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Lately, Adamus has been talking a lot about allowing energy to serve us and ‘be our friend.’ It is only through this friendship with energy that we can fulfill our passion, become the new Merlins, and bring magic back into this reality. Unfortunately, energy has often not been our friend… or at least that’s how we’ve experienced it. When we’re in trouble or out of balance, more energy just brings more trouble. So, we hold back, stay small, and try not to rock the boat. After all, who wants to ride the (energy) waves in a leaky boat?

In the new Master’s Life 10 – Way Out Adamus strongly recommends that attendees have a clear understanding of three very important teachings: the Sexual Energy and Aspectology Schools, and Ancestral Freedom. He knows how much we desire freedom, and how difficult it will be to find our way out if we’re still playing with energy distortions, energy leaks and faulty controls.


The Sexual Energies School (SES) is primarily about energy – where you get it, how you lose it, and how to manage it with clarity and grace. It’s hard to convey the impact of SES to someone who has not experienced it. This is not because it’s some big secret, but because it’s all just words and concepts until you allow yourself to dive deep beneath the surface and begin clearing out the residue of countless lifetimes of yucky, stuck energies.

This deep dive isn’t fun, but it is SO liberating. It’s like realizing that your personal beautiful pool of crystalline energy has become stagnant, muddy and toxic. But rather than trying to pick out the countless bits of muck – which seem to propagate faster than you can remove them – instead you take a deep breath, dive to the bottom of the pool and pull the plug. The horrid muck starts draining away, to become replaced by the clear crystalline waters of your true self, your own energy. It is an unbelievably profound gift to give oneself, and I’ve never understood the hesitation that some people have about it.

On the other hand, maybe I do understand. The hesitation or even resistance to something that can end the energy games is sometimes because the sovereign free self is not in charge. Instead, a whole array of aspects are taking turns at the wheel, vying for control, battling each other and leaving the human confused, grumpy and defensive. Aspects like the energy games and don’t want to give them up.

The next Sexual Energies School will be offered online in English on December 6-8, 2019. It is hosted live from the Crimson Circle Connection Center by Geoff and Linda Hoppe.



The Aspectology School, in my opinion, is the next phase after SES. You don’t have to take them in that order, but I personally recommend it because the compassion, balance and strength you gain from SES can be invaluable when the darker, more difficult aspects inevitably pop up. How do you know when that happens? How can you tell if something your feel is from your Self or from an aspect? It’s quite easy:

  • Aspects never feel complete, but rather like they (you) are always missing something
  • Aspects feel defensive, not wanting to be ‘taught’ because they (you) already ‘got it’
  • Aspects question everything, always second-guessing whatever you (or they) want, until it’s almost impossible to make a choice
  • Aspects get stuck in lack and limitation, bound up in beliefs of unworthiness and poverty, wandering in a mental fog
  • Aspects can be afraid, jealous, reactive, emotional, meek, ‘nice,’ stuck in habits/patterns, defensive, controlling, and always limited

The true Self is never limited or stuck. When you experience limitation of any kind, that’s a sure indicator that aspects are involved. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you or that you’ve made a mistake. In fact, only an aspect can feel guilty or wrong! Your true Self never feels that. When such a feeling comes up, allow yourself to see it as a beautiful opportunity for self-love and integration, rather than self-doubt and separation.

The next Aspectology® School will be offered online in English on January 24 – 26, 2020. It is hosted live from the Crimson Circle Connection Center by Geoff and Linda Hoppe.


These are the profound gifts of SES and Aspectology. And yet it’s all just words until you dive deep into the divine darkness, feel your way through and come out the other side. All the knowledge in the world can never possibly replace the experience, yet we tend to pull back from the experience because of its intensity and depth, and the courage it requires.

All that being said, you cannot get it wrong and it will never be too late. Above all, trust yourself to know when the time has come for that deep dive. Because when you do, it’s also when you begin stepping into the honorable mantle of the new Merlin.


This is where you apply the truths of SES and Aspectology in order to extricate yourself from lifetimes and eons of entanglement. As Adamus says, you can’t be the Merlin if you’re enmeshed with those who still believe they are slaves to energy. Ancestral Freedom is not about tearing your family apart or rejecting anyone. Rather, it’s about setting yourself free and showing the very ones you love what it really means, so that one day they can also soar.

Take a look at your life. Is it flowing freely, unencumbered by guilt, shame, lack, fear? Or are there pockets of darkness, stuckness and doubt? If so, why not give yourself the incredible gift of these profound classes. I can almost guarantee you won’t regret it!

Ancestral Freedom is available any time as a self-paced Online Cloud Class, with 90-day streaming access. Text translation is currently available in 15 languages.


* All of these classes are available at a 50% discount for previous attendees.

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