Lesson One: The Creators Series

"Accept All Things As They Are"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
August 19, 2000

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear family, dear Shaumbra, that we gather again in this circle, in this sacred energy. I, Tobias, welcome each of you back to the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth. I welcome back those who are teachers, each one of you sitting here and reading these messages. You give of yourselves and your life for one simple purpose as we move forward. Each of you are teachers. And you wonder why we call this the classroom of the new spiritual energy! As you will find out soon, it is not about us teaching you. It is about what we are learning from you.

Now there is much energy in this room. As our friend Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) said, for the next few minutes we will work with each of you individually to integrate and to bring in the energy of Spirit. But, my friends, more important than that, we help you to awaken your own divinity. What we will talk of today, in the next hour of time, is not about what you are bringing in from us and from Spirit and from what you have perceived to be your True Self. We will talk about awakening, and beginning to utilize the energy of your own divinity that is already within you. You just have not recognized it up to this point!

The energy in this circle that we sit in today is sweet and strong and loving. We ask each of you now to open, to allow, to be all that you are. For the next moment of time that we share together, we ask you to put down the worries that you carry. In the next moment of time, we ask you to put down the concerns of what is in your future. In the next moment of time, we ask you to simply be present, to be in the Now, to be in this circle. If you are reading this message, the energy is the same for you as well.

You, the humans, are in a circle of your own. It is a circle that is different than the one that the rest of Creation resides in. You have chosen to go beyond the circle of Spirit, creating new dimensions, and a new circle, that will benefit All That Is. That is why you have chosen the many lifetimes on Earth. That is why you are sitting here now in this classroom. This is important information to remember – that the humanity of Earth exists in a separate circle (reality) than the rest of Creation.

Now let us talk for a moment about this lifetime of yours. You have come into this lifetime to complete the last chapters of your book of life here on Earth. You have come in to clear the last portions of karma and to fulfil your contract. You have spent much of the early years of your lives doing this. You met others who you had karmic conditions with that you were choosing to get over. You had family relationships that provided the conduit to resolve karma that had accumulated, that had brought experiences for lifetime after lifetime. You spent much of your early years working with these matters.

And then, as we have talked of before, something happened to you, whether it was twenty years ago or ten or just two. There came an awakening in your life. Perhaps it was a book that fell from the shelf. Perhaps it was a message from a friend, or an insight that you had in a dream or while you were dazing. But in this experience, you came to an awakening point. You came to an awakening point that led you here. It has led you to a journey of understandings of Spirit, of your relationship to Spirit.

During this time period there were many difficult experiences for you and what you would call "lessons," although we choose not to use that word. There was much final clearing, for in a sense what you were doing was completing the book of your life, and the book that contained the stories of many, many lifetimes. You have been working on completing those final chapters. And then, my friends, as this was done, you came to a point of feeling perhaps lost, confused, or disimpassioned. You had completed your main contract in life, and your main goals in life.

Now there came a point to choose whether to move forward, to continue in human form and human consciousness, or to return back to this circle, to the circle that we exist in. Each of you knows of that moment in your life that we speak of, that moment when you were faced with the choice to stay on Earth or to return to this circle that we exist in. Now obviously you chose to stay! You chose to move forward. There is one reason for that. It is an inner commitment that you made. Each of you has chosen to be a teacher of the new energy. You will do whatever it takes. You will sacrifice whatever it takes. You will release whatever it takes from your life to be one who is at the forefront, one who will be a teacher. You are the ones who work with other humans to help guide them through their transitional experiences.

So today we send energy for all who connect into this group and for all who will read and hear these words in the days to come. We look out and see a group of teachers, the ones who will bring the energy of the new Earth to others. We honor you for continuing your journey. We thank you for continuing the suffering and the difficulties and the challenges of not knowing who you truly are but working diligently to find out.

Now there is much that we will talk of on this day. But before we proceed with those discussions, let us take a moment of time here with you. This is an intimate moment we take to hug you, to thank you for the work that you have done in all of the lives before this. More importantly we thank you for staying here on Earth, for agreeing to go through the understandings and experiences to become a teacher.

Oh, make no mistakes about it. The difficulties that you have encountered, especially for this last year, are not for waste. They are not for waste. They are all things that you are learning to enable you to become a teacher to others. What you have learned gives you the empathy and the understanding of processes that are not necessarily yours, but the processes that you will encounter in working with others.

Much of what comes into your life now are not necessarily experiences related to you directly. They are experiences that you have chosen to walk through so that you will be a stronger, more loving and more empathetic teacher. In the years to come you will look back and say, "Now I know why I went through that difficult time in early August 2000, to give me empathy to handle this situation with this human that needs guidance, that needs love." Much of what you are going through now are learnings and understandings that you have agreed to. Yes, you have agreed to this.

Dear teachers, we flood into your circle now to hug you and to thank you and to cry in joy for the work that you do. Take a moment here to receive what we bring to you. We will ask Cauldre to be in silence while this energy filters in.


In the heaviness of your day-to-day life, in the midst of the conflicts and chaos and the energy that you are involved in, it is perhaps difficult for you to see who you truly are. But we see it clearly. It is amazing to us, so amazing that when we are invited into your circle like this, Cauldre feels the emotions coming from us. It even brings him to a point of tears. In this energy, look at yourself as we look at you. Without judgment but only love, without ever worrying about the decisions that you make, only knowing that they will be ultimately based in love. We look at you in amazement for you chose to come into a place, into a circle outside of the circle of creation – we mean that literally – to go outside of All That Is to experience things that will benefit All That Is. It is amazing to us.

One of the things we will discuss with you on this day and for the next year forward, the next year of your time, is the beginning of remembering who you are. We will discuss how you will be able to see who you are, to be able to have the power within, and my dear friends, to ultimately become the creators in the new energy. For the next year of time with this circle, we will be working with you to help you understand that you are indeed Creators.

Oh, you were Creators in our circle when you were here! And as we have mentioned in channeling before, that circle, that first Creation came to a point – call it gridlock – of not being able to go any further, the point of needing new understandings that existed outside of the circle of All That Is. This is perhaps hard for the human mind to comprehend, but there were understandings that were needed by Spirit, by God, by you and all others. To come to those understandings it was needed for a group to go into a new circle outside of the first creation. That is why you are here.

For the next year of your time we will work with you on understanding and remembering that you are Creators. You will learn how to create on your Earth with new powers, with new ways of manifesting. For the next year of time, we will go through a series of very deliberate steps with you. We will be redundant at times to reinforce our message. We will repeat messages from the past. Oh, we will be much like your human schoolteachers!

There will be times when you may become aggravated with us. You will feel like you are hitting the wall, where you are not being able to assimilate the information and bring it into your day-to-day life. There are times when you will feel you are not able to affect what is happening in your life or around you. There may be times when you are down on the floor. There may be times when you are weeping, times when you are ready to give up. That, dear friends, is acceptable. There is no failure. There is no race or competition amongst each other. There are no grades that are given in this classroom. Each of you will be working as individuals, yet working as a group to move things forward.

During this next year of your time there will also come amazing new understandings. We ask you to share these with others. Share with those that are in this classroom, who are part of the Crimson Circle. Share openly with each other. We will take time in these meetings (unknown to Cauldre) to simply discuss what you are learning, for we want to hear also. It is important for the other humans to hear of your progress, to hear of your breakthroughs. It will be a difficult year of your time, but loving and energizing, challenging and very rewarding.

Now our friend Cauldre, he was in your armed services (US Army). He went through basic training, and he knows of what we speak the next year will be like for you! But he also knows that much good comes from the intense trainings we will go through. He knows that you will learn a new type of discipline, a discipline that enables you to love yourself. And yes, that's what it takes sometimes. A discipline to let you love yourself first. With the discipline and the training of this next year you will also become sharp and refined and clear in your thinking. You will gain the tools within yourself to do the work that you came here to do.

For the next year of your time, dear teachers, you will be learning much. We know there will be difficulty within. There will be times when you will think that Tobias and the Crimson Council have no Earthly understanding of what you are going through! And yes, at times you will be right. We look forward to this period of time that we will spend with you. Some perhaps will leave this circle to find things that are more appropriate in their lives. And new ones will join. We will ask you to bring them up to speed.

Again there are no grades here. There is no one that can do it better than the other. Work together. Release – as you say – the ego portion. Open up lovingly. You will learn much. We will be here working side by side with you. We will be here with you in this group, in this circle once each month. There are times when we will call meetings in between this when it will be necessary to sit down for several hours of questions and answers. We will inform Cauldre of when that will be appropriate. We will adjust his schedule to make it so. (laughter)

For the next year of your time, my friends, we look forward to it, to what we will share and learn together. A year from now, you will have gained new insights into your divinity. You will have gained deep insights into who you are. You will have come to the wisdom and understanding of how to use your power, your divine power. You will have developed the discipline and the empathy for all that is needed then to become a teacher in your own right, to be an ordained minister of the Crimson Council. We see this as being so sweet. We see the fulfilment of your work, of the true work that you really came to this Earth to do.

First you needed to release the karma of old, which you did quite well by setting up very intense experiences in the earlier parts of your life. And then, as difficult as it has been in the last year or so, you released all those things that you held dearly, things of relationships, jobs that you thought were important, of belief systems that were your foundation.

My dear friends, you have spent these past twelve months peeling the onion layer by layer, to become a teacher in your own right, in your truest right. You have spent the last year going through some of the most difficult and personal experiences, some of the deepest experiences in your life. In our own way we grieve for you. We also are joyous for you to know that you have walked through that. The challenges that you will have henceforth will be a different type. They will be personal challenges within your being. They will not so much come from the outside. You will not so much feel the emotional ripping in two that you have felt this past year or so. You have walked through the difficult things. You have made it to this point on this anointed day to be in the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth.

There are some here who may be able to smell a faint fragrance coming in now. It is sweet. It is a reminder, dear friends.

Now, Lesson One. And we give just one lesson on this day. It will be difficult in many ways. It is a lesson and an insight that we ask you to work on diligently until we meet again a month from now. It is quite simple. We will ask for a moment of silence here since we did not previously review this with Cauldre, much to his disappointment. We will ask for a moment to download the information to him. Energetically we will download it to all of you so it will not be just the words that you are hearing or reading. There will be an energy understanding. We will pause here for a moment to allow this process to take place.


Now we will begin the lesson of this day. We will talk of it for a while. The concept is quite simple but somewhat difficult to explain. As you move into your divinity, as it begins to awaken within you and to come from an outer dimension into your being, it is then that you will become what we term the "New Creators." The New Creators are the ones who remain here on Earth, but yet who are able to call upon their divine being. The New Creators will create a new environment and energy first for themselves, and then that will affect others who are willing. And then it will affect the Earth as a whole.

To understand the process of becoming a creator, a true creator in this Earth energy, it is important for you to remove yourself from situations as they occur in your life. Right now, my friends, you are still walking in duality. You are still on the other side of the veil from where we sit.

There are times when you try to create something for yourself. There are times when you try to create or change the outcome of a situation that may affect you or others. It is like you are running straight into a brick wall. You are trying to use an ESP or psychic power. You are trying to push from your brain or perhaps even from your heart. You are struggling energetically with situations, and you find it generally does not work. My friends, have you come to the understanding, or begun to come to the insights that there is a flow, there is a creative process when you release and you let go? The human tendency is to push. The human tendency is to create energy to ram forth, to try to create or change a situation. And as you have discovered, this is very tiring. Many of you have been very exhausted lately!

You have been trying to use an old belief system and an old concept of creation and manifestation. It is simply not appropriate now in the new energy. We see you – humorously of course – trying to change the way another driver thinks. (much laughter) We see you trying to keep a fellow employee out of your energy by creating barriers and shields – and God knows, they walk right through that and come to make your life challenging and difficult! We see you trying to pull energy from outside of you, thinking perhaps that you can make even a brief deal with Spirit to have this energy come in to change situations. We see you calling upon your guides, which is very humorous for they are not there anymore. You are knocking on a door of a house where no one lives anymore! (much laughter) We see you going through all sorts of gyrations and ceremonies and incantations.

My friends, these are things you learned in other lifetimes, 10, 20, and even 100 lifetimes ago. They do not apply now in this new energy. Oh, they had some degree of success for you in those lifetimes of old, but they do not apply now in this energy. And you wonder why you have been so frustrated lately! This is a new energy. We could not have talked the way we are talking to you today with the understandings that we bring forth for you. There is a delicate energy balance within you and within all things of Earth that requires this time.

It is no longer about an external pushing to create. It is about a total allowing. It is about a total acceptance of all things that are in your life and the lives of other people around you and the world. It is a total accepting that we are asking you to do at this point. This will be difficult for some. This will make some angry. It will cause a lot of intellectual challenge for you.

You have been used to creating prayer lists to pray for another or for Earth or for an event. While that is a very loving thing to do, we are asking you to, my friends, do not try to affect a situation now. Simply be in acceptance of it, whether it is in your own life or the life of others. We know this will cause some challenges for you!

In your own biology you have struggled with this. You have been sending it light. You have been trying to stimulate it and motivate it and heal it. We ask you now to discontinue those activities and to accept it.

In your own emotional healing you have been struggling. You have been going for guidance and counselling, and it feels good for a while, but it doesn't seem to ultimately provide the healing that you truly desire. So we ask you now to discontinue those activities.

Oh, our friend Cauldre, he is very nervous of what we speak! (laughter) He is chattering quite a bit now. He is seeing E-mails coming to him! (much laughter) He is seeing challenges, but we will go forth, for there is a logic, there is a beauty in understanding this. In your own biology, my friends, we ask you to no longer force what you call light or healing to it, but rather be in a place of acceptance.

What you have been experiencing in your life, what you have been observing all around you has been duality ñ light and dark, right and wrong, good and bad, love and anger. You have been taking a side, so to speak. You have been fighting for that side. You have been a willing and strong warrior. But my friends, all of those activities existed within duality, and you are now moving outside of duality to a new place of oneness.

Instead of pushing energy towards one direction or the other, instead of choosing sides, instead of deciding and judging what is right and wrong, if you step aside and simply observe and accept what is happening, you will begin to understand an energy dynamic that will lead you to an understanding of true creation. Again, this is somewhat of a difficult concept, and we are working with each of you energetically to help you to understand this.

We are not asking, my friends – no – for you to give up your jobs, to give up the work that you do. We are simply asking you to remove yourself from the situation that is in front of you. If you feel like you need to vest yourself into the outcome, we ask you to remove yourself from that. Imagine a short wall (around your new house) and stand behind it. Consciously walk over that wall. Stand on the other side of that wall and simply observe what is going on. Observe the dynamics that are occurring on the side of the wall that you just left.

If there is a family argument going on between others, instead of choosing one side, or instead of deciding that you need to be the moderator and the pacifier, simply do not get caught up in that conflict that is occurring. Consciously allow yourself to cross over the short wall. Stand back on the other side as an observer. This will be difficult for you, for you have been well-trained and well-disciplined up to this point to go into situations and change them.

We are asking that you do this for a period of time. When you cross into this space of allowing and accepting, you will begin to understand the dynamics of creation. You will become an observer. You will literally start to see energy patterns around others, around situations. You will start to see beams and patterns of energy.

As you come onto this accepting side of the wall you will see a beautiful, almost indescribable shimmering tapestry of energy being woven by humans. My friends, you have been so close to all of the events you have not seen that there is a spiritual tapestry being woven by every thought and action and deed. As you stand back, you will be able to see the beautiful weave of colors and textures and patterns and energies, all created from a core of love in the events that surround you.

As you step to the other side of the short wall, first you will see the weavings, the underside of the tapestry. It is being woven in front of you. As soon as you become proficient at this, as you become disciplined in stepping aside, you will begin to see the top side of the tapestry. That is where the real beauty and the real art of the human experience are. You have been so close; you have only felt the commotion of the weaving of the tapestry. As you step onto the other side of the short wall surrounding your new house, you will see how situations are created. You will see the cause and the effect of the actions of other people, other humans. You will see how things are truly woven.

As you begin to experience this, then we can talk to you more about the process of creation. But first it is necessary for you to remove yourself. Oh, you will still be walking on Earth. You will still be going to your jobs. You will still be talking to others, working with others. In many ways your life will change little. But now it is time to simply stand back, to see the beautiful weavings of duality. It is necessary for you to observe at a distance in order to come to a true understanding of your own creative power, your own creative ability in the next year of time. As you become more proficient at this, we will then discuss how you can be your own Creator. Then we will discuss how you can truly be in service to all humans, to all Earth, as a teacher of the new energy.

Lesson One in the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth is to accept all things as they are. Accept all things as they are, even those things in your life. There will be challenges even in the next few days (literally) of your time. You will have the tendency to want to jump into duality experiences. For those of you who are healers, you have tried to heal your clients through your own being. My friends, continue the work that you have done, and in a sense, step back at the same time. Do not make judgements of their conditions and do not make judgements of your own abilities as a healer. Simply step back. Stand on the other side of the wall. Observe what is going on. Make no judgement of what is going on.

At first, my friends, you may see or feel very little, perhaps nothing. As you continue this discipline within yourself, you will start to see things that we cannot describe for you. You must come to the understandings yourself. There are not words that can convey what you will begin to experience. For each of you it will be a different and personal experience. Make note of that. Talk to us about it. Then talk to the others.

The lesson today is quite simple. We are being redundant! The lesson is to accept all things as they are. Practice this much in the days to come, especially in your life, especially with those experiences that will come to you.

Prior to this channeling we gave the "Four Truths" (Santa Fe, July 2000). We repeat those once more because they are pertinent, and they led up to this discussion on this day. The first is that Spirit does not know the outcome. As we have said in channeling, there has been a belief system with humans that God has known the outcome all the way along. He simply wouldn't share it with you! (laughter) That, my friends, is not true. Spirit does not know the outcome. You exist outside of the circle of Spirit and All That Is.

Truth number two: Spirit has no agenda. You have always assumed that God, like a father or mother figure, has preferred you to do the right thing, to go to the right school, to have the right friends and the right jobs. God doesn't care! (laughter) Your biological parents might care! But God and Spirit and All That Is have no agenda. We ask each of you to release that belief system from within your being. Again, this is challenging and difficult, for you have always assumed that there was a right path and a wrong path. And you must somehow make the right choice, in the dark. As the churches teach – God help you if you don't make the right choice!

The third truth is that Spirit and your guides and the angels cannot do it for you. Even if we wanted to, we could not. For as we have said, in the spiritual physics of things you live outside, you exist outside of the circle of All That Is. Therefore, we cannot do it for you. As we have said before, you have thanked us many times when situations have worked well in your life. It has not been us. You have created those situations.

The fourth truth is that there are no contracts anymore. You are not bound to the old. You are not bound to karma. There is residue. There are old reminders that come back to haunt you. But my friends, you are not creating new karma. The book of life for each of you has been written. You have penned the final chapter. Henceforth, it is a new book with open and clean pages. There is no spiritual directive on those pages that you must follow. You are the ones creating the new energy. You are not bound by the past. You are only reminded of it occasionally. (laughter)

As you wrote those final words in the final chapter in the book of your life, we know many of you experienced great sadness and then a feeling of loss, a feeling of lack of purpose. That is because you finished what you came here to do, but there was one caveat in that. You knew if you could finish that book in record time, you could write a new one. That is why you are here now. But that book has no guidelines or margin lines or preset number of pages. You are creating it as you go. That is what you are doing here.

Lesson Number One: Accept all things as they are. This will take discipline on your part. You will want to become intimately involved in situations because that is what you have done so well. You will want to heal yourself and heal others and bring peace and love to Earth. All of these things are commendable, friends. We are here to work with you, to show you the way of the new creation. You have already discovered that the old ways are tiresome, laborious, and frustrating!

Lesson One: Accept all things as they are. Become an observer of life, of your own life even. Do not worry of what tomorrow will bring for it matters not. Observe what is going on now in your life and around you. Pass no judgements – oh, that will tempt you! Do not feel the need or desire to change others or to change yourself now.

Yes, there are questions we know you are already asking! "Is this the period of do 'no-thing' that we experienced recently?" And we say to you, "no, it is not." This was different. The period of do 'no-thing' that we have discussed with you before was a necessary transition point where we asked you to make no rash decisions. We knew there were things in your life that compelled you to want to make major decisions. It was not, energetically, a good time. That is why we asked you to go through a time of do 'no-thing.'

This is different, energetically. This is a time of accepting all things as they are. You will continue walking through life. You will continue doing what you have done for a period of time, but you will use each opportunity along the way to observe, to accept. That does not mean that you will not feel suffering or compassion or love or joy. You will feel these but simply accept and observe them.

My friends, it is also a time to release your grasp, to release your grasp. If you do not, it will be taken from your hands by us whenever we possibly can! (laughter) You know of what we speak. You have held tightly to belief systems. You have held tightly to concepts of who you thought you were. You have held tightly even to your "new age."

It is time to let your beliefs go. This again will be difficult and challenging. But my friends, if you continue to hold on, it will be difficult for you to come to understandings of the weavings of the tapestry of life. It will be difficult to come to understandings of creation if you hold onto belief systems and concepts that served you at one time but now have grown a bit long in the tooth.

You will be challenged. You will be challenged to release those things. Oh, some of you will fight dearly for them! You will fight for concepts and beliefs that you feel hold you up and keep you from slipping into the abyss. You know of what we speak!

There was a human (by the name of Oryan) who each day got into his canoe. He pushed it out from the shore and began paddling. He paddled upstream against the current. As Oryan paddled, he became strong from all of the work. He saw many new things along the way, along the river. He kept paddling and paddling. At night Oryan would pull to shore. He would find something to eat and then fall asleep exhausted along the banks, knowing that he had learned much and experienced much on that day, knowing that he had experience the beauty of the river, knowing he had experienced the challenge of paddling upstream. He would fall asleep exhausted from the day's work. He would get up the next morning, push his canoe back into the river and begin paddling once again, day after day, week after week, year after year, paddling and experiencing. Oh, and certainly it was a good journey. Certainly, it was a loving journey.

As Oryan paddled more and more and the days went by, there was an underlying fear that even he forgot, even he forgot why he was paddling up against the river. One day he tired of paddling. He tired of fighting the river. Oryan was good at experiencing the journey, but he tired, for he did not know any longer why he should continue. He had seen every turn in the river, every bank, every tree, every stone, every rock, and they all began looking the same. He did not know why he should paddle any further.

One day Oryan realized the fear that had kept him paddling. He feared that if he stopped, the river would pull him backwards, backwards in his belief system of the time. It would pull him backwards, and certainly he would float down and down and down river until he went over the steep waterfall and was crushed on the rocks underneath. But he had tired of paddling up the river. He cared no longer. One morning Oryan took his boat out. He took the canoe out into the river, but he left his paddles on the bank. He let the flow of the river take him downstream. Down and down and down he went, downstream, past all of the territory that he had gone by before. He knew what was coming. He knew it was imminent. He knew there was a grand waterfall. It would destroy him. It would crush him. But he had no more energy or desire or passion to paddle upstream.

And one day, sure enough, it came up. He could see the river growing swifter. He could feel the rapids growing stronger. He knew the waterfall was up ahead. As he raced towards it in his canoe, going backwards, he looked over his shoulder. He knew that in moments the canoe would be thrown over the edge. He would fall – and fall and fall – into the abyss, the abyss that each one of you worry about.

You fear that if you let go, you will fall into it. And yet Oryan did let go. And there was a moment as he slipped off the edge – there was a moment of sheer terror and panic. He knew that life as a human was over. And indeed, it was! Because in this final moment of releasing, Oryan transformed at that moment of greatest fear and greatest terror. He realized that all that he was experiencing was simply an illusion – simply an illusion! The illusion had been grand and valuable, and it had implications beyond his life, beyond the life of any others. It had implications all the way back to the source of All That Is. He realized that it was an illusion. He realized in that moment of terror and panic that he was the Creator of that illusion. He realized that he could create anything that he wanted now. He could create wings for his canoe! Or he could create for the river not to exist at all!

My friends, that is where we are going this year, this next year with you. Now release the grasp. You will come to new understandings. You will let the old beliefs go. There will be times within your being that you will feel the greatest terror. Ultimately through this process you will learn to truly understand the illusion. You will learn to understand that you are the Creator. You will learn to create new rivers if you so choose; canoes with wings if you so choose – whatever it is. This is a phenomenal journey that you have been on, a difficult journey, we know, but a phenomenal journey.

Now we are ready for the new work to begin. We are deeply in awe of each of you, even if you do not feel that within your being for yourself. Feel it come from us at this time! Feel it pour forth. Dear teachers, you have given of yourselves to stay here on Earth, to be there for the others who will come to the point in their lives when they tire of paddling; when they do not understand anymore; when they have lost their passion; when they know that it is a time of awakening within themselves.

For them to know that there is another who has gone along that path and survived the great waterfall – it will be a wonderful thing for them. It will give them hope. Oh, and as you already know, you will not be able to do it for them, as we cannot do it for you. But they will see in front of them another human that has gone the new way. They will see a teacher ready to guide them and to love them, to share with them. From you, they will come to understand their own divinity.

We ask you to work for the next month of your time on being in a place of acceptance in all situations. Oh, it will be challenging. And you will do quite well. There will be times when it will be so irresistible to want to heal someone or to want to defend someone or to change something. Simply be in a place of acceptance. See the dynamics that are occurring. See how the spiritual tapestry is woven.

Now we will come back shortly for questions and answers. We see that there are some already popping up! (laughter) But before we pause here, my friends, understand who you are, the journey you have been on, and why you are here. Allow yourself to feel proud of what you have done. Allow self honor for what you have done. You have gone a long way. We love you dearly. Friends, you are never alone.

And so it is ...