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Shaumbra typically live quite unusual lives due to packing a lot of experience into this very important lifetime! Because of this, there are also many amazing stories and wisdom, often shared in the guest articles you will find in these pages.

If you have an interesting story full of hard-earned wisdom that you would like to share with Shaumbra around the world, please review the guidelines below for submitting a guest article for consideration. 

Guest Article Submission Guidelines

Overall Purpose – Because Shaumbra Magazine is about our collective journey, guest articles should be relevant and inspiring to a worldwide audience.

Practical – Always include personal experiences and examples that help illustrate your wisdom, rather than simply “lecturing” on concepts and ideas.

Applicable – Always consider: What will the reader gain from your writing? What can they apply in daily life to ease and inspire their journey? Sometimes the simplest things are the most memorable. Remember, you are writing this for the benefit of others more than yourself.

Appropriate – What is your reason for sharing? Guest articles live on for readers over many years. They are not intended for self-promotion or personal gratification, although you may include promotional links in your bio.

Construction – Good articles need a beginning, middle and end, with a clear point or objective; in other words, more than just a “journal entry.”

Length – The best length is 1000-2000 words (in English). If it’s hard to come up with the minimum amount, perhaps you’re being too vague. If the article is too long, distill it by leaving out extraneous details and focusing on the real core of your message.

Bio – Always add a short paragraph of info about yourself at the end, including any website & desired contact info.

Photo – Be sure to send 1-3 photos of yourself.

When your article is ready, send it to the Shaumbra Magazine editor.


 • PLEASE use something like Grammarly before sending your story. All articles are edited to some extent before publication. Many readers use English as a second language, so we check for things like clarity, repetition, past/present tense consistency, etc. Once your article is reviewed, you may be asked to revise or clarify certain parts if needed.

 • Submission does not guarantee publication; there are many factors that help us determine when or if an article is published.

 • Poetry: We generally do not publish poetry in Shaumbra Magazine; that is better shared in the Crimson Circle or Shaumbra Pirates Facebook groups.

We look forward to your stories and wisdom!

 - - -

P.S. If you have something to say but it's not quite right for the magazine, you are invited to share it in the Crimson Circle on Facebook group.

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