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There is no future. There is no ‘what’s next.’ It’s all in the Now. It’s all happening together, and the outcome is in perfection, because your energy is serving you.

~ Adamus (Passion 2020 Shoud 10)

You see the world as being external, and it’s not. Allow the perspective to change, because it’s all coming from in here. It’s all your energy.

~ Adamus (Passion 2020 Shoud 6)

These statements from Adamus are enigmas to the human. While it’s likely that we’ve heard them before in various esoteric teachings, he seems determined to help us bring them from conceptual ideas into practical use. Because, like any teaching, it’s not much use if it can’t be applied in everyday life.

For a long time, my mind had quite a problem with everything being “Now.” As a human, I experience reality in the past, present and future. I remember things from my childhood, yesterday’s adventure is pretty fresh in my mind, and I definitely have plans for tomorrow. I’m sitting in my office writing this, not driving through town like I was a couple hours ago, and there’s most certainly a deadline in the near future for getting this article completed. So how can it possibly all be happening now? Well, the answer is determined by the perspective from which “I” am asking it.

It’s clear by now that “I” am much more than my human expression and awareness. As illustrated in the beautiful Emergence logo of the last Shoud series, “I” am a complete and balanced entity that consists of the human, the Master and the I Am. The human is in experience and is therefore limited to its linear perception of reality. The I Am, however, has a completely different perspective.

So, I would like to share a word picture that might help with the comprehension, application and possibly even the experience of “It’s all Now” and “It’s all your energy.”

When I was a young teen, my family participated in a lot of religious meetings around the country. At some point, my mother was tasked with presenting lessons for the children and she had the brilliant idea to make a diorama of the epic tale Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. It was a very creative endeavor, I got to help with some of it, and the diorama turned into a 20-foot long model of Christian’s journey. (In revisiting the story, I am struck at the similarities to our own. But that’s a rabbit trail I’ll leave for another time.)

Now, here’s the magic. My mother told the story many times in church school, illustrating Christian’s harrowing escapades while moving his little figurine through the scenes we had created. But, regardless of how many days it took to tell the tale, the audience wasn’t limited to a specific “moment” in the journey. They could peer into any part of the story, from beginning to end, regardless of where it was in the telling. Like a map spread out before them, the entire journey of Pilgrim’s Progress – the hero’s days and nights of terror, lethargy, temptation, confrontation and, ultimately, his joy – was all in the Now!

With that in mind, now imagine your entire life as a diorama. Your human self plods through one day after another, encountering all sorts of challenges and adventures. But your true Self – which is still you – can peer in at any place along the journey and be fully aware of it at any time. You can expand your awareness to other angles and perspectives of every single encounter and experience you’ve ever had. You can see the “rest of the story” that the human on the path couldn’t see. You can see how everything is always serving you, regardless of the human’s frustration with the situation. You can look either “back” or “ahead” and see the perfection and beauty of every moment, even when You know the human is still caught up in trying to do it her way. You can see the nearly infinite potentials that are always available, even though the human – your beloved creature of habit – is probably going to need a landslide blocking the path to get him to choose a different route.

Can you begin to understand how it’s all right Now? If so, expand your perspective a little more. Imagine you’re rising, as if in a magical airship, over the entire landscape of your lifetimes. Roads and trails, mountains and valleys, villages and deserts, blessings and traps, monsters and angels – you’ve encountered them all. The human stumbling along on her journey, the wanderer lost in his reveries, the martyr at the end of her fiery road, the weary battle-scarred warrior. They don’t have the perspective that You have, but in this Now, You can reach out to these parts of self, take their hand, and walk along with them for a while. You can remind them they are not alone and that all is not in vain. From this vast perspective miles above the landscape, “It’s all Now” is a little easier to grasp.

If you can imagine this, take one more step and wrap it all around you. In other words, imagine the landscapes of your lifetimes curving up and around, becoming a sphere, like a giant balloon with You at the center. Inside this balloon is everything – all you’ve ever experienced, all you haven’t chosen, all that’s yet to come. In every direction is your creation. All you will ever perceive is here, within this 3D circumpunct.

Look! Over there a lifetime is unfolding that your human thought was 680 years ago. Up there is a short little lifetime some 5,000 years ago. (That’s a big bear!) A gentle turn and there you are, playing with magic on one of the New Earths a few decades from now. And, over here, you are emerging from the Wall of Fire.

From this point, here in the center of your creation, You can see every bit of it right Now. You can expand your awareness into any “moment” you want to, even to the human self that’s reading these very words. Ahh, take a breath and feel your Self coming closer, peering over your shoulder, breathing with you, inviting you to share in her awareness. It’s so easy…

So, what about it all being your own energy? Well, if you can be aware of the big balloon of your creation, it’s much easier to comprehend that other crazy idea. You see, this is a very special balloon. The membrane is thin, translucent, almost permeable and very flexible.

Imagine that everyone else is in their own balloon of creation, and when you encounter them, that part of your balloon is bumping up against that part of their balloon. You can even ‘touch’ and ‘see’ each other through the membrane of your individual balloons, but everything you experience is still inside your balloon. For You, nothing else exists. You have many ways of interpreting the shadows cast on your balloon by others, but you’re still perceiving them on the ‘screen’ of your own balloon.

Having trouble with a chosen perception? Don’t know how to stop viewing others through the filter of old patterns? Wondering where all that abundance is? Take a breath and shift awareness to the perspective of You, high above this individual human’s experience, and see what other potentials are lurking nearby. Except it’s not high above and far away. It’s simply a different point of perception, a broader perspective from which to view and experience your creation.

Here’s a way to play with it all. Somewhere in this spherical diorama of your Self is the expression of you that finally realized its Realization. This is the you that finally remembered and experienced itself as the Creator within its own creation. Let’s say that particular expression is a few months or years in the “future” from your human’s current point of awareness. Like Christian trudging along the path in Pilgrim’s Progress, at some point he reaches the Celestial City. He found his way Home and so have you, right over there. Now, take a step or two in your awareness and swirl over to that point on the pathway. There’s your human, basking in the awareness of her total Self; the weary traveler at his destination, grinning to realize he never really left.

There you are, right now. Have a conversation. Ask what it was like to finally know. Breathe deep into what had to be forgiven. Feel why it happened ‘now’ instead of ‘then.’ Open to the amazement of what you discover.

As ‘easy’ as it is to expand into any-Now, this breath that goes back to the future of your Realization is a very special perception, because that was the moment your entire balloon will begin to shine. You found, picked and ate the Fruit of your Rose. It lit you up and now every single part, piece and experience of You is illuminated. Every moment of this and every lifetime, even the darkest, most confusing situations, now light up with understanding. The warm glow of wisdom fills your creation and now every expression of you – past, present and future – can make use of it.

It really is all your own energy, constantly dancing as your creation. It really is all happening right Now. You can access any moment, answer any question, and all the love is yours.

13 comments on "Back to the Future"

  • Carmem Lúcia Kühn on July 29, 2020 8:28 AM said:
    Tank you Jean!!
  • Catherine on July 26, 2020 6:41 PM said:
    Thank you, thank you Jean. That makes it so much easier to understand. I "see" it now. I will be reading this again and again. I understand more each time I re-read
  • Carmem Lúcia Kühn on July 25, 2020 1:51 PM said:
    It's perception! This article is special, it gives me joy. It is the perception of the Now and it becomes so! Wonderful! Thank you Jean!✨♠️✨
  • Simone Gouveia on July 25, 2020 5:20 AM said:
    Wow, love it❣ thank you🌹
  • Kathleen on July 24, 2020 1:20 PM said:
    Sometimes you have to hear something explained in several ways before it sinks in. Your brilliant clarity is so helpful in understanding and integrating the Now.
  • Teresa on July 24, 2020 3:06 AM said:
    Thank you for the clarity this gives to what can seem a confusing topic.It helped me realise something.☀
  • Brenda Harley on July 23, 2020 1:06 PM said:
    Wow Jean, a masterpiece! Love this perspective 🤩
  • Victor Hugo Mata on July 23, 2020 8:50 AM said:
    Grandioso! Muhas gracias. Un abrazo muy fuerte
  • Mauricio perna on July 23, 2020 1:11 AM said:
    Quizas estas palabras de jean hace unos meses o incluso solo semanas, representarian algo q solo quedaba en mi mente dando vueltas y siendo analizado de forma muy mental y ahi quedarían en algo lindo q lei...pero desde la realizacion de sart todo cambio...cada palabra de adamus tiene sentido y las lagrimas brotan de mis ojos como lavando las culpas de tantas vidas por estar buscando y mirando sin ver...
  • Trish on July 21, 2020 5:00 AM said:
    Hi Jean, I came back for a second read and I Am so completely grateful for seeing your article again......I asked myself for more Clarity yesterday and here it is...... Your telling is such a gift. The layers are endless thank you so very much for this gift. 💗
  • Józsefné Kiss, Andrea on July 21, 2020 4:22 AM said:
    Dear Jean, It's amazing! What a lovely and wonderful Realization! Thank you from my heart: Andi
  • Nina Spitzer on July 20, 2020 1:44 PM said:
    I love falling into the depth of this experience. Thank you Jean.
  • Elizabeth Williams on July 20, 2020 1:39 PM said:
    Simply brilliant, Jean. Such clarity for a seemingly complex concept. You never disappoint❤️

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