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Spend any time with the Crimson Circle and you’ll no doubt hear about the Sexual Energies School or “SES.” It is one of the most important classes ever offered by Tobias & Adamus and is the only prerequisite CC has ever implemented. (SES attendance is required to participate in most in-person events.) The foundation of the Sexual Energies School is self-love, and its (un-sexy sounding) framework is about fundamental personal and societal energy dynamics. Throughout Earth’s history, energy has been distorted and manipulated by the sexual energy virus, causing suffering and limitation for every human on the planet. In fact, SES is considered important enough to be presented in a live-hosted format (rather than on-demand) and is the only such event that is offered twice a year.

However, as important as SES is, it is my personal opinion that Aspectology (ASP) is truly at the core of integration, mastery, and realization. Said another way, if coming to realization is like building a cathedral, SES clears the ground (and helps keep it clear) while Aspectology provides the building blocks and timbers of construction.

In other words, to create a life of mastery, you must start with the core foundation of energy management and self-love (SES). But then what to do with the scattered rubble of your past lifetimes, experiences, wounds, and old patterns? All the building blocks of wisdom are there, but many are still misshapen, misunderstood, and despised because of stuck energy, i.e., aspects. However, once you know what to do with them, these parts and pieces of Self come together to form the most beautiful creations.

To slightly paraphrase the stories told by Tobias & Adamus, imagine your world as a vast landscape, with every rock, boulder, flower, and tree having burst onto the scene at the Wall of Fire. Within each plant are infinite seeds of potential futures, within every stone a potential masterpiece sculpture or structure. Since the beginning you’ve been rooting around in your landscape garden, exploring, plowing, planting, building, digging, making, and experiencing. There have been beautiful creations and lopsided monsters, mud pies and skyscrapers, exciting adventures and horrible disasters – and everything in between.

At some point though, everything comes back into harmony and wisdom and, from what appears to be a chaotic mess, there emerges a landscape of absolute beauty and harmony. This is ultimately inevitable, of course, but Aspectology provides the insights and clarity that enables one to see how it works and actively participate in the process of the re-creation of Self.

I personally attended the Sexual Energies and Aspectology schools and then became a teacher for both classes, going through the material many, many times. I can stay without hesitation that as I live it out over time, the positive impacts continue on a daily basis. With the foundation of self-love in place, it is Aspectology that I return to again and again when old patterns come up, when parts of myself are scared or angry, when hidden bits of self-sabotage come up, or any other less-than-masterful expressions of myself appear. It is an ongoing discovery that gets simpler and easier over time. You could say that SES provides the “container” or safe space in which ASP helps you integrate the many parts of self to finally walk as a Master on Earth.


This New Energy Psychology is truly the psychology of the future because it recognizes the inherent wholeness of the individual while also understanding the many, many parts which make up that whole. You learn that every part, whether stuck or not, has served a purpose. True mastery emerges when one begins to recognize which part is “running the show” at any given point, and then brings the awareness back to the true core Self. With this comes freedom, creativity, and sovereignty.

In Aspectology you’ll discover that there’s nothing wrong with you and there’s nothing to fix. Rather it is about recognition and acceptance.

Note: It is recommended (but not required) to attend SES prior to attending Aspectology.


Hosted live by Geoff & Linda Hoppe

January 27-29, 2023

Cost: $595 (50% discount for previous ASP attendees)

Text translations in 17 languages


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