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Did you know that Crimson Circle materials have been translated into 24 different languages?

This vast library is an incredible (and largely untapped) resource for thousands of Shaumbra around the world, and a remarkable labor of love by dozens of dedicated translators. The monthly Shouds are often the first to be translated, but many other items have also become available.

We’d like to share some useful and important information about these translations. Please share this article with anyone that might benefit from this information.


Translations are done on a purely volunteer basis, which means that translators freely offer their valuable time as a gift for others. While our International webhost / translators receive a small amount of compensation in store credit, all other translators freely donate their work – a service that is deeply appreciated!

And, because they are done on a volunteer basis, we don’t always know when a certain presentation will be available in a particular language. If there is a specific item you’re looking for, you are welcome to send an email and we’ll let you know if it’s already underway, or if a translator may be interested in working on it.

Important: If you purchase a product or Cloud Class, and a translation becomes available at a later date, we generally do not extend the subscription. If you want a translation, please wait until it is available before purchasing the item. There are no refunds on digital items.

Also important: We have translation teams already in place. If you are interested in helping, please contact us first. Someone may already be working on it, and Crimson Circle material should not be translated without permission.


The vast majority of our translations are in text format. The exception to this is Spanish. Because we have the good fortune of a Spanish speaking member of the Crimson Circle staff, most Cloud Classes have a Spanish audio version. All other translations can be accessed in text format, whether downloadable PDF or online e-reader. We always recommend that you listen to the English audio while reading along with the text in order to get the full energy and experience.


Monthly Shouds – These are often the first to be translated and many of the Shouds are available in up to 15 languages. To find these, simply go to the Library (or any page on the CC website) and click on the Language drop-down menu in the upper left corner. Select your language and navigate to the desired Shoud. If it has been translated, it will be available under “More – Plain Text” or “Read – PDF.” 

Products and Cloud Classes – With nearly 1,000 product and Cloud Class translations, there are several ways to find them: 

  1. On the main Crimson Circle website, go to the International page (under the More tab) and select your desired language. There, just under the website links, you will see a complete list of available translations in that language.
    However, not every language is represented on the CC website. If you don’t see your language on the International page, go to step 2.
  2. On any Crimson Circle Store page, type the English spelling of your language (e.g. “German” instead of “Deutsch”) into the Search bar near the top of the page. Press Enter to activate the search and you will see everything that’s available in that language.
  3. Here’s an easy way to see all translations at a glance: Simply go to the Store home page and click on “Translations.” This will bring you to a PDF with a chart of all available product and Cloud Class translations. This chart is updated often, and each title is clickable to take you directly to the item. 
  4. Check your email! Approximately 3-4 times per year we send out “Translation Blasters.” These are emails, targeted by location, which list all available translations in the predominant language for that area.

Advanced Studies Classes – These life-changing classes have been translated into many languages and are offered by Crimson Circle certified teachers around the world. To find a class in your area / language:

  1. Look at the Calendar page and filter by country. Usually classes will be offered in the language native to the location. 
  2. Check the Advanced Studies class listings in the CC Store and/or near the end of each Shaumbra Magazine issue.
  3. Check your email! We send out monthly emails with all the current class listings in your area, usually targeted by country. Each class listing will indicate the language in which it will be presented.


Now that you know how to find translations, how can you access them? It depends on whether you are ordering a download product or a Cloud Class.

Download Product – When you go to an item page in the Store, on the right of the image is a “Description” bar and a line that says “Choose a selection…” Click there to see the list, select the language you want, and click the “Add to Cart” button. 

Cloud Class – When you order a Cloud Class, all the available languages will be listed on the Store page. If you see the language you want, go ahead and place the order. Then, on the Cloud Class page itself, click on the “Text” tab and select your language for the e-reader (English is the default). 

If you find the order process difficult to follow in English, you may find it helpful to use the Google Translate page.

Thank you!

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  • Оксана on January 24, 2020 11:12 PM said:
    Спасибо за Алый Круг!!!
  • Olga on September 6, 2016 5:05 AM said:
    Thank you so much! it is extremely important for many Russian-language translation of Shaumbra.

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