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SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE: How and when did you find the Crimson Circle?

BONNIE: I met Linda at a Kryon conference in Indianapolis back in 1996. So that was before the Crimson Circle existed. She and I became fast friends and I would work on Kryon conferences with her as a volunteer. I was living in Wisconsin at the time.

Then I decided to take myself to California in 1997. On my trip across the country, I stopped in Denver and met Geoff. It was when he was just beginning to channel Tobias. There were questions that I had, so Geoff did a personal channel with Tobias for me back in 1997, on my way to California. So that was fun, and that’s how it began.

Eventually, Geoff left his employment with AirCell, and the whole Crimson Circle thing got started. I was always a friend of theirs, seeing them periodically and helping with this and that. So that’s how it started, before the Crimson Circle ever began.

SM: And how did you come to work for Crimson Circle?

BONNIE: Linda and Geoff wanted me to work for them a long time ago. I was doing outside sales and they always thought it would be a good idea if I came to work for them in the office at Lake Tahoe. But I said, “What would I do? I’m a salesperson.” So, I didn’t go to work for them back then, but there was always that potential. Then, when I left California and came to Colorado, there was the opportunity to start working for the Crimson Circle as the customer service person. That was in 2010, also when the Angels program was just getting started.

SM: What skills did you bring to the job?

BONNIE: I’ve always had a technical thread. My degree is in medical technology from the University of Wisconsin, so I worked in hospitals, using technology to analyze body tissues and fluids. After that I raised my children, and then went to work selling Apple computers to K-12 schools in Wisconsin.

At some point, we started selling presentation products and systems. That’s things like projectors (beamers) and all the other kinds of equipment you would use to do a presentation for a group of people. I designed and sold systems to put technology together in a corporate boardroom, or a classroom, or just a meeting room, with everything hooked together technically, so that a presenter can give an effective presentation. That’s what I did for a long, long time. I’ve just always had a technical thread, so being able to explain to people how to use technology for Crimson Circle is easy.

The other part of it is that I’ve always done customer service. That’s been paramount in my life. My family was in the funeral business, so all of our life everything was customer service related. And just being a sales person you’re also doing customer service on a daily basis. Those two things meld together nicely in my job; it’s a skill set I just happen to have. Being able to help people understand what’s going on and being able to communicate that clearly, it can be tricky. When you’re dealing with people around the world, but you can’t see their computer or what they’re doing on their computer, it’s tricky business. So I have the skill set to do that, because I always did presentations and just knew how to communicate with people.

SM: It sounds like you are custom made for the job!

BONNIE: Really! If feels like a really good fit for me.

SM: Is there anything notable that you’ve learned while working for Crimson Circle?

BONNIE: What I’ve learned while working here is what the Crimson Circle is really all about. I’ve been working on my embodied enlightenment the whole time. Everything else I already knew how to do. And, of course, every day you always learn some little piece of software wonderment that you didn’t know before.

SM: What would you say is the most challenging part of your job?

BONNIE: Just doing it. Doing both customer service and the Angel program at the same time is challenging, because they both need my full-time attention. That’s the hard part – just finding time for it all. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get it done, and it’s critical to get it done!

SM: What is the best thing about your job?

BONNIE: That’s easy – working with Shaumbra! You know, if I was working in customer service any place else in the world for anything else in the world, it wouldn’t be as nice because these are higher consciousness people. It’s easy to work with Shaumbra, they’re caring, loving people. They’re just so easy to work with and very forgiving. And I just love meeting them all around the world and creating relationships with people everywhere on the planet! That’s the joy of it all.

SM: How do you generally interact with people?

BONNIE: It’s mostly through emails and some telephone calls. I have an international service with my phone, so I talk to people everywhere, all around the world.

SM: Can you give us a glimpse into your every-day tasks?

BONNIE: From the moment I get up, I start working at my computer, checking and responding to people’s emails as quickly as I can in the morning. I try to get that under control before starting the rest of my day. Then I log the new Angels into the system. I spend time each day dealing with Shaumbra who have critical issues such as “I can’t get this download to work.” That, I think, is always the highest priority, making sure that people can access their products as they get them. So, every day is about helping people and working with the Angels.

SM: What is your biggest passion with all this?

BONNIE: I’m doing this journey with everyone else, just the way they are. My passion is what we’re learning right now. Having the knowingness to understand that we’re past the beginning stuff of awakening, even past embodied enlightenment. We’re IN the Realization and it’s so, so exciting to know that all the energy is ours, to think of that all day, every day. The passion is what the Crimson Circle is! The work that we’re doing with Adamus, I’m doing it with everybody else.

Bonnie may be contacted at [email protected]