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I had a mystical lucid journey experience recently. It was one of those deep inner experiences that defies logical explanation. I won’t even try to describe the experience here because it was far too personal. I also think I would go crazy if I tried to put it into words. Even as I’m starting to write this article my computer is suddenly going bizarre on me, like the energies are too much for it (and possibly me) to handle.

I haven’t had a lot of deeply mystical journeys, maybe less than a few dozen in my life. Being a channeler, you’d think I’d have them on a regular basis but channeling is my job. My profession is multidimensional communications, but that doesn’t mean I have a steady stream of lucid journeys. I wish there was a better word or phrase for this than “lucid experience” or “spiritual journey.” A quick search of the Internet equates lucid experiences with dreaming, but I know the difference between a dream and what I experienced. This type of breakthrough has a distinctive clarity than surpasses anything in a dream, and is even more real than my waking human state of being.

It was an otherwise uneventful day. Linda and I were at Manly Beach just outside of Sydney, Australia. The workshops were done and we had a few free days before we headed back to Colorado. We woke up early that morning to enjoy coffee on the patio while watching the sun come up over the ocean and the surfers riding the big waves. We went to breakfast at one of our favorite outdoor cafés, and then stopped at the grocery store before heading back to our hotel. We worked on emails for a few hours because it was early evening back home and the Crimson Circle staff needed input and answers before they went to bed. Then mid-afternoon we decided to go to the hotel pool for a swim and snooze. The pool was devoid of any other guests, so we had a lazy and quiet swim before sinking back into the chaise lounges for a little closed-eye relaxation.

I remember hearing two cockatoos screeching as they flew overhead. Cockatoos are beautiful and intelligent white parrots but they make an irritating cawing noise. I was thinking about this strange contradiction of beauty and beastliness when suddenly I felt myself in a swirl of inner energies. Instead of things getting foggy they actually got more clear. Instead of feeling like I was falling asleep I felt as though I was waking up. I was still aware of everything in my 3D reality. I could hear the sound of the waves, street noises and people talking from their hotel room balconies. It wasn’t as though one reality was displaced by another, but rather that the inner journey experience was overlaid on top of the 3D experience.

It felt like a huge door was open to an inner world that is always there, but rarely accessed. The experience lasted for about 30 minutes, but within the experience there was timelessness. There was no fear or confusion, no wondering or mental analysis of what was happening. The human Self was not trying to control or steer the experience; it was remarkably calm and reserved. I assume that it knew better than to interfere with something so pure.

During the experience I recall Linda talking to me a few times. I replied as my human self but wasn’t distracted in the least from my experience. The two realities were taking place simultaneously. I didn’t wonder how this could be because in the moment I knew this was the way it should be. This was the “and” Adamus talks about.

This experience didn’t suddenly end after 30 minutes. Instead, I felt the strong desire to jump in the swimming pool to feel the cool refreshing water surround me. I held my breath and floated underwater for long periods of time. I could feel the experience integrating into my body and mind, all without effort or will. It was as natural as natural can be. My mind was unusually quiet. It wasn’t trying to figure anything out, it wasn’t questioning itself or me. It was suspended in acceptance just as my body was suspended in the water.

The energies of the experience lingered the rest of the afternoon. When Linda and I went to dinner that night I had no desire to talk about it or even think about it but yet I was still bathed in its afterglow. The energies are still lingering more than a week later. A few times I felt the desire to try to “recall” the specifics of the experience but then I feel a gentle hand within stopping me from doing so. Rather, I am just allowing the feeling of the experience to be with me.

I know that many readers have had transcendental experiences. That’s why I wanted to write about it in my column. In the past, the euphoria of the experience was often followed by sadness or dismay. After a short period of higher consciousness, the limitedness of human reality came back in like a thick gray fog. After a venture into freedom and openness, the doors of the zoo cage closed in once again. In the aftermath of such a profound experience, you’d begin to wonder if you were just delusional or making it up. You’d try to recreate the experience, but because it was from the mind it would lack the authenticity and purity of the original experience.

The days following such an experience could be hell. You would want to be “there” and know that “here” was but a sliver of reality… a dull and mundane sliver at that. You’d find yourself staring at blank walls, filled with a deep longing to open up again and wondering why you couldn’t. The mind would jump in and question the legitimacy of the experience, but in your heart you’d know it was real… And even if it wasn’t, you’d want this for your new reality anyway. You’d look at other people and wonder if they ever had such an experience, and if you could talk to them about yours, but you already knew the answer. They hadn’t had such an experience, and there wasn’t anyone you could talk to about yours. You wanted to cry, and run, and scream. Part of you wished you’d never had the experience because of the torment it was now causing you, but what you really wanted was to live and breathe and play in this experience forever more. But it was gone now, like a lover who disappears in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye note. You wait, longing for their return, but days turn into months and you begin to wonder if there ever was a lover.

My computer is acting crazy again. It won’t save my file and the little “one moment please” ball keeps spinning as it tries to figure out what to do. Energies can be pretty literal at times. Deep breath. Years ago I would have thought that Spirit or something was trying to tell me not to write this article. Now I know it’s just an energy adjustment period. The computer has to adjust to my energies. I hit the “save” button again and everything is back to normal. Now I have to chuckle. What the hell is normal anyway?

You’re going to have new consciousness experiences of your own. It comes from opening your Master Sense. You’ll know it’s happening because it will have clarity and purity beyond everyday human life. It won’t push out 3D reality but rather co-exist with it. Unlike cosmic experiences in the past, it won’t suddenly disappear, leaving you in a void. It will slowly integrate into every cell in your body, and into every thought in your mind. Afterwards you won’t feel a sense of separation and longing, but rather an infusion of life and expansiveness. It won’t feel like a dream; it will make your old reality feel like the dream. You won’t need to do anything other than accept the experience and walk on with your life. It’s what you’ve been waiting for, and it’s here.

19 comments on "The Master Experience"

  • Elvira on March 11, 2018 3:47 PM said:
    Gracias !!
  • Martha Gonzalez on May 1, 2017 10:48 AM said:
    Gr acias es algo maravilloso yo tambien e tenido sueños demasiado profundos pero nunca consegui saber su significado o mensaje una pregunta al soñar con los maestros como Jesus Moises y Saint Germain y en templos antiguos , que podria pensar me podrias ayudar? te lo agradezco seria posible escribirte a ti o a Linda a vuestro correo? . gracias su atenta seguidora.
  • Piotr Masłowicz on March 23, 2016 10:02 AM said:
    Thank You Geoffrey!
  • Anna M Myers on March 15, 2016 1:10 PM said:
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I SENSE that the vibes from your sharing has ALLOWED our New Earth to be more REAL, and, along with Adamus' channel on Feb. 14, I sense the entire Universe to be expanding continuously. That's BIG!
  • Prakhar on March 15, 2016 6:13 AM said:
    Thanks for sharing. :D
  • Eva on March 12, 2016 5:34 PM said:
    It is so important that those experiences are well formulated, as you have done, Geoff. And even then, the depth is never obtained. What you described as the two levels of experiences where you are still aware of your 3D existence, is that also comparable to bi-location? Which is a thing that fascinates me and that Adamus has mentioned several shouds ago that we would be able to experience soon.
  • Bev Crane on March 12, 2016 3:29 AM said:
    Thank you Geoff for the courage to share your experience. Although I have not had exactly the same experience, I could feel the reality of it through your words. What you described makes the way ahead much clearer and less mysterious. It is a great help. Thank you again.
  • yo soy shaumbra on March 11, 2016 11:37 PM said:
    .... (deep breathe) ....
  • Marilyn Swart on March 11, 2016 11:27 PM said:
    The cockatoo pictured on my mobile Facebook app looks like it is soaring upwards toward the letter "I" in the right-hand corner of this bird photo. That pairing made me laugh. Can my "I AM" be captured like a flying insect, but "soaring" at the same time? Indeed, I thank you for sharing your winged, wet, and wonderous journeys of AND.
  • Nina on March 11, 2016 1:35 PM said:
    Amazing story. Thanks for sharing your experience! And personally "Years ago I would have thought that Spirit or something was trying to tell me not to write this article." this is so me haha Bless to all of us!
  • karen Frankl on March 11, 2016 1:27 PM said:
    I had such a wonderful experience, though I think it lasted a few minutes. It felt like someplace "in between time's" or another dimension of time. It felt so pure and real.
  • Wanderley Paiva on March 11, 2016 9:40 AM said:
    Que bom relato, grato Geoffrey, pensei que era minha mente, tive várias vezes por 10 minutis e até mais tempo nessa condição, é espetacular! Abraços amigo!✨😄
  • Becky on March 11, 2016 8:21 AM said:
    Dear Geoff, I love the energy of this recounting. It reminds me of the experience I had when I was walking and then I was both 'the walker and the walked' which seems the best way to describe it. There was no yearning afterwards, just an experience to treasure and one that remains surprisingly accessible. Thanks to you and Linda for, well, everything.
  • Robert on March 11, 2016 5:50 AM said:
    Thank you. It was one of the best article which I read here. It could explains things what happens here. Thank you!
  • Aaron Ball on March 11, 2016 12:09 AM said:
    Thank you for sharing this experience with us . Now those that have had similar experiences understand no they're not crazy. And it will help those that have similar experiences in the future.
  • Aaron Ball on March 11, 2016 12:09 AM said:
    Thank you for sharing this experience with us . Now those that have had similar experiences understand no they're not crazy. And it will help those that have similar experiences in the future.
  • Kathy Ness on March 10, 2016 10:12 PM said:
    Blessings to you my friend. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful heartfelt experience.
  • Katheryn Archer on March 10, 2016 10:08 PM said:
    I feel included and an acceptance in a way... 💫
  • violetnight on March 10, 2016 10:03 PM said:
    thanks geoffrey for sharing this , i know this is what Addamus has been talking about with allowing. i have to really have to practice patience and allowing. I had a few astral experiences years ago, one where i was aware of my body in Australia and also stood in south dakota at the same time- as soon as I doubted it i came back into my 3D body .

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