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The March Shoud seems like ages ago. I guess it was a long month, with 5 weeks between Shouds the way the calendar falls this year. But in spite of the time gap in our monthly gatherings, Adamus’ rather direct statement in the last Shoud about energy and abundance still feels like he’s saying it right now rather than weeks ago:

Adamus: There is no place, where we’re going, for your lack-of-abundance issues. If you have a lack of abundance issue, if you’re still bitching and moaning about money and what you don’t have and wondering when the gold bullion is going to fall from heaven, get over it right now. That’s it. Done.

I felt Adamus’ intensity as he looked directly into the camera and said those words. He wasn’t kidding or distracting. He was very serious. I knew right then and there we’d get some emails, as well as heated discussions on Facebook. To my chagrin he didn’t stop there:

Adamus: There’s no room for it (poverty consciousness) where we’re going, because where we’re going is all about reorienting and changing your relationship with energy. But if you’re still not worthy, if you’re still a victim, if you still like being poor, if you have abundance issues… there is no room for it.

OK, I thought, we get the point Adamus. No room for imbalances where we’re going. Now could we move on? Perhaps tell a story about the Master and the Schmuck? Maybe a nice merabh would be good right now? But he still wasn’t done:

Adamus: If you’re still in this whole poverty thing, this (the Crimson Circle) is no place for you.

Whoa there, big angel! These are my friends and spiritual family you’re talking to. You know, the ones we’re in service to? Did you get out of your master bed on the wrong side today? Are your celestial undies a little too tight? But nothing could stop Adamus at this point. He continued:

Adamus: I invite you to please, please, please, please, please leave, for the sake of the others. If you’re still clutching to poverty, if it’s still your M.O. (method of operation), your way of life, if it’s still the shirt and the dress you put on every morning, this is not the place for you. These people (Shaumbra) are all really nice. They’re not going to tell you to get the hell out, but I will. It’s ‘No bullshit, no more.’ I’m tired of it. It’s the one thing that really drags down a lot of the Shaumbra work… those who insist on being poor, because they are not energy innovators.

OK, he said it. I was hoping he wouldn’t say it but he said it. If you’re still insisting on your abundance issues it’s time to leave. I dared not glance over at Linda because I knew exactly the look she’d have on her face. She doesn’t hide emotions very well. We try hard to make people feel welcome and then Adamus asks them to leave. Great. We (the CC staff) try to make everything good and Adamus channel-pukes on it. Great. Just great. Oh, but it didn’t stop there. He kept going:

Adamus: We’re changing the dynamics in order to allow energy to work for you. We’re flipping it around. Instead of being servants to everything else, we’re flipping it into the I Am – ‘I am allowing, I am abundant” – and there’s just no room if you’re going to play the poverty game. Get over it now. Let it go. Make that choice within yourself and then watch how abundance flows into your life. And I know some are really cussing at me right now…

That was me, Adamus. Sorry for the interruption dear readers, but I just wanted you to know that I had a few f-bombs of my own at this point. But wait, there’s more:

Adamus: Most of you understand why I have to say that. For some of you, it bites because you’re still having abundance issues and you’re saying it’s not your fault. It is your fault, from the standpoint of you still enjoy it. You still enjoy it. Get over it. We’ve got places to go.

Have you ever been in the dentist’s chair for 30 dreadful minutes of drilling, and just when you think it’s almost done the dentist says, “Hang in there, we’re almost halfway”? I hoped Adamus was done but he had more of his own drilling to do:

Adamus: If you’re playing around with energy at the level we’re going to, and you insist on holding on to your poverty issues, that energy is going to come back and serve your ‘poor’ like you never could have imagined, because you’re just energizing poor. If you’re really ready to open up and have what you would call positive abundance, watch how it comes into your life and changes things.

Doctor, please give me more Novocain and nitrous oxide.

Finally, he was wrapping up: There’s a world of energy waiting for you. Are you ready to let it serve you? That’s it.

In the weeks since the Shoud I’ve had a chance to mull over Adamus’ words. I get it. His statement was given in love, but it was that kind of tough love that’s not always easy to digest at first. There’s been a notable difference in the messages in the past year, something that’s very evident in Keahak, but it also flows into the Shouds and workshops. We’re ready for the next level. It’s time to accept and allow our place as Masters, even if we don’t think we’re quite ready. The fact is that Adamus and the Crimson Council feels we’re ready.

Simply stated, we’re shifting how we access and use energy. We’re breaking out of lifetimes of old patterns and breaking out of the old mass consciousness template of being non-creators and servants to energy. Adamus offered a brilliant story about this in the most recent Keahak session. The Master has Raj stand on stage and try to dance to the music (Gloria Gaynor’s “I Am What I Am”). Raj tries to dance but fails miserably. The Master says this is how most people go through life, trying to dance to the “music” of mass consciousness. Then the Master has Raj move his arms and legs ever so slightly. As Raj moves, he can hear celestial tones following his movements. This, the Master says, is the paradigm shift. When we release the old concepts of abundance, and release our addictions to poverty, illness, misfortune, etc., the music (energy) will dance to us rather than us dancing to the music (energy patterns). We won’t hear the music (energy) until we start to do something, and then it will be there like the cavalry in full support.

I was totally surprised that there wasn’t much discussion on social media about Adamus’ brash words. I concluded that, 1.) Nobody listened to the Shoud, or 2.) 99% of Shaumbra understands exactly what Adamus is saying, and they’re ready to release the old “servant” energy ways in order to let energy serve them. Perhaps Adamus is correct in saying that we are indeed ready.

We received just a few not-so-nice emails but not nearly as many as I expected. One woman wrote in to say she was leaving Crimson Circle after Adamus’ “disgusting” words. She said she is poor, that Adamus asked all poor people to leave because only rich people can be part of Crimson Circle. She also said that we should read Karl Marx, that Yeshua never turned anyone away, and that her decision to leave was both political and spiritual. She suggested that we go find more rich people in Europe. She added (in all caps), “My soul doesn’t give a F*** about being rich!!”

With all due respect – and I do understand what she is trying to say – this isn’t an issue about being rich or poor. The issue is this: We are now going to experience an entirely new way of interacting with energy. Rather than working for energy, we will be masters and allow energy to serve us. However – and this is a big however – if you’re still clinging onto any imbalances, the energies are only going to magnify those imbalances. Adamus said it clearly in Master’s Life 6: No More! Let go of the battles and causes and imbalances because there is no place for them in our next step. These things will actually be incredibly painful where we are going.

I asked Adamus if this means that Shaumbra need to be clear of all of their issues before moving on. His answer: “No, they just have to be willing to let them go.” The willingness to release overlays of poverty, victim-consciousness, illnesses, lack of self-worth, anger, etc. is enough. These issues will fade away on their own, without any work necessary on the part of the human.

Adamus says (and people get irritated when he says) that if you have an issue in your life, it must still be serving you, otherwise it wouldn’t be there. Money. Health. Relationships. Boredom. Whatever. Any issue causes you to be a victim.

The woman I mentioned above ended her email by noting that we should study Che Guevara because capitalism is not the only way. Hello, what?? None of this has anything to do with capitalism, socialism, feminism, the plight of indigenous peoples, the fat content in buttermilk, Mickey Mouse (a suspected communist), or Donald Trump (don’t get me started). We did not come here in this lifetime to take on causes, get rich, hold energy, convert others or build stairways to heaven. We came here for the express purpose of Embodied Realization. This is a state of physical/mental/light Being-ness that requires one to shed the old ways of getting and using energy. No more chasing after energy, but rather letting the energy come to you. If you’re in it just to get rich, it won’t work, and if you’re in it to stay poor, well, poor you.

The definition of grace? When one allows energy to serve them. Let’s get out of the old wheelhouse (way of doing things) and become the first generation of Energy Masters.

17 comments on "Tough Love"

  • Annette Amaterasu on November 29, 2019 5:36 PM said:
    Thank you for your continued work in the face of unfriendly feedback from some people.
  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARAES on May 24, 2018 6:52 AM said:
    Obrigada Geoffrey, Adamus ! Abraços
  • Maria Luisa Laveda on April 27, 2018 11:05 AM said:
    No hay como hablar claro y conciso. Y esta claro que de vez en cuando hay que limpiar la paja. Gracias Adamus, y a Geoffrey y Linda que viven en el escenario esta claridad. No es fácil. Bendiciones.
  • johanne Laflamme on April 15, 2018 8:30 AM said:
  • Denise Costa Crispino on April 13, 2018 7:59 PM said:
    Eu Sou profundamente grata à Todos!!! Adoro o jeito direto e certeiro de Adamus! Para mim é perfeito! !!! Gratidão!
  • Patricijus on April 11, 2018 2:40 PM said:
    Nice reading, I also felt attack that day, but realised I cannot stop here. And realised that I have no issues of any. :) thanks, Geoffrey and Linda, but Geoffrey especially for such a professional channeling love you man :)
  • Franziska Martini on April 11, 2018 5:15 AM said:
    Thank you so much
  • Erik B. on April 10, 2018 11:48 AM said:
    What a fantastic article. Thank you Geoffrey, to put it out so very clear. The mix of what Adamus told us in the March shoud, and your own "shock" of his messages. Inspiring, very inspiring and clarifying for me. Thank you.
  • Patty Tarrach on April 10, 2018 10:29 AM said:
    Just Plain Fantastic. I AM READY!
  • Seina on April 10, 2018 5:03 AM said:
    after the total confusion of this Adamus message, now I AM really slipping into the New Energy Bringer Feeling and I AM hardly able to breathe all the deepest breaths which arrive here
  • Halina Lindqvist on April 10, 2018 3:02 AM said:
    Thank YOU!
  • Conny Borsboom on April 10, 2018 1:12 AM said:
    And so it is!!!
  • Marianyel on April 10, 2018 12:16 AM said:
    Simple, claro y sin vueltas.. aprecio eso de Adamus y mucho disfruto al leer tus articulos Geoffrey.. Gracias! Saludos!
  • Elske on April 9, 2018 11:54 PM said:
    Thanks! This helps me to understand the words of Adamus in a deeper level.
  • Sue Norman on April 9, 2018 11:23 PM said:
    Personally, I totally understood all Adamus was sharing on so many levels... I feel that if he did push someone's buttons that it was an opportunity for them to recognise it, accept it and choose to change their patterns... I felt his words were a compassionate gift for us all.... wonderful and brave channeling Geoff. <3
  • Shaumbra Guru Raja on April 9, 2018 7:40 PM said:
    Wonderful Wisdom It's Great Enlightening Msgs Between Great Jeff Couldery And Beloved Adamus I Enjoyed This Article Greately Thank you Much LOVE. NAMASTE ANSALUIA Family.
  • adoración on April 7, 2018 12:18 PM said:
    gracias Geoff, tu artículo es genial, ya lo compartí en Facebook, y sinceramente , amo a Adamus por todo lo que nos dá y de la forma que lo hace, a mí me encanta, es lo que necesitamos y a tí un gran abrazo por ser un instrumento tan maravilloso

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