Who is really living your life? Who’s making the decisions, reacting to others, maybe even holding you back? Aspects are the way of the soul experiencing itself. But when they get stuck, they try to take over your life! The result is chaos, self-sabotage and never-ending frustration.

Aspectology™, what we call “New Energy Psychology,” is a groundbreaking study of human nature, healing and creation. Unlike traditional psychology which assumes there is something wrong with you that must be fixed (or medicated), Aspectology assumes that you are whole and complete at your core, no matter the level of your current difficulties.

Aspects are expressions of you that were originally meant to serve you. For example, you have a driver aspect that understands how to operate a car, perhaps a parent aspect, a technology aspect, a spiritual seeker aspect, or even a “me-taking-a-shower” aspect. You have countless aspects that serve you every day; parts of self that you created and can call forth when needed.

However, when an injury or shock occurs (such as a car accident or hurtful words), the aspect can become traumatized and stuck. It no longer serves you as intended; it loses its connection with you. When one chooses conscious integration, the stuck energy starts resolving and the precious pearl of wisdom it carries can return to you.

With the many past lives we’ve had and the traumas we’ve been through, it’s no wonder we might have difficulty with things like self-trust, repetitive patterns, seeing our own truth, self-judgment or self-hatred, even apparent demonic encounters. All these things and more are the result of stuck aspects. The best news of all? You come to realize that you are indeed multiple (because singular is just so limiting), and, when you start living in the AND, freedom is actually possible!


Quotes from graduates:

"Thank you so much to Linda, Geoff, Adamus, Tobias, the whole Crimson team and family; I am so glad I finally accepted my own invitation! So many feelings, so many tears!" ~ MP

“I can discern among the multiple voices in my life.”

"What an intensity, such a Passion this school is, beyond what words can express. THANK YOU to you all and Welcome back home to myself and all that I AM. Thank you!" ~ IM

"Oh, thank you so much for this incredible experience!" ~ JR

"So powerful. So many tears and deep feelings. So perfect and well done." ~ PL

"What a graceful gift to us all. This is why I chose it: To allow the ultimate grace in my life, to let go of the last of the resistance and fear to truly face the I AM that I AM." ~ JS

"Linda, Geoff, Adamus and Tobias, and all CC team – thank you for this great material! This week I feel so tired and I know that it is part of integration of my aspects. I definitely already feel changes, and I finally consciously choose LIFE." ~ DL

"It is the best Cloud Class I have ever done! It is just filling those little spots of nebulous greyness and soothes immediately the darkness. So amazing to feel complete. I am full of energy. Thank you thank you thank you dear Cauldre and Linda. Fabulous work." ~ CB

"Thank you Adamus, Tobias, Geoff and Linda. The Crimson Circle teachings make more sense to me than anything I have ever spent time with or worked with. The Dragon has entered with Clarity and Truth and greatest of thanks and Love for All of You from All of ME and All that I AM. Many tears of Great Joy!!!" ~ JR

"I am just happy to be here and get this new understanding of what is happening within me. I REALLY felt the process in the body. I was sick like never before in my life, but it is time of great JOY. Happy to be Home." ~ AK

"Just finishing day 2. This material is so profound, yet so simple and just feels so right!!! Thank you all who produce it. What service you model!!!" ~ TM

"Every day I feel, I got it more, how wise is this Aspectology!! Thank you ALL." ~ RO

“I finally feel comfortable being myself.”

“I really am a creator, and can finally see how all energies are always serving me.”

“It’s so quiet inside! The constant chatter has faded; I can feel me…”

“It was fascinating to see how all those hurt parts were just leading me away from myself.”

“I’ve really turned my life around. All that self-hate, all the nasty internal comments, all the insecurities and guilt – they weren’t me. I’m really an okay guy, maybe even great!”

“I’ve become a fantastic creator, and I love how the aspects are becoming facets. Wow!”

“I actually took this material to heart and created an aspect that is comfortable with computers. I even set up my new television set, all on my own – and it works!”