In bringing more and more attention to sensuality in recent months, Adamus has defined several of our innate divine senses that are beyond the human sense of Focus. Some of these have been mentioned in Shouds and workshops, most have been covered extensively in Keahak.

A sense is a way of perceiving reality.” – Adamus Saint-Germain

Beauty – Also defined as Compassion, Gratitude, Acceptance, it is the ability to be in experience and appreciate everything around you. It is an acknowledgement of the “I Exist” of everything.

Communication – From “communis,” which means “to share.” It is a knowing, a way of sharing between entities, animals, plants, anything (does not rely on words or visuals).

Focus – The ability to put your awareness, your attention into very specific places. Human “senses” are tools or ways of interpreting the sense of Focus.

Imagination – The creator sense from which every creation originates. Even this “reality” is imagination; it’s all made up.

Joy – The radiance of the I Am, felt as the creator’s smile of satisfaction; Joy is the constant pleasure of beingness.

Love – Created from the passion to return to Self, Love is something you can only experience. It has the greatest sensuality, the greatest radiance of all the senses; a tremendous ability to bring energies together.

Motion – The sense of energies responding to your consciousness, changing, evolving, shifting (not literal movement).

Self – Knowingness of the multidimensional, non-singular Self with many facets, in love with itself; the I Am in multiple expression.

Truth – The sense that allows many different ways of looking at the same thing. It is the “and.”

Unity – The sense that allows you to perceive composites. Without Unity you would only perceive individual energy particles rather than objects, people, universes.

2 comments on "Senses of the Master"

  • ALAN on October 2, 2017 12:51 AM said:
    Very helpful as I am doing the Sensualit Clinic at the moment and it re-enforces the senses that have been mentioned.
  • Merlin on August 29, 2017 6:50 PM said:
    love it! thank you for putting this together! really helpful :)

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