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Home. Family. Tribe. These words ring very deep in our psyche. In the list of basic human needs, the most important after physical survival is a sense of belonging, love, relationship and community. What’s the first thing you want to do when something wonderful (or awful) happens? Share the news with someone close! Perhaps it’s a way of making it real, of confirming to ourselves that the miracle really happened or that we’ll have help managing the awful. Family is paramount, followed by the tribe, community, school, church, and country. It’s an ancient pattern that’s rarely questioned. But now, well, things are changing.

The most obvious change at the moment is that people around the entire planet are being asked to stay home. It’s an unprecedented situation that will have far-reaching impacts, and not only on the economy. Any time someone is bumped out of their usual patterns and confronted with stillness, things stir and change inside. They have to. Shaumbra are familiar with disruptions like this, having already gone through the pain and chaos of awakening. But “normal” humans are forgetful angels too, and their souls are guiding them just as much as are ours through this time. All beings will be affected by this massive pause, and many souls will take the opportunity to reorient their human selves to a new direction.

There are profound changes in the other realms as well. By now, you’ve probably heard that angels, aliens and interferers are being called back to their spiritual families for an announcement that will shake the very foundations of reality.

The good news is that many Shaumbra have given ourselves a head start. We’ve released ancestral ties and patterns, gone through unbelievable life upheavals, and come to a new balance within. We’ve come to a sovereign equilibrium that will be more important than ever in the coming times. I’d like to share an experience that made this freedom very real and tangible in my own life and opened my eyes to just how deep some old patterns and beliefs really go. It has to do with something I had never really questioned before, the idea of belonging.

A while back, someone delightful showed up in my world and we started getting to know each other. We were both very clear that this wouldn’t be about attachments and bonds, but rather about freedom, sovereignty and curiosity. With two very busy schedules our times together were rare, but nonetheless he brought a delightful spark to my life. As our friendship progressed, I watched my mind leap into the future again and again, in spite of the fact that I kept dragging it back to Now and lecturing it about paying attention only to what is (as well as to what isn’t). My dear mind, of course, likes nothing more than extrapolating as far and as often as it can, in every direction but Now.

However, my delightful new friend is a Master at asking conscious questions which invite new ways of seeing things, and helped me discover something quite unexpected. I was very aware of our primary desire for freedom and, therefore, determined not to “hold on” to him in any way. And yet I realized with some chagrin – and despite all intentions to the contrary – that I had already accidentally given myself away. In other words, I had unconsciously created a part of myself that “belonged” only to him. Fortunately, he wasn’t interested in “claiming” that part of me, so I tucked it away deep in my heart for safekeeping in case something might ever change – not even noticing all the “noble suffering” I was imposing on myself or that it was a very old pattern still stuck on “Repeat.”

This had all been a joyful exploration, but now things were churning inside me, which I found baffling. With my conscious commitment to compassion, personal sovereignty, and freedom, why was I tied up in knots about not being able to do something (“pair up and live happily ever after”) that I didn’t even want to do? It was clear there were some very stuck parts inside still trying to pull some very old strings.

With the magic of journaling, I was able to unspool the mind loops and open to the inner wisdom. I discovered a keystone belief which, when pulled into the light of day and discarded, brought a mountain of ancient patterns tumbling down with it. I was astonished at how much of my life had been literally built upon this belief, and how much was upended with its removal. Turns out my little internal storm was quite relevant to a whole lot of things, because the belief that my dear friend helped me uncover was this: “I need to belong to someone or something else.”

Picking apart the old internal structures, I finally got to the core of it all. With shock, joy and a bit of irony, I shouted over and over again, “Wait, I belong to myself – and only to myself!!” This might be old news for many of you, but for me, some very unconscious beliefs and programming had activated the moment I found a “person of interest.” Then they played out this whole ancient pattern of “Here’s someone I can belong to, and who might even belong to me.”

Delighted to uncover such an outdated program, I gratefully thanked my friend for helping me uncover this well-hidden pattern that definitely no longer served me. But it didn’t stop there; I started uncovering so many other ways I have belonged to anything and anyone but me.

In this lifetime, I have belonged to my family, my religion, my church and my country. From the perspective of a human female, I’ve belonged to God, to my father, and finally to my husband(s). I’ve even felt a sense of belonging with Shaumbra, Crimson Circle and, especially, my commitments and agreements about this lifetime. And I have definitely felt the sense of belonging to my angelic family. This allegiance to our first family is one of the few things we brought with us to Earth, because we took on this mission primarily for them.

It is a paradigm-shifting perception to realize that I no longer belong to ANY of those things. It shakes up my human, for sure, because even though she never could figure out how to “fit in” very well, she always wanted to belong. So, it’s both disconcerting and comforting for her to realize she finally does belong – to me!

What is belonging, anyway? I suppose it’s feeling acceptance, shelter, safe haven; a place for our heart to call home. In fact, that’s the core of it, the ancient search for Home. You’ve heard the story – how we left Home, went through the Wall of Fire into the Void, became aware of our own existence, asked that damned question, “Who am I?” and set out to discover the answer. But in every moment of existence, our deepest longing has always been to go Home. It drives the search for heaven and all the iterations of theology. It caused us to discover love, a glimpse of Home within another. Indeed, at the core of everything that humans do, even horrific things, is ultimately the desire to get back Home. We just didn’t know where to look. Until now.

Because, you see, we didn’t leave a place. We left our Self.

Self wanted to know and experience itself, and therefore had to separate from itself (e.g. it’s hard to know what you look like without the disassociated image in a mirror). But that experience of separation caused such a profound longing to return that we’ve been trying to find our way back ever since. Eons ago – or was it only a breath ago? – we met and connected with other souled beings, hoping they had the secret of how to get Home. They didn’t, in fact they were searching too, but in that connection we found an echo of belonging, as well as something called energy and the many fantastic games we could play with it.

You know the story: sorting ourselves into families, creation slowing down, coming up with the Order of the Arc, creating Earth to sort things out, and the rest is history. From the very beginning it’s been about belonging, about finding Home with another angel, a person, a tribe, a place, a belief system, or anything else. Why do countries, political parties and religions bring up so much passion? They give people something to belong to.

It’s been “us vs. them” since forever. The need for belonging is rooted in our angelic ancestral lineage and carried through in our biological lineage. But here’s something interesting (spoiler alert for the Ancestral Freedom Update). We’ve heard many times about the energy impasse that caused everything in creation to clog up and stop moving. But have you ever wondered what caused the slow-down? It was actually this very thing of wanting to belong – looking for energy and solutions elsewhere, clinging to (or feeding on) other beings, clumping into families and then fighting and playing with each other.

Trying to belong – to another person, a family, a friend group, a shared belief, a country, to anything outside – is exactly what clogs up the energy. That’s why realizing that all energy is ours and it all comes from within is so critically important! It’s time to belong to Self. Play with others, certainly. Enjoy the love and company of others, of course! But only in absolute freedom.

Self is the Home we’ve been longing for. It’s the longest journey we ever came up with, covering the shortest distance in All That Is.

And, my dear fellow angels, we did it. We finally found Home. This means we can let go, unclump, ungroup, and reunite with Self, where all the answers and all the energy are found. This means we no longer belong to each other, to our ancestors, or to our angelic families. After all, who do you suppose is making this grand announcement of disbanding anyway? Perhaps it’s the very ones who found the answer.

Welcome Home.

7 comments on "Belonging"

  • Trish on June 18, 2020 5:07 AM said:
    Thank you Jean for this. It has given me insight to my own notion that I had cleared most of the belonging aspect. I am clearer for reading your article. Many thanks.
  • Rosie Lozada on May 4, 2020 8:16 AM said:
    Hi. I saw the Channel in April, but yesterday I watched again, because l knew I have to feel more. I felt when my family left owner to my self and I saw myself in a big room; hugged by my I am and my master. This feeling still with me this morning and when I check inside of me. Thanks for this article. We did it! Welcome home to you too ❤️🦋⚜️.
  • Katharina on May 1, 2020 5:42 AM said:
    Thanks very much for your articles, I like them. It mostly opens something in me on a deeper level. I send you lots of love. Katharina
  • Søren Marott on April 29, 2020 2:43 AM said:
    Thank you for a wonderful story. On my homepage I have written a similar story about realizing who you are that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have enjoyed your story.
  • Ronald Schipae on April 26, 2020 5:48 PM said:
    Jean........with a very deep breath...I love you. Seems like every article of your's I have ever read, really touched me. Especially this one. You are an AMAZING human angel! Yep...we are home.
  • Divishti Rankin on April 26, 2020 3:22 PM said:
    You are such a wonderfully wise woman, I always enjoy your beautiful insightful words. I am looking forward to meeting you in the future whenever that may be . My deepest thanks. Divishti. Australia 🙏
  • Dorice on April 24, 2020 3:14 PM said:
    Wow! Thank you for sharing that.You have brought it to the surface to look at. I was not aware . . . Basically found Crimson Circle right after 4-4-4 and that info about the angels being called back shattered me until I was able to regroup and realize that now it is I Am time.

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