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Read what attendees had to say about their experience attending the Sexual Energies School®.

“I remember the first time I took the class I was stunned – the material made so many experiences in my life make total sense. However, taking it a second time had an even bigger impact. This class is truly amazing. The information is important and transformational.”

“I feel strengthened in my inner core. Something is shifting. I feel strong and I have less reactive patterns, easier to be with my partner, deeper and better lovemaking, more happy in my own skin and I feel safe. I am just really grateful and happy I finally did this.”

“Profound. Life changing. I feel like I’ve ‘remembered’ rather than ‘been taught.’ It has provided such a perfect platform for acceptance, allowing and realization.”

“So much great information that really cut to the core of the issues.”

“Such deep insights, through my whole body and spirit. My life will never be the same.”

“It took many years before I found the courage to do SES. Now I am proud of myself and very happy”

“Actually, you saved my life.”

“I have done a lot of spiritual things, but this was so powerful and gives you all the answers!”

“It changed my life.”

“Excellent! I wish I had done this 10 years ago!”

“Very profound information on so many important issues.”

“Not only are my eyes opened to the sexual energy virus that is so pervasive, I also discovered my part in it. I realized I have been perpetuating the distortion by being so willing to feed others only to have my own ego as ‘a special extra nice person’ fed. I really understand why Linda and Geoffrey require this course before all in person events.”

“It answered questions I had about my sexuality, what it is and what it is not.”

“I feel blessed and chosen to have participated and it gave me clarity about who I really AM.”

“I really had no idea the twist this workshop was going to go. It is brave of you to teach such a historically taboo topic and much appreciated that this mystery school knowledge has been brought forward.”

“This is my second time taking the class. It is amazing to me how much I forgot. I got more out of the class this time.”

“Thanks to SES, I found the reason why I was stuck.”

“The messages gave a very profound insight in the way the virus works and why energy depletion happens. A lot of it resonated very deeply and I finally understood a lot of things that have happened in my life.”

“Indescribable gift.”

“I feel that SES should be taken several times, because it is like a great book or a great piece of music: every time, you feel something else, new and meaningful.”

“I’m so grateful for this wonderful workshop. It has shown me a way to love myself. I was never able to do that before.”

“A very important topic that is completely ignored in everyday life. Realizing the problem completely changes our attitude in life and makes us start life more carefully and consciously.”

“I am different.”

Give yourself the gift of SES.


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