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Shaumbra Magazine: When and how did you find Crimson Circle?

Seissa Cuartas: It was in 2004. A friend introduced me to Tobías’ teachings. I started reading the materials, but at that time I was leaving from a different “spiritual” group so I was a bit reluctant. But then Adamus came in and it was an instant connection – “Okay, here’s my guy!” I mean, he didn’t put up with any makyo or nonsense. It’s nice to be patted on the shoulder – “You’re doing so good, you’re the best” – but Adamus is always challenging you. I also liked that Crimson Circle is not a group, it’s a community.

With Adamus and CC, the quality of everything amazed me. When I saw the home page, the transcripts, everything, it was perfect. That was also one of the things that drew me in, because during my first encounter with an Ascended Master, the first thing I learned was, “Whenever you do something, do it right from the beginning, and always do your best.” And I saw that in Crimson Circle, this was the constant for everything.

That’s how I got into it. Then I had the chance to help hosting a workshop here in Colombia, and that’s when I met Geoff & Linda. Right from the beginning, I wanted to translate so the Spanish speaking people could have access to these amazing materials too. So, I worked with Malu Gaxiola, and start translating, then I retired and really got into more and more translations.

One day in Cartagena at a Threshold workshop, I asked Linda, “Is there is any chance for me to support or help or do anything for you?” Then, when she called in June 2017 and said, “Are you still interested in doing something with us?” it was like a dream come true! It was completely unexpected, and very exciting. I never thought I could be working with the CC directly, I just wanted to help or support the staff in some way because I knew they have a lot to do.

SM: What skills did you bring to the job, and what skills have you gained on the job?

SEISSA: I worked all my life in the transportation industry, and it’s a lot of logistics. My first job was with an airline, then with an ocean liner company, then a broker and shipping company, so I learned a lot about logistics. All the companies were international, and even before the Internet existed, airlines had their own communication system, so I would talk to people all around the world. This already made the world seem smaller to me, like when I was talking to somebody in Japan or Spain, I could feel a sense of closeness, no matter where we were. I appreciate a lot working at Crimson Circle, because it really gives me a sense of connection. For instance, when I get an email, I can feel what the other person is sending, because it’s not just words. I’m very aware of that when I communicate with Shaumbra.

I was always customer service oriented because I did it all the time. I’ve always had the sense of supporting the customers, and I think it’s one of my biggest strengths in the work I do. Also, with the logistics, you learn to be pretty organized and hold a lot of little details in your mind and move around from one to another. I know how to keep an overview of everything and also be aware of all the little details and how they relate to each other.

SM: That must be very helpful with organizing the events!

SEISSA: (laughs) It is! There are so many little details, from tracking payments to tracking registrations to making sure that people get what they need and that they feel supported, because that’s what is most important. Like Geoff said (at a recent staff meeting), “We are here to create a safe space for Shaumbra.” It’s about helping people feel they are going to this adventure, this event, and we are there to support them and they will have a great environment and space, in addition to the channelings. There are people who go to many of the events, but there are always attendees who haven’t met Geoff & Linda, who have never been to a CC event before, maybe it’s their first time ever traveling abroad. And it’s the little details that help them feel safe, to know they can ask anything and we are there to support them.

What I’ve gained… compassion! Compassion and understanding. Sometimes it’s hard, because you can feel all the energy. I feel the energy for every single event. Even if I’m not there I can feel how it’s going, how the energies are adjusting. It’s weird, like I’m there but I’m not there. When I am at an event, one thing I must be very aware of is the flow of the energy of the event. I have to stay “outside” of it, in a way as an observer, in order to support in managing the energies and all the details. I get everything, but kind of hold it in a little treasure box. Then, after we finish the event, I can fully open it.

I love it, even though the energies are challenging sometimes. It’s been a very good learning experience to feel so connected but also learn to keep my boundaries and my space and remember what’s mine and what’s not. I found out I’m quite an empath and you can just feel people. It has been tough sometimes, but if I look back now, I only think how grateful I am to be here. It’s just amazing. It’s such a small great team and so many things going on. It’s fantastic, I just love it.

SM: What are the best and worst parts of the job?

SEISSA: The best thing is the connection with Shaumbra. That’s the best part of it, to be able to connect and support and really be in service for them. And sometimes it’s so easy to just send a kind word, a supportive note, and you can feel what a difference it makes. It’s very rewarding! I think that’s the best part of it.

I love to be in this service. Like I said, all my life has been customer service oriented, but here with Crimson Circle it’s such a different type of service. It has a lot of meaning, a lot of depth to be part of something that’s such an important part of people’s lives. It’s not like regular customer service, it’s more meaningful. “How can we help you? How can we support you? How can we be there with you?” It’s not that we know more; it’s just that we know how it is. We are there too. That’s the best part of the job – being in service.

And sometimes it’s hard because you can feel so much energy. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, and there’s a point where you don’t know if it’s yours or not. You have to get back to your center. But everybody’s going through the same thing, so really, I don’t find any “hard” part of the work. It’s mostly rewarding. I just love it!

SM: What are the steps that are involved in event management?

SEISSA: After an event is scheduled, there it’s all the logistics involved with the costs, the facilities and the requirements of the venue. And then from that to set up all the information for the store page, the magazine, the Angels notices. There’s the coordination with Michelle and Bonnie and Jean and Vili so that when the event is launched, it’s ready for everyone.

Then I start the registration tracking, the payments, making sure to take care of all the details, which is very important. I’m responsible for making sure the payments and due dates are complied with when people use payment plans, and then keeping in contact with the attendees if they need anything. It’s seasonal… there are days when I don’t get many questions or requests, and there are days when everybody wants to know something! I also keep Linda and Geoff informed of all the details and status of the events.

If the event is hosted in another country, I keep in contact with the hosts and, through them, with the venue and other local facilities to make sure everything is there. Then we make sure to have ready everything that might be needed from the name badges to keep track of every single detail, any catering, coffee, hotel reservations and services, etc.

Once the event starts, it’s kind of like ahh, we can relax a little. Then after the event I make sure the text transcript is available, create the photo album, give the attendees access, send the event surveys and reports and whatever else is needed.

All this is ongoing for every single event, and it can get a little crazy! Last week I had this time lapse, because we have events now in 2020 and also planning for 2021. And I still have to follow up details for events that happened in April, plus the ones coming up in the next few weeks. It’s a lot of details, a lot of stages for every single event, and it’s all happening all the time, kind of outside of time. It’s like juggling a lot of balls all at once. Just listing a single event, there’s a lot of little steps but it’s fairly simple. The tricky thing is when all the events are active! There are crazy days when you don’t know where your head is, it’s like “Where do I start?” I get under some stress sometimes, but I just love what I do.

SM: What’s your passion?

SEISSA: It’s what I’m doing, it really is. And I think I’ve had it all my life – a passion for communication. I’ve always felt the importance of it, even in my own company “C.comunica,” because everything is based on communication. Everything!

I was so pleasantly surprised when Adamus said that energy is communication and communication is energy. That’s true! All my life I have been very aware of the way we “speak”, that you create with your words, that what you say is what you create. It sounds cheesy but it’s so true!

My passion has always been about communication. Actually, I would say it’s my obsession! Because communication is so important. It’s what I do, and I love what I do. I am so thankful that I’m here. It’s perfect.

7 comments on "Meet the Staff - Seissa"

  • Ieda T. Alves on March 3, 2022 1:04 PM said:
    Olá querida Seissa Agradeço por seu belo trabalho junto a esse maravilhoso grupo Crimson Circle. Grande abraço!
  • Evalus Ramirez on June 22, 2019 7:20 AM said:
    Congrats sweet girl, well done. :)
  • Patricia Soyer on June 22, 2019 6:34 AM said:
    Dear Seissa! Thanks for the insights of your wonderful support. When I felt and saw you in "action" in tuscany last autumn, I was amazed by your presence your support and dedication. For me ,as a first-timer at a Cc- live event, I just felt your loving and sort of grounded energy very strong......absolutely pleasure.....with deep gratitude from the very heart of mine Patricia
  • April Stearns on June 21, 2019 5:21 PM said:
    So great to hear more about you, Seissa. In all my experiences with you, your passion for your work has shone through, and I've felt well cared for. Blessings!
  • Vesna on June 21, 2019 3:27 PM said:
    Dear Seissa, thank You for Your support!
  • Marijke Sjollema on June 13, 2019 3:45 PM said:
    We had contact on several occasions and just like to mention that you do an amazing job, above and beyond. WELL DONE!!!
  • Simona Duta on June 10, 2019 10:55 AM said:
    Dear SeIssa , is such a joy to know you this way! Much love Simona ~ ♤

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