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“Should I take Threshold?”

I’ve been asked that question several times lately. The class is coming up next week, it might be a year before the next one, so people are wondering “Is it worth the money? Is it necessary? Is it for me?”

The answer to those questions, of course, must come from each individual, but I will tell a bit of my story, for Threshold has played a pivotal role in my life.

Quite a few years ago, I was on the phone with Geoff, talking about the upcoming event and production schedule. As usual, we wandered off on many tangents, and he mentioned something that had been eating at him. He was feeling the potential of a new, very intense and very transformational workshop; something that people would come to who were absolutely committed to their Realization, not just dabblers. It would be small, limited to just a few people (because the energies are very different in a large group), and more than just a short weekend.

The concept wasn’t quite clear yet, but within a few weeks of that conversation, the announcement was made at a staff meeting that there was going to be a new workshop, very small, very focused, longer than usual, in Cancun, Mexico. It would be called “The Threshold,” in reference to the attendees who would be “on the threshold of their enlightenment.” Once the registration was set up, it sold out almost immediately.

However, when it came time for the event, reports started coming in almost immediately of accidents and traumas that were happening to people. Broken ankles, sprains, falls, illnesses, venue problems – it seemed that everyone at Threshold was having a tough time in one way or another. And the content? It was just too difficult to explain in any rational way. There was a secret word that not even the staff was allowed to know, and attendees spoke in general but awed tones, “It was just incredible.” This was apparently a very potent workshop!

Before the next one was even on the calendar, I declared my desire to attend it. If anybody is 100% committed to Realization and willing to do whatever it takes, hello, I’m at the head of the line! It was still a few months away and, in the meantime, we had a couple big events in Europe – a mid-summer conference in Munich, followed by a Mystery School in Salzburg – and I was working at both. Along with the usual production, publishing and content work, there was a LOT going on.

One evening in Salzburg, near the end of the Mystery School, a bunch of Shaumbra met for dinner in the hotel restaurant. I was outside having a rare smoke and found myself talking again with Geoff about the next Threshold, a month or so away. Still eager to attend, I was also in overwhelm from the last several weeks. During our conversation, it became clear that I needed to pause, catch up with myself, and attend Threshold some other time. I knew it was the right choice. Feeling a little bummed out but also relieved, I turned to go back inside and promptly tripped – on the threshold – and fell flat on my face! Nothing was bruised besides my ego, and I laughed it off as I clambered up and went to eat. But the irony was not lost…

Several months later, it was finally my turn. I would be attending the 3rd Threshold event ever, at the beautiful Sparkling Hills resort in British Columbia. I could hardly wait! I packed everything up, headed off to the airport and got on my flight from Denver to Seattle. My plan was to drive the rest of the way (about 6 hours) and enjoy the beautiful scenery. But my monkey wrench aspects had other plans and I discovered with horror that my passport was safely tucked away back home. I wrote about the ensuing scramble here, finally ending up at the event just 15 minutes late – frustrated, discombobulated, and more determined than ever to cross that damned threshold!

The first day, Adamus had each person come up to the front and answer the question, “Why are you here?” After a break, we came back to hear him say, “Your responses were fine, but they were only surface answers. Let’s do it again; why are you here?” We went through the whole exercise again, coming up to the front and trying to give an answer that Adamus would find acceptable. When that was over, he said, “Every one of you was lying. Why are you really here? Feel into it and come back tomorrow morning with the REAL answer.” I think everybody was grumpy by then!

That night I had a very vivid dream. The Sparkling Hills resort is very light and airy, and there’s an open walkway that goes across the top of the atrium at the third-floor level. In my dream, I was very frustrated that enlightenment was taking so long and decided to force the issue. Determined to get my Realization, I jumped from the walkway, fully expecting to fly. It didn’t work. I crashed to the floor, knew instantly that I was dead, and royally pissed off that I’d done such a stupid thing. Well, thank goodness it was only a dream (although I did feel a little queasy next time I was on that walkway).

Once again, Adamus called us to the front. “Why are you here?” By then, I knew exactly why I was at Threshold and would offer no more “To give myself this wonderful gift” makyo answers. I was almost crying with passion as I said to Adamus and all, “I’m here to step over my threshold, whatever it takes.” In a rather flippant tone, he retorted, “You’re not going to.”


After everything that had happened and as raw as I felt in that moment, I nearly walked out, never to return. Rather than make a scene, I returned to my seat, unable to stop the tears. By the end of the event I understood why he said that, but it was my first real encounter with the dragon, aided and abetted by a loving Ascended Master wearing a mask of indifference.

Needless to say, that was not the end of the story. With my defenses obliterated, I could participate in the rest of the workshop at a different level. It turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and it continued unfolding over months and years.

Fast forward to Threshold Online in 2020. After 17 in-person events, Adamus was ready to record it, condensing the material into three days instead of five, and without the physical interaction with participants. I wondered if it would be possible for attendees to get the same level of intense benefit as being there in person, but I also knew that the essence of every encounter and every challenge from those 17 workshops would be included. Of course, I didn’t have to worry; it was all there. In fact, there’s a particular session that once again knocked me flat, even though Adamus wasn’t talking directly to me. I won’t mention which one it is, because your dragon might show up in a different place, but I haven’t been the same since.

Should you take Threshold? Well, if you’re ready to go deep into Self, no matter what it takes, Threshold can carve you wide open. Adamus, aided by your own dragon, provides the opportunity to dive into deep inner places that haven’t seen the light of Soul for a very, very long time.

I don’t recommend Threshold if you’re brand new to Crimson Circle, if you don’t have three days to commit fully to the experience, or if you’re not ready to release some of your favorite self-perceptions, particularly the uglier ones (we humans seem to hold those the closest). But if you’re ready to drop the façades and be honest with Self; if you’re committed to realizing You, whatever it takes; if you’re willing to brave a few stumbles along the way, Threshold might be exactly what you’re ready for. And maybe, just maybe, the intrepid souls who passed this way before have smoothed the path just a little, so that when you do encounter the dragon, its breath won’t quite incinerate you.



Attendee comments

“I’m one of those who had thought I’d let go of guilt and shame. [This] immediately hit me with my guilt and shame over having lived “the half life,” over becoming bored with my experience, over not living my magnificence. Accept? Absolutely. Now is the time.” ~ PS

“OMG! I did Threshold in 2014, but this is a whole new experience!! I felt it so much into the depth of every cell of my body and my Self. Yes, it’s been brutal at times, but it also can be so loving.” ~ SC

“Adamus alludes that Dragon experiences can last a few lifetimes and struggling with Dragon can be 20 to 30 years in this lifetime! No wonder I knew I had to re-enroll for this online Threshold even though I did Threshold in 2016 and Threshold Reunion 2017. [Dragon] encounters are plural!” ~ LL

“I was so full of fear and now I am so happy and clear. It feels so simple and right, I understand, or better, feel everything.” ~ DM

“Such sacred moment. Unique. Unprecedented. I honour myself to be Here, and honour all of your dear companions on this long path.” ~ CB

“I had believed that I had already a good contact to my dragon. But when I heard [that word] it hit me like a shock – before Adamus explained the meaning – as if I had known it already. I hadn’t expected such a quick and deep contact.” ~ SP

“Literally a life changing experience! Hard to find words to express what I just experienced.” ~ AG

“Humans are really stubborn... to carry that guilt thru each and every incarnation, to wait until this specific time, to postpone Realization to, well, redeem ourselves... that is sick and beautiful at the same time.” ~ NF

“It has NOT been pretty. But entirely worth it, in ways I couldn’t comprehend before I was ready to face it. Only now I understand what Tobias REALLY meant in saying: ‘The future is the past, healed.’” ~ KB

1 comments on "Threshold... Maybe?"

  • Cristina on March 1, 2021 7:32 PM said:
    I am from Chile, and so fully grateful of having the opportunity to read, or hear the magic lessons I receive from Adamus MC

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