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SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE: How and when did you find Crimson Circle?

MOISHE: I first stumbled across a Shoud sometime in 2011. I was searching for various spiritual things and found a video on YouTube about channelers that mentioned Kryon and Crimson Circle, and that’s how I first found the Shouds. So, I started watching online and by 2012 I had gone to a Shoud in person, took SES in Colorado and started getting into more of the materials. By then I knew that I was Shaumbra.

SM: What do you do now for the Crimson Circle?

MOISHE: I help with technology and the video productions here in Hawaii. When the full Colorado production crew isn’t here, I run the whole technology side of the webcasts and video productions in Hawaii. And when the production crews are here, I help in whatever way I can, such as operating one of the cameras.

SM: What skills did you bring to the job, and have you learned anything on the job?

MOISHE: I have a small technology business of my own and also a hobby doing photography, so I feel like both of those things have really helped with what I do for Crimson Circle because it combines perfectly the technology along with the camera experience. I didn’t have much experience with videography before Crimson Circle, so I’ve enjoyed getting up to speed with that and letting that expand and grow as we go.

SM: What are your favorite parts of the job and maybe some of the more challenging parts of the job?

MOISHE: My favorite part of the job is just seeing how it all comes together. It’s kind of fun to have a plan and get some new equipment and learn it all and really see how it all comes together on the day of the shoot between Adamus, Geoff and Linda, the staff and the technology to create something special. I haven’t had any major challenges; it’s been a really fun process of unfolding that I get to watch and play creative role in.

SM: What’s your ‘day job’ when not working on Crimson Circle productions?

MOISHE: I’m the co-founder of a technology business that provides online camp and event management tools to non-profits, mostly working with Boy Scout Councils around the country so far, although we’d like to expand to other markets in the future. If someone wants to go to a camp that uses our system, they can sign up and pay online, then get reports after camp of what they did.

SM: More on a personal level, what do you feel passionate about? Is there anything you’d like to share with Shaumbra?

MOISHE: I’m surprisingly nervous; how much do I want to share of myself? (laughs) At this point I feel complete, my big passion in life is done. I’m not waiting for anything anymore in my life. I don’t really have any human passions left other than to continue living out my life in an enjoyable way. To live somewhere quiet, spend time with friends and my boyfriend, travel, and express myself from time to time.

One way that I express myself is through photography. I enjoy connecting with others who want to create together, go out to a beautiful spot in nature and feel into the beauty of what life has to offer. You can see some of my photography at

I’m also looking forward to actually traveling again – what a concept! I signed up for the event in Bled next fall so I’m really looking forward to that, a big round the world trip to the mainland, then Amsterdam, then Shaumbra times in Bled and finally back to Hawaii.

Moishe can be contacted via email. He reminds you that you deserve all that is.

1 comments on "Meet the Staff - Moishe Groger"

  • Ieda T. Alves on March 3, 2022 1:44 PM said:
    Olá Moishe Groger Agradeço por seu belo trabalho, junto a esse maravilhoso grupo, Crimson Circle. Grande abraço!

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