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One of the classic Tobias adages is “Stand Behind the Short Wall.” It’s bumper sticker and t-shirt fodder. Now, more than ever, is the time for Shaumbra to stand behind that cozy and safe Short Wall.

The Short Wall saying has been around for years, but until today I didn’t realize it was from way back in Lesson 1 of the popular Creator Series, August 19, 2000 (Creator Series 1). There’s one thing I remember about that channel. Tobias was talking about “allowing,” even back before Adamus got into the act. As I was channeling the words “Stand Behind the Short Wall” I thought to myself, “How lame.” I wanted something meaty, esoteric, heady or ponderous. “Stand Behind the Short Wall” sounded rather pedestrian. I’d only been channeling Tobias publicly for a year. I wanted fireworks, not banalities.

Over the years, I’ve been proven very wrong. It’s become one of the most common phrases in the Shaumbra vernacular. It’s simple and highly visual. Shaumbra talk about how they see themselves diving for cover behind the short wall. They tell about standing behind the short wall as they relax into their Realization, all the while observing the craziness of the world on the other side of the wall.

It’s a short wall rather than a tall wall because we’re not trying to hide. You can see over a short wall to be aware of what’s happening in the world around you. The wall means you’ve distanced yourself from the drama and duality of life, but you’re still well aware of what’s going on. It’s like watching the movie rather than being in the movie.

And if ever Shaumbra has needed to stand behind the short wall, it’s right now. The world is nuts, and then the fruitcakes are going to join the nuts in one big bowl of global split pee (sic) soup. I’ve had nearly a thousand lifetimes on this planet, plus 65 years in this current lifetime. Never have I seen so many crazy shifts and changes coming at such a fast pace.

Adamus summed it up well in the recent ProGnost 2021 Cloud Class, saying that we have entered into The Ænd Times, also called the Christos Era, the Age of Aquarius, or what he calls the Time of Machines. To what end? Simple. It’s time for humanity to go beyond duality. Beyond black/white, positive/negative, good/bad, feminine/masculine. Our Reality is Based on Duality (another bumper sticker or t-shirt), and it’s all held together by the glue of Time. Technology is going to help us get there because it has the ability to fast-track everything, lest we get complacent and try to go back to the Old Times. Technology is the driver that demands everything go forward at a quantum pace.


Adamus has cautioned us (and often scolded us) about getting involved in causes. He said we are no longer Cause Workers. Other people, with emerging consciousnesses, will step up to make sure humans take responsibility for the environment, fight for an equitable economic system, make sure food and medicine gets distributed to under-served communities, and expose corruption within governments and businesses. But it’s not our job any more.

There’s no denial that the planet is long-overdue for huge changes. Adamus’ Tears of Humanity message at the end of ProGnost 2021 shook me to the core. Usually it takes me a day or two to move through the energies of an important Shoud or message, but Tears of Humanity is still at work deep, deep within me. As Adamus says, “What have we done, dear Angels? Our intentions were so noble when we came here, but what have we done?” (Gulp)

What is our job? What did we sign up for in this lifetime? And why can’t we do that and be Cause Workers?

We came into this lifetime for completion, which is also the time for our Realization. This, by itself, is a monumental undertaking. We can’t afford distractions of any kind, especially old duality causes because as we all know, this last leg of the human journey is all-consuming. As we allow our Realization, the light of divine consciousness shines from within for the first time in any lifetime. That light radiates out to the world, without any effort on our part. It illuminates potentials that others might not have been aware of otherwise. Then it’s up to them what potentials to choose for their life.

The end-game in all of this is the global transformation beyond duality. The physics of this are mind-boggling, but the good news is that the mind will no longer be in the driver’s seat. We’ll transition from a negative/positive, yin/yang reality into one where there is total integration, and no longer the old opposing forces of light and dark.

Fighting for causes is woven into the fabric of Shaumbra’s history. For many, many lifetimes we have fought against injustices, inequities and imbalances. We fell into our own trap because as we fought passionately as Light Workers, we denied the dark within ourselves. Not only did we get stuck in more duality, we also helped to solidify duality on this planet by fighting against our own energy. I’m almost ashamed to say that my own righteous causes helped to reinforce duality reality.


Adamus knows that we are going to be lured back into Cause Fighting from time to time. Just go to the Crimson Circle Facebook page and you’ll see otherwise well-intentioned Shaumbra taking sides with politics, finances, religion, culture and the environment. It’s one thing to stand behind the short wall and be aware of what’s happening, but quite another to jump over the wall and get into the fracas. Sometimes it takes all my determination to not get into the battle when I see something that just ain’t right. I have to take a lot of deep breaths, until I realize the power of duality seduction. I remind myself that

I Am here to sit my arse on a park bench and shine my light, without agenda. We’re all going to be faced with Cause Conflict from time to time, and we’re all going to be guilty of a little Cause Cheatin’ now and then. I know Adamus will call us out on it, and remind us of why we’re really here on the planet at this Time of Machines.


I get a handful of emails every week from Shaumbra about conspiracy theories. I like to call them Distraction Theories. Even if the theories were true, they are still a distraction from the work we are here to do.

The theories range from a cabal of satanic pedophiles and cannibals working inside the U.S. government, to chem-trails from high-flying aircraft that are spraying deadly gases on humanity. Other theories go so far as to say that the Denver International Airport is the world headquarters for the Illuminati. Well, they do have gargoyle statues throughout the airport, but I think it’s supposed to represent the airline gate agents.

Other popular conspiracy theories shared with me by Shaumbra include: 5G (the new mobile phone technology) is the cause of COVID-19; Megan Markle is a robot; NESARA was going to save the world if President George W. Bush hadn’t ordered the 9-11 terrorist attacks as a diversion; and Paul McCartney was killed in 1968 and replaced with a look-alike.

The people that send these emails are dead serious. Sometimes they are downright hostile and nasty. Some claim Adamus is part of the cover-up, otherwise he would alert the world to these dangers. They usually include about a dozen website links to articles that validate their positions, but the sources are anything but credible. These days, anyone can start a blog and say anything they want. Just because someone writes and publishes an article doesn’t mean it’s based on truth or reality.

The point is, we simply can’t afford to get distracted by any of this, true or not. We have real and important work to do. It’s not as easy as it appears to sit all day on a park bench or in a café.


The world is not going to hell, it’s just going beyond duality. We don’t have to change the world or humanity because the changes are already well underway. We just need to stand behind the short wall and shine our light.

Tobias said it way back in August 2000 but most of us didn’t hear it until now:

“What you have been experiencing in your life, what you have been observing all around you, has been duality… light and dark, right and wrong, good and bad, love and anger. You have been taking a side. You have been fighting for that side. You have been a willing and strong warrior. But my friends, all of those activities existed within duality, and you are now moving outside of duality to a new place of oneness.”

It’s time to stand behind the short wall, now more than ever.

7 comments on "Behind the Short Wall"

  • Mari on July 10, 2021 8:56 AM said:
    Thank you! Great reminder!! It is getting easier to go to / be beyond Duality with time after receiving this message so many times! Thanks for your patience!!!
  • Claire on February 9, 2021 8:14 AM said:
    Ok, Adamus. So you think you know it all! I decided to sign up to volunteer help during the pandemic. Not for glory or any of the old reasons - just to help others - right? Driving and thinking what he said following, Google maps. Phone suddenly goes blank. I can hear him laughing! Make the drop eventually and of course try again. Guess what? The battery died on my car - now he's in hysterics. Ok, I give in. I've opted out. Bench anyone? :-))
  • Katharina on February 8, 2021 4:59 AM said:
    Thank you Geoffrey, for these clear statements, I know about it, and yet sometimes it dragged me into the causes, which led to very unpleasant physical suffer. 💕🧙‍♀️💕
  • André on February 7, 2021 9:57 AM said:
    Thank you for your article, for my part I had another interpretation of the short wall: the wall is short because it is easy to cross, it is not an impassable wall. But in fact the two go very well together.
  • Sonia on February 7, 2021 8:15 AM said:
    Muchas gracias!!!
  • Jeanine AM Lecluse on February 7, 2021 7:34 AM said:
    It is a unique invention of consciousness, that crystal marble concept. It is understood to be a culmination point of the pure energized form that free energy consciousness wants to be (and is) - it is an understanding of all things and still beyond the grasps of mental hands. How grand the Crystal World emerging into our awareness. The new human attitude born, the era of CRYSTIALITY, unbeatable for real. Blessings and fun ! JAM
  • Martha on February 6, 2021 5:02 PM said:
    I just love this message. It is just the way I feel Thank you,!..Tears of Humanity was very touching! Sadly.a reality.

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