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How we fragment ourselves, and how to come back to integration.

I’m often asked, “What Crimson Circle classes should I take?” My answer: You don’t need to take any classes, but if you want to experience something more than the monthly Shouds, I recommend two essential classes: The Sexual Energies School (SES) and Aspectology. We run Aspectology as an online class once a year, and since it’s coming up next month I’d like to share my thoughts about it.

We are creators, and we are not singular. Although the core of our “I Am” is consciousness, there are an untold number of layers and levels beyond basic consciousness. The same holds true with the human Self. We create many layers and levels of our persona. Many years ago, Tobias called these “aspects.” We create aspects for driving a car, studying spirituality, going to the office each day, learning how to use a computer, and even dreaming at night. Most of the aspects are “healthy” and integrated, serving us in positive and productive ways as we go through life.

Then there are the not-so-nice aspects. Some of them are downright nasty. Tobias called these our “gray” and “dark” aspects. They usually come as a result of traumas in this lifetime, and fragments of wounds in past lifetimes. They also are present because of self-loathing, judgment and unresolved issues. These aspects are not integrated, meaning that they are floating around in our psychic orbit, often attacking and belittling us. As Tobias put it, “Some of the aspects don’t like you, and some of them even detest you.” Oftentimes this accounts for the negative voices in your mind that taunt and torment you, or the voices that tell you that you’re not worthy, or the voices that keep you small and limited.

The original Aspectology School was recorded with Tobias in 2008 in Breckenridge, Colorado. Adamus added his perspective to Aspectology in 2015. It now features 11 sessions that go into deep information about what aspects are, how they are created, and ultimately how to integrate them in service to you. It’s ideal for any Shaumbra looking for solutions beyond what can be found in traditional therapy and counseling. It’s also ideal for professional facilitators, therapists, counselors, and psychologist looking for new energy solutions for their clients. Aspectology also provides basic understandings into the nature of the human psyche, and how we can eventually free ourselves from the shadow of these fragments of the human Self.

It’s one of the most valuable classes you can gift yourself with, especially as we are now allowing the presence of the Master (and wisdom) into our lives. If you’ve felt a resistance within yourself, or something holding you back that you just can’t seem to put a finger on, Aspectology can provide new insights and answers about those voices and forces that seem to block the natural process of Realization.

Aspectology was one of the toughest classes I’ve ever channeled, and there are times when it can feel daunting and even overwhelming to you, the listener. But, as always, Tobias and Adamus bring us out of the feelings of despair and into simple, effective tools for going to the next level. Thousands of Shaumbra around the world have taken Aspectology, either online or in-person with a Certified teacher. 98.5% of them consistently rate Aspectology as “Life Changing” (70%) or “Very Good” (28%) and over 99% say they would recommend it to other Shaumbra. Personally, I think it’s one of the two most essential and insightful courses offered by Crimson Circle. If you haven’t experienced Aspectology, I look forward to seeing you online on March 9–11 for this groundbreaking Cloud Class.

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