100,000 years. And I have to tell you a bit of a secret. He is not here today, so I can say these things. Time is not what it appears to be. A hundred thousand years in Saint-Germain's exaggerated state of being could be a few minutes of time in your reality (more laughter). So, take it for what it is.

Actually, it brings up a delightful point. Time is a very flexible reality. Many of you get trapped in it. And certainly, you think your world needs to operate in it. But it is much more flexible than what you think. Two thousand years ago, when most of you were here on Earth, time was different than it is now. A day was not a day, as you know now. A year was not a year.

Now, the scientists would argue with that. And they would say, “We have scientific, conclusive proof that this is the way it is. This is how time operates.” But we would remind those very scientists that the ones who came before you also felt that the Earth was the center of all things. There were those who felt that the Earth was flat. There were those who had all sorts of scientific notions that are no longer true in this day and age. So, just as well, your scientists will learn that time is very flexible.

Time speeds up and slows down in this reality all at the same time. You wonder why some days you feel unbalanced. You wonder why some days you hardly know who you are anymore because part of you is trying to stay in the Old track of the time that you have on your wrists. While the reality is shifting, time is slowing down and speeding up all at the same time. It is an incredible thing, so take nothing for granted anymore, Shaumbra. Take nothing for granted.

Adamus talked about how he was trapped in the crystal and how he tried every means he knew to get out. He tried to force his way out. He tried to cry his way out, beg his way out. He tried to psych his way out. He tried everything. And he finally learned that he was only using the tools from his reality. He had to go beyond. He had to live beyond. He had to literally expand his reality-base, for he had placed himself in a limited state of being.

His crystal is both a metaphor and a reality. But it was a limitation, like each of you live in a crystal right now. Yes, you do. You live in a beautiful crystal called “human.” You are inside of it, wondering how to go beyond. You have tried to break out. Some of you even tried to end your life, thinking that would get you out of the crystal. It just puts you in a more solidified crystal, that’s all. Some of you have tried to beg, borrow, steal, cheat, lie, every way out. It just makes the crystal a little bigger, a little harder, and a little brighter.

So, Saint-Germain talked to you about going beyond, living beyond, having such an intimate trust in yourself, to know that you already gave yourself the tools. Oh, the tools aren’t the tools that you would think of. They are not a specific method. It’s not a specific type of ceremony that you have to perform. It’s not a key hidden word, none of those things.

It is about trust. It is about embodying everything. The moment that you bring back in every aspect of yourself and bless it and love it is when you discover this key. As long as there are parts and pieces of you that are scattered out there, parts of you that you don't love, parts of you that are trapped in energy, you won't be able to see what is already right there.

Oh, and you will get angry with us, and you will cry out, and you will say, “Tobias, this is some type of trick. You say that it is there, but I have looked everywhere.” If you’ve looked everywhere, look at the parts and pieces of you that aren’t loved, that aren’t accepted. The Fruit of the Rose, the passion of passions, is a total love and acceptance. Oh, we’re not talking about an intellectual love here, but a true love from the heart, a true love of everything that you are.

So, Shaumbra, let us talk about one of the things that truly, truly is holding you back right now. It is not a major deal. It is not difficult to go beyond. But it is there, sometimes so close to you that you don't even recognize it; you don't even see it.

It is this issue that we spoke of at the end of our last gathering – the control. Now, a Creator who lives within the creation will tend to want to control its energies. You want to control everything about you. And for the sake of our discussion here today, let us not think about you trying to control the outside world. That is truly more manipulation. Let us take a look at the control that you have for yourself. We know many of you worry about controlling others. But that is a whole other discussion, and literally doesn't even occur when you’re not trying to control yourself.

So, what type of controls are there? There are very obvious ones, simple ones. You try to control your thoughts. You try to control your thoughts. You think that you could not have any bad thoughts, for instance, because then you will be a bad person. You will add to this – how would you say – the spiritual pollution that is taking place, the etheric garbage that is floating around all over. Well, that is a wonderful, controlling judgment in itself. You try to control your thoughts. “I cannot have bad thoughts. I can only have good. I must think good things.”

Let that go, Shaumbra. Have a bad thought right now (audience laughter). Let us have one bad, big, bad thought right now. Let us think something really bad (more laughter). Think something bad. Oh, it even makes you scramble to think about thinking something bad. “Oh, what if we’re so powerful? What if we all think something bad and the roof falls in?”

Shaumbra, that is a control that you have placed on yourself and perhaps one of the most difficult things that you have working against you right now. You are trying to control your mind. And you are literally driving yourself crazy. You have placed so much burden and responsibility on your mind. And then you try to control it. You try to control its functions. And it is constantly trying to respond to you, constantly trying to serve you.

But it is getting very frustrating and very worn down because of the controls that you place on it. You say things like, “I cannot say a bad word, for that will go into the ‘bad bucket.’ And the ‘bad bucket’ will get so big it will take over the ‘good bucket’.” (some laughter) You think you can't even say the word “darkness.” So, you control. And what you have done is limited yourself. You have cut off a vital supply of energy flow. How can you be an Energy Mover when it's not flowing?

There are those of you who have taken these classes and these courses in visualization. Control is all it is. Yes, it was wonderful. Love it. Love going to the class and love the teacher because it served you. But now let go of that control. Visualizing is a type of control. You think, “I can only visualize a good Earth.”

Let’s take a moment here and visualize a very bad Earth (more laughter), very polluted, very overrun with treacherous beings and controlling – oh, that is what it is like (more laughter). Well, you see what you have already created here! You are trying to control your visualizations. You are literally taking a beautiful, very large type of pipeline for energy flow and limiting it to a little one.

It is like your plumbing at home. At first it is open; it is allowing the energies to flow through it, no matter how bad those energies smell. But after a while it plugs up, and the inside of the pipe gets smaller and smaller and smaller. And finally, one day it doesn’t work at all. And then you know what happens. You have to call the plumber. That is why we are here.

Shaumbra, let us take a moment here. Now, this is living beyond. Some of you may not feel comfortable with this. You can leave if you want to right now. We are going to visualize. We are going to allow the image of a very dark and bleak Earth to come in. Can you do that? It hurts, we know. But there's more to it. An Earth that is sad. An Earth that is dark. An Earth that is suffering. An Earth where there is control one person to the other.

You have just allowed yourself to feel or imagine a reality that exists. There is an aspect of the planet Earth that you live on, right now there is an overlay or another – what would you say – dimension where this does exist. It is a potential. It is not being acted out by the actors on Earth. It is setting somewhere slightly offstage. The attributes of it are brought into this beautiful stage-play of Earth at times. Parts of the sadness, parts of the darkness, and the suffering come in. But it is not because humans are visualizing it. It is not because humans are focusing on it. It is that they’re selecting elements to experience.

The point here, Shaumbra, is you try to control not only your thoughts but your dreams, your creativities. Probably for good reasons, you learned a long time ago how powerful you truly are. So, what did you do? You started controlling, rather than creating. You started limiting, rather than opening up.

You try to control your body. And then it gets you in trouble. You try to control your looks. You do this all the time with how you groom yourself, how you dress yourself. You try to control all of that aspect of you.

Take a moment, and for a moment, take off the controls. Let them go. Take a look at your true self, rather than just that aspect that you see in the mirror. See who you really are. Some of you control and say, “I have to pretend that I’m kind of good-looking.” Some of you have a type of other control that says, “I’m not good-looking at all.” You’re controlling yourself. You are defining an energy, and then believing in it and sticking to it, and it sticks to you. You control how you look. Oh, there is tremendous control.

You see that Saint-Germain talked about the hypnosis, the overlays. There are such incredible controls that you buy into. And then you control it even further within yourself. So, if you live by the control of the fashion industry – one of my pet peeves. In my days we wore a simple robe. And one day perhaps we will return to that.

But there are controls that you buy into. Let go of those controls. Do as Cauldre does – dress poorly one day (much audience laughter). He previously agreed to let us say that. Stop trying to control your outer appearance. Someday, get up and dress the way you want, not the way you control yourself to dress, you see.

You try to control your body. You try to control the biology that is taking place. You even pretend some days that you feel good when you don't feel good. You deny that parts of you are aching. Oh, once in a while you go into total collapse, and then admit it all in one sorry moment. But Shaumbra, you try to control your body.

You try to force healing on yourself, and it won't work, not where you are right now. Forced healing won't work. You are trying to manipulate the body. It knows what to do. You designed it that way. You are the Creator. You are the chief engineer. You designed it that way. Your body already knows what to do. It does not need your control anymore. Take off the controls. Take them off.

You try to control your spirituality. And that is one of the most difficult things. You have created this whole thing about your spiritual being, and that is a beautiful thing. But now you try to control it, about what is right and what is wrong. The spiritual being says that you can only eat certain foods or do certain things. Try letting that go. Try doing something – what you would say – bad. Try going the other way.

You try to control the image of God. But all you are trying to do is limit the very nature of God. You’re trying to control who God is and what God is. But you know, you don't know. You don't want to know in the head; you simply want to feel and be with Spirit.

You have concepts. You espouse on them. Many times, you talk to them about your concepts with friends and family. You limit the nature of Spirit, partly because of the fear, partly because the controls. Let go of the controls of God. Stop trying to define it. Just be in that energy of Spirit. You control it through this whole thing that you’ve done in the past, not so much now, but even this whole thing about God and Satan, controlling the nature of what you think is right and wrong.

You control this whole thing about your own abundance, your inner and outer abundance. And you say, “There is only so much. I’m only entitled to so much. I’m only worthy of so much.” You control that. Imagine what it would be like to be outrageously wealthy! But yet you control it. You ask for it on one hand, but yet you control it.

Your reality right now is set up in a series of controls that you have on yourself. One of the most amusing ones is you control yourselves so much, control that you won’t even let yourself get angry. You say you’re a spiritual person, “God doesn't get angry.” Well, God does get angry. God allows that. God embodies that. God loves getting angry, but it does not have to be manifested in the type of ways that you would consider to be harmful for others.

You try to hold it in. Shaumbra, do something in these next 30 days. Try not to hold it in. Try to tell someone exactly how you're feeling. You try to mince your words. You try to control. You say, “Well, I do this out of love.” But it is not love at all. You are choking yourself, and you are literally choking that other person.

But you say, “Tobias, now if I practice this all at once, and I take off all of the controls, I may just walk out the door and hit someone. I may say something to someone that I’ve wanted to say for a long time, but I haven't because I don’t want to hurt them.” Indeed, what a wonderful experience – being honest, being open, letting the energy flow unrestricted!

You say, “But if I take off the controls, I know I will run home, and I will raid that refrigerator for all of the chocolate and all of the cake and all of the pie and chocolate chip cookies and perhaps a glass of wine to wash every one down (some laughter). I have to control myself, Tobias. I have to control myself. I have to control my body, for if I don’t it is going to do all sorts of funny things on me. I have to be socially polite. I can’t let out those little noises in public (more laughter). I have to control myself.”

Shaumbra, you don't have to control a thing anymore. Now, that is a big step. That is a huge step. That is a step that most other humans couldn't even imagine. But we’re at that point now. Can you let go of the controls?

What are the controls? What is control? Well, it’s a limitation of energy. It is a way of the inner being literally trying to hold onto its identity. As we have said before, in the Old Energy every entity identity will try to preserve its own self, you see.

Your story is trying to preserve itself right now, the aspect that is racing right now, saying, “Tobias doesn't know what he is talking about today. I’ll pretend to let go of one or two controls, ones that I didn’t like. But if we let go of all controls, what might happen? What fools we might make of ourselves? What things would become of us in our life? What would others say?” We have to tell you that they’re already saying it, so that doesn't matter (more laughter).

Controls are a restriction of energy. They limit it. They actually literally slow energy down. They literally slow time down. They confine space.

So, what we are coming to you with today upon your request upon your Shoud energy is to say, “It is time to let go of the controls.” Now, when you do, things will change. Adamas asked you in our last gathering, “Are you ready for true changes? Are you ready to trust yourself implicitly?”

When you let go of controls, you see, it is trust. You are flying now on trust. You are operating in every moment on pure trust for yourself. Do you trust Spirit and yourself so much that you can let go of the metaphoric controls and the literal controls that you have? Can you let those go?

Now, you’re going to fight for them. You are going to say, “I have to have certain controls to do certain things.” We are going to ask you to look at every one of them. Do you really need it? You are going to say, “But I have to have a certain amount of control when I'm driving my car.” Or do you? Or do you? We won't answer that question now.

You are going to say, “I have to control certain things about my processes. From the moment I get up in the morning I have to control time, so I’m at the office when I'm supposed to be.” When you're supposed to be! What an overlay. What a hypnosis that you have fallen into!

And you say, “But Tobias, if I'm not there on time, then I get fired. And who’s going to pay my bills?” Ah, another control we’ve just run into, a control that says, “I have to go to work to pay my bills.” First of all, who says you have to pay your bills? Who says that the abundance doesn't come in in many other ways that facilitates the proper exchange of energies that should be taking place?

But you see, controls, belief systems, overlays, hypnosis – they have affected you. What do you do about them? You love them. You love them. You bless them, and you let them go now. You let them go.

What would it be to have a life without control of everything around you, without all of that energy, volumes of energy, that you use to control? It makes me tired to see it. That is as one of the only reasons, Shaumbra, it is difficult to come in this close to your reality.

Sometimes we have to back away because the volumes of energy that you go through and the manipulation of energy that you do is very tiring even on our energy. We are not insulated from it. We are that close to you. You consume enormous volumes of energy to live in your reality under the control structure that you have, to live in your reality with its illusions and its beliefs and its hypnosis.

We asked you a while back, “Are you ready to go beyond mass consciousness?” And you said, “Yes,” most of you. And we’ve been working with that ever since. We now get to the point of saying, “Let go of controls.” It certainly will present some challenges.

And again, we are going to remind you very clearly. We are not talking about trying to control your outside world. It is about the control you have on yourself. Don't even worry about what you would call outside world control. Don't start racing through how you control your family – yes, you do, but that's not important right now – how you control your friends; that is incidental.

Once you let go of the control of yourself, the rest of these things are released as well. If you try to work from the other way, in other words, releasing control of the outside first, it simply will grind you in a bit deeper. It is about the internal controls, the control of the mind, the control of your senses.

You have such precise control of your vision right now that you can’t see me. I’m here. I’m so close to you. But you’re controlling your eyes. And as you get on in your biological years, you try even harder to control your vision. You say, “But I must. I must work on putting energy into my eyes, so I can still read without glasses, so I still can see distance.” Or, really, Shaumbra, perhaps you're sending massive amounts of controlling energy to your eyes, and they’re simply crying out to be uncontrolled.

Perhaps, it may get a little blurry at first when you let go of the control. Perhaps, the muscles are going to relax a little bit; they’re working so hard right now. But then you’re going to panic, and say, “Oh, Tobias, you don’t know what you’re talking. I let go of control, and now my vision is truly blurry.” But perhaps, blurry occurs before a new clarity that is based in multi-dimensional vision sets in, you see. You control all of your senses so professionally, so accurately. You try to maintain that control in a time right now when it’s not appropriate to maintain it.

The thoughts. Truly, Shaumbra – we’re not just joking here – truly, go out and think really rotten thoughts. It’s been so long. You need that celebration. You need to think “bad” for a little bit. It is like pent-up, stinking energy that needs to be released. It needs your love as well.

That is probably to me one of the most amusing things about Shaumbra – is your total commitment, your total dedication to this incredible work you are doing that has led you to this thing that you can only think “light;” you can’t think “dark.” You can only think “good,” because if you think “bad,” surely, you'll blow up the world. You see, we asked you several minutes ago to think “bad” about Earth. The Earth is still here. It did not blow up.

We’re going beyond a type of consciousness and into a new type of conscious New Energy creation where you don't need to worry about what you think. We’re going beyond the mind. We’re going beyond limitations. We’re going into this area of trust. We’re going into this area of open, wild, wild, west type of expanded beingness.

But we have to take off the controls. And you control yourself all of the time so very well; so very well, every little thing. And again, you control you – forget about the outside world – how you control yourself.

You control your money so much that it actually hurts. It hurts us to watch it. We laugh; sometimes we cry. You control. You believe that money has energy. You control it. You look at your checkbook, and you control them. Well, you say, “Tobias, I have to. I have to control. I have to balance my checkbook. And I have to watch every penny. And I have to be on a budget.”

It is so tiring, Shaumbra, so limiting, so un-Creator-like, so un-New Energy. Stop controlling your money. Let it go to work for you. Take a few dollars, throw it on the ground (laughter). Truly, you have it so wadded up in that purse or that wallet of yours. It hurts you sometimes to crack that wallet open. Do you think all of the money energy is just going to leave you? No, when you stop controlling, it comes back in ways you couldn't imagine.

You say, “But I don't have the proper education. I don't have the knowledge of the financial markets.” Such control you place on yourself, such limitations that you own and you buy into! Financial energy is truly one of the easiest things to get back into flow.

And we’re working intensely with some Shaumbra right now to do that. We are going to have this whole Shaumbra aid where it is an immense uncontrolled type of pot of energy of money that is going to flow in and out. But you have to let go of the Old controls, the Old beliefs. Think something bad about money for a little while (laughter).

Truly, Shaumbra, we’re going to ask you this whole month, “Think something bad.” We know there might be some who don’t at all understand where we are going with this. They are so controlling of every energy about themselves. They think they almost always have to think “good.” They have to always think the holiest, pure thoughts. They can never think “bad.” You are controlling yourself if you do that. You are controlling yourself. You have just drastically limited the amount of energy that comes in.

Energy is nothing but potential. It doesn’t have a signature on it. It doesn’t have a vibrational imprint on it until your consciousness brings it into the reality. You can think something bad, dark, gruesome even. And you always do, you just pretend you don’t – another form of control. But now you can do it. You have a license to do it. And watch what happens. The dark isn’t dark. The bad isn’t bad. And the light isn’t light either. It is a flow of pure divine energy, uncontrolled, unlimited, unrestricted.

Take off all of the controls, Shaumbra, all of them about yourself. Don’t control money. Don’t control your body. Don’t control what you eat. And especially, don’t control what you think.

Don’t control what you say for the next month. This is true homework. Don’t control it and watch what happens. Oh, it will shake some up! (more laughter) Say it. And when you say it, feel how you are feeling. Feel the energies flow through. Feel how so much of you has been locked up and suppressed and hidden for a long time.

You’re so fearful about letting yourself come out that you control yourself. You’re so fearful that you could hurt another person. You can’t. Trust me, you can’t. You cannot hurt another person, not in the consciousness that you are in now. That is an Old Energy attribute. Yes, there are still humans that can hurt each other and be hurt by each other. But you have moved beyond that. It is about standing behind the short wall.

Watch what happens when you open your mouth, unrestricted, unlimited. Oh, you fear that. You fear, “But Tobias, something will come out of my mouth.” Watch what happens. Feel the energies. Watch the perfection of what happens. Stop controlling.

Some of you want Spirit to speak in you and through you, but yet you control it. Just open it up. Let everything open, Shaumbra. It’s going to be a different experience. You’re going to realize how much you’ve been holding back, how much you’ve been blocking yourself, how much you’ve had these Old Energies limiting you.

We did bring in a guest here earlier today. We wanted them to hear what was going on. We wanted you to feel the intensity of their energy. It is what you would call in your psychological terms, your “parent self.” It has been in this room surrounding you, the parent self.

Now, we’re not talking about your literal parents, although sometimes you identify the archetypical energy with them. But it is the parent self, the part of you that says, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that. You’ll get hurt if you do this. You can’t do that. These are the rules. You must obey them, or else.” You have this matrix of energy built up inside of you, the parent self.

And the parent self quite frankly is tired of its role now. It’s not needed anymore. In the New Energy, as a Divine Human, you don't need the parent self anymore. You don't need that watchful, loving, but controlling energy around you anymore. The parent self comes in today to get its papers, its walking papers from you. The parent self needs you to consciously release it. And it wants to be released. It wants to go back to its pure state of being divineness. It doesn't want to be trapped in parent-rule-control energy anymore.

There are no rules in the New Energy. There are no controls where we’re going to. There are no limitations about who you are and what you can do.

So, Shaumbra, you brought the papers with you. You didn’t know it, but you did. You brought them with you. They just need your signature. They need you to hand over to the parent self of you the release papers. They have served their time with you. They have gone beyond their time.

Just imagine yourself, signing off, if you so choose not to have the parent self controlling your life anymore. They’re done with it. They don’t want controls anymore. They know it doesn't serve you. The loving parent part of them, of you, knows you don't need it anymore. So, whenever you are ready, simply sign off. Let go of the controls.

And again, this is one of these things. It is same thing we talked about with trust. You can't just do some. It is time to let go of all of the controls, the controls you have on yourself, the limitations that you have placed on you.

You even have set up this wonderful illusion that you control that says you are of a certain age. Let go of that control. But you say you look in the mirror, and you see the age. Let go of the control. It doesn't serve you anymore. Literally sign off its papers also. Say, “Dear, Age-control, Age-self, I sign off. I let you go.”

That control energy that you have – that some of you truly love playing with, some of you truly love trying to over-control, that is actually physically backfiring on you now – is the control you have over your gender. “I am a male. I am female.” You control that energy. And you are no more. Sign off those papers as well.

Let the masculine limited energy go, or the feminine. You are no longer a woman, even though you may look like one. When you take off the controls, and you say, “Oh, my gosh, I’m a woman. I’m going to grow hair in the wrong places. (laughter) I’m going to start looking manly, get a low voice like Cauldre.” That is a form of controlling control. Let that go. Perhaps – perhaps, perhaps – you would turn even more feminine, beautiful, but integrate masculine energies that you needed for strength, masculine energies you needed for balance.

Let go of every control, the control that says that you have a certain physical handicap right now. Let that control go. Let yourself return back to a pure state of physical being as well. Break down your controls in these next 30 days. Take a close look at them – how you control your life. It is overwhelming. You are going to have to buy many, many, many notepads (laughter) to write all of your controls. Again, it is not about worrying about others. Don’t worry about how you control others. That will naturally go away.

What this all leads to, Shaumbra – the release of controls, letting go of your story, blessing every part of you and letting the energies become unstructured, become free and open – what this leads to is something that you’re all going to be talking about and writing about and teaching to others. It’s called the “synchronistic life,” the “Shaumbra synchronistic life.” What is that? It is when you have no more control in your mind. It’s coming from your divine inner knowingness where you’re not trying to control your life. You are simply living it. The synchronistic life is when everything truly comes to you, every energy you ever need.

We have talked about this before. It has been a concept. And now it is time to put that into reality. Everything is suddenly there. You don't have to control it into reality. It appears out of service to you. The synchronistic life is there when every resource and tool and bit of energy is there at the appropriate time, perhaps not before, but always at the appropriate time.

The people, the coincidences, everything becomes synchronistic. It just is. It defies even explanation and certainly defies analysis. It is beyond control and now into flow. The synchronistic life is where everything happens so appropriately, gracefully, and divinely in the moment, where the fears of tomorrow are gone and the remorses of the past are released. The synchronistic life is where everything simply appears to you almost out of thin air.

The synchronistic life, Shaumbra, is when the answer is there before the question is ever asked. That is true synchronicity. And that is what some of you are beginning to experience, and all of you will experience. It is when it is there before the need ever, ever comes about. That is the synchronistic life. We will speak more about this in our next gathering of Shaumbra.

But for a moment take off the controls. Feel the energy of the synchronistic life – your life – without controls, without limitations, where everything is in a flow. It is flowing from you. It is not being set up by the others. It is your flow. It is your divinity, truly brought to Earth, living on Earth.

You’ve set up controls for your human condition because you had to. Remember a long, long time ago when you incarnated on Earth, it was so very difficult to hold your energy into this planet into matter. You set up an elaborate series of controls that would keep you here, that would keep you present on Earth. You have built upon those controls. Now it is time to release them. You don’t need those controls to have your energy totally present here on Earth and other places simultaneously.

Shaumbra, the journey can be difficult at times because you are the first going through it. The journey is so very rewarding because you are the first. The journey is so very sacred because the others come after you, after you learn about the synchronistic life, the synchronistic way. The others will cross that bridge also and learn what you have learned from the grandest teacher and the grandest master of all, from you.

And so it is.