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As long as we’re in human form, whether as a Master or a muggle, there will always be choices to make between things like ease and struggle, grace and strife, love and fear. Being a Master doesn’t mean all the human crap is over, but it does mean that one can choose whether to slog through the crap or step around it. One of the easiest ways for the Master to do this is to go beyond the human sense of Focus into the vast array of other senses we’ve forgotten about. And, because perception creates experience, doing so changes everything. Here’s a short story to illustrate what I mean.

I have an aspect… Well, I have a lot of aspects, although most of them have integrated into facets by now, their distorted voices mostly quiet and no longer causing problems in my daily experience. But recently, one particular aspect came roaring to life so enthusiastically and persistently that he ended up with a name, the Awfulizer, complete with the assertive, pompous attitude of a self-proclaimed superhero.

Awfulizer’s duty was to point out every awful scenario that would most likely result from my current choices, particularly those outside of his pre-approved safety zone of limitations and ancient beliefs. For instance, “Life is very serious business,” so if I made a choice for fun, Awfulizer would point out the many ways it could backfire and get me in trouble. Obviously, “It’s important to be strong, tough and independent,” so if I chose softness and vulnerability, he’d remind me of all the times I’d been sabotaged and hurt, and all the ways it could happen again. Of course, “Love is a fool’s game,” so opening my heart meant he started poking at all the old scars of love gone wrong, trying to keep it from happening again. Everybody knows that “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” so choosing unstructured playtime got him reciting the endless list of responsibilities I was dodging. And finally, because “Your sin will always find you out,” if I chose bravery in the face of all those warnings and went ahead with new choices, Awfulizer literally triggered feelings of panic in my physical body. In other words, he used every trick at his disposal to get my attention and compliance.

Of course, every single time the Awfulizer starts his awful calamity parade, I do have the option to ignore it. Unfortunately, because that inner diatribe sounds an awful lot like “me,” sometimes it takes a little too much awfulizing before I recognize his game and come back to the clarity of my Self. But one day, when Awfulizer was uncharacteristically quiet, I found myself wondering why the old voices and fears still kept finding their way into my brain. I took a deep breath and suddenly he took off his mask.

“I’m trying to protect you,” he said. “Your heart’s been broken so many times, I don’t want you to go through that again. Don’t you remember how much it hurts? Why do you keep forgetting how quickly bad stuff can happen? Aren’t you tired of making a mess of things?” On and on he fussed, reminding of the many times that life had caused me pain or I had caused chaos in my life, and assuring that if I just stayed small and behaved myself, things would (probably) be okay.

Well, how DO I know my fabulous choices won’t turn to frustration? How do I know taking time for something fun won’t cause disaster? How do I know love won’t hurt again? The fact is, I don’t know. But this is where the Master gets to make a choice between being grand or small, feeling joy or safety. And here’s the key: it depends on the sense by which the Master chooses to perceive every moment, every experience, and every cranky inner voice. In this case, I went with the sense of Love, knowing that I will never again lose my love for me. And, with that assurance, I no longer need warnings from the past. So, I answered him.

“Dear Awfulizer, I understand you’ve been trying to protect me. I understand that you don’t want to be hurt again, but we’re not separate anymore. In fact, I can see that you – with all your awfulizing terrible scenarios – are just another way I’ve been trying to love myself. So now, with the sense of Love, we get to go toward joy instead of away from pain. That means you can finally relax, for I no longer need your scary scenarios to protect me. Yes, life can hurt, but when I choose the perception of Love, everything is different. Sure, I may still experience sadness, pain, anger, disappointment; but living from the sense of Love – and Truth and Beauty and Compassion and Joy and Unity – I know everything will be all right.”

And with that, Awfulizer’s costume slowly dissolved, his shadowy figure evaporating in the light of Love.

There are so many amazing senses that we’ve forgotten. Adamus has talked about a few of them (listed here) and there are so many more. But the most helpful thing for me to remember is that, as humans, we’ve been deep in the sense of Focus. That means when we see, hear or experience something, we have a very limited, tightly focused perception of what’s really going on. In Focus, my Awfulizer’s warnings sounded legitimate and worth my attention. After all, they were based on historical fact! But shifting to another sense or way of perceiving, like changing pinhole glasses to rose colored ones, allowed me to see the bigger picture. I could shift out of fear and into joy; out of smallness into love; out of safety into full-on living.

Focus also shows us a very limited view of the world “out there.” We see things like war, poverty, abuse or destruction, and Focus keeps us focused on that perception. But choosing other senses or “filters” means we can perceive these human experiences in completely different ways. What would it mean to perceive human suffering through the sense of Beauty? Or to see a war through the sense of Unity? Or our inner shame through the sense of Love? It doesn’t mean the focused perception is wrong, only that there are other versions of reality. And being a Master means we can pick whatever version we desire, both inside and out. It’s just a matter of coming to our senses!

4 comments on "Come to Your Senses"

  • Renata on July 17, 2022 7:43 AM said:
    Vielen Dank für die Erinnerung!
  • Margit on June 25, 2022 4:35 AM said:
    So weise und so klar :-))
  • Shikaiyana on June 21, 2022 4:12 PM said:
    Beautiful thank you ❤️
  • leonardo on June 10, 2022 5:41 AM said:
    grazie jean

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