Lesson Five: The Creator Series

"Expect Changes and Bless Them"

Presented at the Crimson Circle

December 9, 2000

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather together in the "circle of crimson" at this most special time of your year (Christmas). We gather with those who we have known before. We gather with ones that were angels with us and have since gone on to another place called Earth. We thank you for inviting us into your space on this night. This is indeed a sacred time and a joyous time to share this with you, to be in your energy.

Now for the next few minutes of your time, we will work with you to adjust and balance the energies of this space that we create together. There are those who come in tonight who know and understand the "weavings" They understand how to set these energies. We simply ask each of you to open your hearts, to open your space. We can only come in close like this when you allow and when you give permission. So, we ask you to open your hearts on this night to let All That Is come closer to you, to come one step closer.

Now as your music was playing a few moments ago (prior to the channeling), there came across this group an emotion. There came a sweeping emotion! Through Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), through each one of you here, we could feel this. It was deep, and it was loving. Dear friends, we thank you for the ability to gather like this when you put your energies together, when you open those doors for us to come in. Oh, and there is much emotion and much joy. There is indeed!

(emotional) On this night, there is one who comes in that you may feel. There is one that comes in to be with you again, to walk with you briefly again here. Indeed! The one that comes in is from the family of Sananda. He is one that you have walked with before. He makes his presence known to you now, all of you who gather here and read this. He makes his presence known. You walked with him before, and as we have discussed here in this very circle, there came a point when He wept, for He knew it was time for him to go back. It was time for you to proceed forward into your lifetimes to continue the journey, to continue experiencing and learning for Spirit and for All That Is.

This one who is family, who is known by the name of Yeshua Ben Joseph, walks amongst you now. He touches you on the shoulder. He kisses you on the forehead. He walks in the aisles of this space. There is a familiar energy here. It is one of family, of Shaumbra. This energy is indeed sweet.

(very emotional) It is difficult. It is difficult to even speak through this, so we will take a moment. We will take a moment, as your friend, the one who helped guide you on the path in the past, walks in these aisles.


We ask you to simply accept the love that He brings to you from the family of Sananda on this night. There are the moments that are so precious. Indeed, these are moments that bring tears even to our eyes. This is a family reunion, when the Master of Love returns once again and be with you, to hear of your experiences and to hear of your stories of this lifetime. It is indeed sweet.

It is interesting that within a few weeks of your time that you will be honoring Him. Or so you think! For He comes in honor to you. He comes here to walk between the chairs, touching each and every one of you that is here and reading this, reminding you that you are the ones bringing the Christ seed to life on Earth at this time. You are the ones who are indeed the Christed beings. You are the ones that He celebrates in these coming weeks for the work that you do.

These moments are sweet indeed. (very emotional, very breaking) It is difficult for even I, Tobias, to continue on.


This one that comes from the family of Sananda takes his place amongst you for the remainder of our time here together tonight. Those who are in the legions of the angels and the archangels tonight do not come into the first circle. They sit in the second circle, observing. They bring their energy not so close as to allow for Yeshua Ben Joseph to be sitting amongst you in clarity and in brilliance and in love. Oh, we will need to pause here for a moment!


Now dear friends, we remind you of the work that you do. We remind you each time we gather here, lest you forget. It is the work that you do. You are moving forward. You are creating the template for the second creation. You are the ones that are taking the void and transforming it into new creation. We know, and we understand there are difficult days of your life. But my friends, if you knew and understood the challenge that you are taking on here, you would understand why there are certain difficulties.

Now on this night together with family we will talk of change. Change was the first message of the Crimson Council through Cauldre. We have not talked of it for some time, but tonight we will speak to you of change, of changes that are taking place directly within your being and within all of the world around you. We will explain to you why you are feeling certain things. We will speak to you of the transformation that is taking place within your being, even as we sit here. We will hopefully help you to understand how this will bring a new empowerment for you, so that each of you here, each of you connecting with this message, will then have the tools. You will then have the balance and the love and the compassion to become the teachers that you are.

We look into this group on this night, and there are many crimson auras here. There are bands in each one of your auric fields that are shimmering with crimson. This is the true sign of a teacher. Oh, there are other colors, but tonight the one that glows above all is the one that proclaims you as a teacher. Make no mistake about it, any of you here, any of you connecting with us here. You will at your choice be a teacher for the ones who come after you. That is why we gather here.

Now before we proceed, we would like to tell a short story. We enjoy telling short stories! (chuckling) Our story tonight is about a young prince by the name of Jack. Now you see, Jack lived in a magnificent kingdom, and he was prince. His mother was the queen, and his father was the king – and this is an important point. Now this young prince Jack was but a boy, and he enjoyed playing in the kingdom. He had many friends and playmates, and all who encountered Jack honored him and loved him. He led a very good life as a prince in the Kingdom of sIAM.

As Jack went through his childhood days, he had a craving to experience new things. He had a craving to play. He had a craving to learn, and those that saw the young prince shook their heads and remarked, "He is quite the creator, quite the magnificent creator. He is the one who loves to journey and loves to experience. His soul is always playful. He is always moving forward." Oh, this young Prince Jack could not keep his feet in two places at one time. As he grew into his teens, his journeys took him further and further through the lands of the kingdom, to the outer reaches, to the villages that were away from the center of the kingdom. And there he met peoples who were part of the kingdom but were new and different.

Jack took longer and longer trips, often being gone for days or even weeks at a time. He loved what he was learning. He loved the new types of animals and trees that he saw in the outer reaches of the kingdom. He loved the new lands and new skies that he saw. He loved his journey. The young prince Jack never rested, always, always proceeding onto a new journey, always finding a place that he had never been to before, always making friends along the way.

As the young Prince Jack reached early manhood, he knew that soon enough he would be ruling the kingdom. He knew that he would be sitting in the throne. He soon would be king. So, he made a decision. He said, "Before I am to be king and must stay at the castle in the throne all day to rule over the kingdom, I choose to go on one final experience, one long journey to a place I have never gone to before, to a place that is exciting and challenging."

The young prince decided not to take the royal contingent that normally followed him on his journeys. He decided to slip out late at night with only a small bag packed for his long journey. So, he slipped out and began traveling past the places he had gone to before. He passed the villages that he had visited in his past. He kept on journeying further and further until he came to territories that he had never walked upon before. And the land was new and different and exciting, but it was still within the boundaries of the kingdom of sIAM.

As he pushed forward on his journey, which had now taken months and months of time, he came to the edge of land. He came to water, an ocean like he had never seen before. He had seen lakes, and he had seen rivers, but he had never seen anything like this before. He had heard of grand oceans in the lore of his kingdom. He had heard of the place where land ends. He had heard that it is not to be journeyed past. He had heard that this is where the kingdom ends, and it is not appropriate to go past. Young prince Jack sat up all night long contemplating whether to take the next step. He debated with himself whether to set sail onto the ocean, or to return home.

Oh, and as you know, he was far too restless to return home! So, the next day he began constructing a vessel, a small boat that would take him on his journey. Jack worked on this for days and days and days, until he was satisfied with the boat. Then, with a lump in his throat and a pit in his stomach, feeling like perhaps he was breaking a sacred rule, perhaps he was going where he shouldn't venture, he set sail.

The current took him swiftly out onto this ocean. He sailed a good number of days. The waters were calm. The wind was gentle. The sun was bright, and all things felt good. But there was an uneasiness. There was an uneasiness in Jack’s being. The lump in his throat grew larger. The pit in his stomach grew more queasy. He knew something was coming.

One quiet afternoon – somewhat boring by Jack’s standards – he saw a great wall of fire rising from the ocean ahead of him. He started to paddle backwards, trying to avoid this great wall of fire. But as hard as he tried, he could not overcome the forces of the great wall of fire. It was sucking him in, pulling him closer and closer. He could feel its heat, and he could feel its turmoil. He could feel the turmoil within this wall of fire. Jack began screaming as he paddled, trying to go back to the kingdom of sIAM. But it pulled him in. It pulled him into this wall of fire.

What happened from there, Jack did not remember. He only knew that he awoke, feeling exhausted and empty and with no memory. He awoke on the shores of strange land. He could not remember his name, or from whence he had come. Yet there was something within that told him that he was somebody, but he could not remember. It was, in a way, an amnesia.

When Jack opened his eyes, he saw a new land, different from anything he had ever seen before. He knew it was time to get up and start exploring. He explored this new land day in and day out, discovering things that were new to him and new to his soul. All the time he was searching about, exploring this new land… all this time he felt an uneasiness once again. He felt there was something he should know or remember but couldn't, like he was trying to put his finger on something, but it was not there. He was trying to remember his past.

After much time exploring this new land, one day he came upon a woman. They talked, and they rejoiced in seeing each other. There seemed to be a familiar bond, but they did not know from where. She brought him back to a village where there were others. In this village they were making buildings. They were having children. They were creating a new civilization, but none who were in this village could remember where they had come from. They could not remember who they were. They just knew it was time for them to move forward. It was time for them to continue on with their lives.

Now, dear friends, there is no particular end to this story, for it has not been written yet. And as you probably already know, this story of Jack and the others who he met in this other land is your story. You the ones who were the angel explorers and adventurers. You were the ones who went to explore all of the kingdom of God in the first circle. You were the ones who were the princes and princesses, the ones who would inherit the throne.

You were the ones who were restless and wanted to explore. You went to the very edges and the limits of the kingdom. You were ones who set sail and went beyond the first circle. You ended up in the place that you now call Earth, that is encompassed by a universe that you are helping to create, even as we sit here on this night. You are the ones who are building the new village, creating the new ways, discovering new things that you could not possibly have discovered in your old kingdom. You are the ones who are creating the templates for the second creation. You are the ones who are trying to remember where you came from, what your roots are, what your origins are.

The angels on the other side of the veil are the ones who went in search of you when you went on your long journey that one night. We are the ones that the king and the queen asked to go search for you. We are the ones that followed your footsteps through the kingdom of sIAM, to the sands of the ocean.

When we came to that place, dear friends, we knew that you had gone out onto the fabled waters, beyond All That Is. And we rejoiced when we got there, for none other that we knew of at the time had ever done that. We rejoiced to know that you cared so deeply and loved Spirit so much that you chose to go on this long journey for something that would serve all of us.

The angels stand at the wall of fire, not able to come through. They can see into the wall of fire. They can see the images of your life on Earth projected onto the wall of fire. On this screen, they can see things you are doing. They can feel you, but they cannot cross through at this time.

Like you, the wall of fire is changing. In a relatively short period of time, it will be possible for the others of the kingdom to come through. And at that point, dear friends, the boundaries of the kingdom of sIAM will expand. The kingdom will expand beyond the great wall of fire. It will expand into this new place you have created. There will come a day, that most of you will experience, when the rest of the kingdom will come through to you. You will recognize the angels, and then you will remember Home. And then we will coexist with you. The kingdom of sIAM will be a grander place for the work that you have done on Earth.

This is indeed a story, but it is one that portrays your journey. It is one that we talk of all the time – your journeys, your experiences, and your discoveries. Dear friends, there is much honor for what you are doing. There is much honor for what you have taken on. That is why the one from the family of Sananda comes here on this night, in particular, to thank you and to remind you of family.

We will proceed now with more discussion of the changes that are taking place. This is where we will review the science of the teachings. Then we will discuss Lesson Five in the Creator Series on this night.


Now we will use an analogy here in our discussion to help you understand the changes that are taking place within you. These are occurring right now at the deepest levels of your being, deeper than the DNA, deeper than the magnetic energy patterns, deeper than the deepest vibrations.

Prior to coming to this place of Earth, you had always been in the "oneness" mode, the singular mode. All of your creations were done in a framework of oneness. When you crossed through the wall of fire, you took on the attributes of duality. This was Jack's experience. This is what Jack wanted to feel and experience. And indeed, he did. And indeed, you all did!

When you came to Earth, you took on the attributes of duality or polarity. There was no longer the oneness that you felt, but rather "two." There was the light and the dark, the positive and the negative, however you want to state this. As we have mentioned before, there was always the balance of energies of approximately 2/3 and 1/3.

Within the deepest level of your being, there are the energy components that make up who you are, and that respond to your desire for experiences. Imagine there is one white marble and one black marble. These make up your core. Now also imagine that there is one clear marble. Depending on the experiences that you choose, the clear marble will take on attributes of either the light or the dark. The clear marble will transform, and for a period of time in your life, it will take on the attributes and the coloring of the white marble. You will then have an energy balance within your being of two parts white, one part dark. And you will go through a series of experiences with this balance of energy to provide the appropriate "friction," to provide the appropriate challenges, to make your experience fulfilling.

Now as you went through the cycles of your life, there are times when the transformed clear marble -- the one that had turned to white -- will return back to clear for a short period of time. Ah, and then you would feel balance in your life for a short period of time! Within time, the clear marble will move to the other side and take on the attributes of the dark marble. It will look and feel like the dark marble and have the energy patterns of the dark. Then you will walk into new experiences with this energy balance of two parts dark and one part white.

Generally, the white marble has usually stayed white, and the black marble has usually stayed black. The clear marble is the one that changes, moving back and forth between the white and black. However, there have been periods of time where the white marble and the black marble would reverse their polarities, for they indeed are just mirrors of each other. The black would become white, and the white would become black. And at times this greatly confused the clear marble!

Now these changes of polarity occurred very infrequently, every several thousands of years. It happened not just within your individual being, but within the consciousness of the planet in general. This shift of polarities, from light to dark and dark to light, would take hundreds of years to react through your population, but it only occurred every several thousands of years.

What is happening now, dear friends, is that the polarity shift between the light and dark is occurring very rapidly. No longer does it occur even few thousand years. You are seeing the polarity shift now – where the white marble and the dark marble are changing attributes – every few years. It is happening that quickly. The clear marble will attempt to take on attributes of the light and dark but again is becoming very confused as to which is which! (chuckling)

There are also those humans walking the Earth who carry special attributes of the clear marble. In their case, the clear marble never takes on a distinct pattern of either white or black. It remains in a "gray" state. It does not choose to have distinctive polarity, or the 2/3 - 1/3 energy balance that others have. The carriers of these energies are helping to change the internal dynamic structure of energy within all humans. Dear friends, honor the ones who are gay. Honor the ones who do not fit into your "conventional" society, for they have taken on a deeper and more difficult role. They are not allowing the former balance of energies of 2/3 and 1/3. Instead, their clear marble does not choose to side with either the white or the black. It remains in a neutral state, what we call a "gray" state for the sake of this example. They are the ones who are helping to bridge the gap of polarity at this time. Honor them deeply for their work.

In all of this that is occurring within you at this time – light changing to dark, dark to light, clear not knowing which to associate with – something new is happening. There is, dear friends, a fourth marble that is coming in. A fourth marble is coming in. This marble indeed is clear also. This marble is extremely clear and bright, different than the other clear energy marble. It is the initiator, of the Christ energy that is already within you. This fourth marble comes now to illuminate the Christ energy, to bring it to life. This fourth marble comes in as clear color, but a crystal clear, unlike the other clear that is within your being.

Now, as this fourth marble moves into your being, the other three marbles – the white, the black, and the other clear – are attempting to throw it out! They consider it to be a foreign energy that is coming into their structures and patterns. They do not understand where it comes from, and there is turmoil within! And you wonder why your backs and shoulders ache so much! (chuckling) You wonder why there is emotional struggle within your being, when you thought your life should be balanced. You are taking on the attribute of the fourth marble. The other three marbles are very confused right now, for they have never had a fourth marble since you left the kingdom. They have never had a fourth pattern. We have spoken to you before about the importance of the number four. And this is the core of it. This is the essence of the balance of "four" that we have spoken of.

We will tell you what we see happening in the change that is happening at the deepest levels of who you are emotionally, physically, and mentally. The fourth marble is settling into your energy make-up. It is communicating with the other marbles. It is assuring them that it is part of their being and make-up. As the three original marbles learn to accept the fourth marble, and as they learn to understand its distinctively different energy, they will stop attacking. They will stop trying to throw this fourth marble out. They will become very tired. This fourth marble is strong, stronger than all of the others combined. They will start listening to the fourth marble. They will start feeling the vibration of the fourth.

Then something will happen, dear friends. At this point the white marble will lose its attributes of white. The black marble will lose its attributes of black. The clear marble will cleanse itself. And all of the four marbles will begin to radiate a new type of color, a multi-dimensional color. They will shimmer and glow and will begin singing and dancing with each other. They will begin spinning together. They will begin celebrating together. They will have no single color, but they will contain all colors in perfect clarity. And they will shine and glow. They will be in unison together.

This is the point when you will pass through duality as you know it. You will go to the next level. We will not assign this a name at this time. (audience laughter) This is not what you think of as your fifth or six or seventh dimensions. Those are linear. This is exponential. The changes of the marbles are happening within you at this very moment. We can look into this group and see how the acceptance level of marble Four has been difficult and challenging.

In the past, we have asked you to accept things. We have asked you to "allow" rather than to "effort." We were communicating to you on several levels. We were communicating that it was time for polarity to stop its game. We were communicating that it is time for the old balance of 2/3 and 1/3 to cease. We asked you in the past to take breaks, to do "no-thing," to be in a quiet space. For all of this time, the three marbles were learning to allow and accept the fourth marble.

This is a difficult process to go through. Your biology, in particular, has not yet adjusted to this new element that is coming in. Your emotions are definitely not adjusted to it. You are accustomed to working in duality – good or bad, right or wrong – depending on what particular day it is and depending on the coloration of the third clear marble.

But now there is coming a new balance, and it is coming into your beings. The doctors here that read the vibrations and the energies will come to understand this (referring to Dr. Elena Upton and Dr. Mindy Reynolds who presented information earlier in the day regarding new technologies for reading the human energy field). It is no coincidence that these doctors are here, and that we talk of the four marbles. They will begin to observe what is taking place within your being. It is powerful, but it is challenging. It is difficult for you to endure the physical process. It is difficult for you to remain emotionally balanced.

Dear friends, dear Shaumbra, on this night of joy, on this night with the family of Sananda gathering with you, we ask you to expect changes in your life and to bless these changes.

Lesson Number Five – EXPECT CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE AND BLESS THEM. You have asked to be the ones to learn, to grow, and to experience. You are the ones who have asked to move into your next lifetime on this Earth. You are the ones who said you would move past duality into the newest of the new energies. Would it not be reasonable that there would be changes in your life, and in some of your cases, for all things to seemingly be ripped from your being? You are making way for a new energy.

Those of you who are enduring the most difficult of times, we extend our hand and our love to you now, for we know what you are going through. But it is for a reason. It is for a purpose. We ask each of you to simply allow these changes to happen. It may seem like the old self is crumbling down. It may seem like every dream and aspiration you have ever had is being torn apart. And in a way, you are right. You are making way. The fourth element is coming in now. In order for this to work appropriately, many things in your life must change.

Dear friends and Shaumbra, expect changes in your life and bless them. When you lose your job, bless this. When your body becomes ill after you put it in your oven of grace, and you wonder why this is happening, bless the changes. We know this is not what you expected, for you had expectations that you would get healthy right away. You had expectations that you would come back to balance immediately. Dear friends, sometimes the changes are deeper. Sometimes there must be a complete reversal and renewal. Sometimes the old foundations must come down. These changes that you go through are indeed sacred. Do not panic with them. Do not be in anxiety. Now even Cauldre chides us when we say this. He says it is easy for us to say since it is not us going through the changes! (chuckling) And we understand this.

But from our perspective, we can see the overview of what is happening to you in your life. The changes that are taking place are, in essence, a clearing. We can see that this is making way for the fourth element to come in now. There may be days when you are laid upon your bed, when you are ill, and you cannot move. There may be days when you are depressed and cannot understand why. We suggest to each of you here and to each of you reading this – do not fight these things. Bless them. Bless them, and this will give them a new energy. Do you understand what we say here?

What is happening is that the three original marbles are indeed trying to reject the fourth. They consider it an outside threat. This is one of the first times that the three original marbles are aligned and agreeing with each other! (chuckling) There are many changes that are occurring in this, for they are confused by the fourth element. They are testing the fourth element. They believe it is an impostor. They believe that it is coming from a place that does not serve the overall good of your being. They are trying to defend something within that has been precious to them – their existence of duality. With your "allowing," the fourth marble will be able to integrate faster and easier. Talk to your inner being and let your Self know that the fourth element is part of the process. This will make the transition much smoother. It will be faster.

Allow the white and the black and the clear marble to come close to the fourth element. Allow them to feel the love that is there, to feel the love that is inherent, to feel the acceptance that is inherent in the fourth element, and to feel the clarity. That is one thing that you will notice in your conscious human being – the clarity that comes in with the fourth element. That is when you will know it is real and it is true. But in the meantime, friends, as this new dance takes place within your being, expect changes in your life and bless them. Bless them, for they are making way for something that is profound and sacred. Bless these changes in your life.

As the white marble and the black marble and the clear marble become comfortable with the fourth element, they will, in a sense, adapt to it. They will begin taking on characteristics of this marble, of this fourth marble. As they do, they will begin to shed the electro-magnetic characteristics that they have held for so long. They will begin shedding the obvious characteristics of light and dark and clear. They will wake up one day and see that they are no longer dressed in their old cloaks. They will no longer have the characteristics of duality.

We are not talking, dear friends, of something that will happen in the far distant future. It is happening within each of you right now. As we have said, the doctors who are here tonight come for good reason: to hear and to feel this energy. They will begin to observe it in their work. None of this is a coincidence.

In the meantime, expect changes within your being – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Bless these changes and begin to notice the new things that are taking place in your life. What we share with you tonight, and what we have shared in other gatherings… each one of these lessons has been chosen deliberately. Each one has been chosen carefully. We are walking you through the process very specifically. Our dear friend, Cauldre, gets very impatient, for he wants us to move ahead now to Lesson 12! (audience laughter)

But dear friends, as you go out into your world and begin working with other humans and begin teaching them how to heal themselves, you will need to understand this deliberate process. You will need to understand what is taking place within their beings, the shedding of the old, the acceptance of the new. You will need to understand. When you look at them, when you look at their "one chakra" and you look at their energy fields, you will see within them that they are beginning to adopt the fourth element. You will then understand how to work with them.

For the compassion that you need, you walk through this first. You experience it firsthand. You experience it, perhaps deeper and stronger than any of those you will be working with. You are amongst the first to be integrating the fourth element into your being.

And for that we love you dearly. For that we thank you and honor you for the service. It amazes us when we come into this circle to see the souls and the beings here, to see the smiles upon your faces, to hear your laughter. It amazes us, for we know the journey is difficult. We know at any moment that anyone of you here, anyone who is in our extended family can say, "Dear Spirit, I can no longer choose to continue this difficult path, this journey." We know that at any point you can say, "no more," but yet you come back here, time after time! You come back in love. You come back in service. You come back allowing your bodies to be places where new things are tried and new things are integrated. You come back allowing your emotional balance to be a place, a learning ground, not just for you, but for the others.

Oh, we have said to you in this group before, it is really no longer about you. Do you understand that? You have cleared. What you are journeying through now, you are doing for the love of Spirit and the love of all others who follow. The afflictions and the challenges that you have now are truly not your own. You are accepting these on behalf of All That Is. You are accepting this integration of the fourth element in at this time, knowing that it is difficult on your physical being, knowing it is difficult on your human being.

That is why we honor you. That is why on this night Yeshua Ben Joseph asked to join you. He asked to be alone in the circle with you. He asked the other angels to watch from a distance. He asked to share this time with you as family, one on one. He has been here in the room this whole time – did you know – working on each of you individually, sending you the vibrations that were appropriate. While you were listening or reading our words, dear friends, this great master touched you in a very special way. And now he gives thanks for this opportunity to be in the Crimson Circle, alone on this night without the entourage, but alone to be here with you, to share this most precious time, to share the unveiling of this new information.

This information, dear friends, will change much of the thinking of the way things are done. We have called it the "quad math." It is part of what you would call your quantum leap. It ties into this time of yours, of the year 2012 (which we have told you will most likely come much sooner). This is information that will change and shift the way things are viewed. It is being communicated to your researchers around the world. We are sharing it here with you tonight because you are the ones who are amongst the first to integrate it into your beings. That is why you are experiencing what you are at this time.

With your permission on this night, we will stay awhile. We will listen to your music (the Robert Coxon Christmas concert) with you. We will enjoy the warmth of your room, the warmth of your hearts. We will sit beside you. This Crimson Council will sit beside you and feel the energy patterns of the music that will be channeled to you (through Robert Coxon) on this night. These vibrations will come through your being and reach out to touch the fourth element. The vibrations will greet the fourth element into your being and to begin this activation process that we speak of. Dear friends, there is much learning ahead, much learning ahead. But for this brief period on this night, release all of your worries.

And for the questions that you are asking, we are not doing a regular question and answer session on this night, but indeed there will come a time when we will work with you on putting elements in the oven other than your own! (much audience laughter) We ask you not to rush with this process. We ask you to adhere to what we spoke of before. Use only yourself and your concerns in your Oven of Grace.

Dear friends, we will sit with you through the remainder of this night to harmonize with the music and to watch as the new marble, as the fourth element, gains acceptance within your being. We love you dearly, friends. And as you know, in all of this, especially on this night, you are never alone.

And so it is.