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Below is an excerpt from Adamus’ December 14, 2021 message to Crimson Circle Angels. This core group of approximately 1000 Shaumbra around the world provides the financial and energy support for Crimson Circle to offer a long list of services, maintain 27 full-time and permanent part-time staff members, as well as two recording studios for connecting with Shaumbra. Click HERE to find out more about the CC Angels program.

ADAMUS: Welcome, dear Angels. Welcome to this special gathering that we do a few times a year. 

“Shaumbra” is an entity, a collective of all those who call themselves Shaumbra, of everybody who participates, everybody who feels that resonance within them. But it is you, the Crimson Circle Angels, that truly maintain that integral core connection with the entity called Shaumbra.

You agreed to be here. You agreed to help support this long before you ever came to this planet in this lifetime. And it raises an interesting question. 

Back in Tobias’ time, he said to make the monthly webcasts free all the time, no charging, no subscription. Offer the webcast to everyone, so anyone who was coming from awakening into Realization would have access without having to pay anything, because, as you know, abundance can be such a huge issue with those who are on their spiritual path. Tobias said make sure that these basic materials are always available free of charge.

That has been part of the Crimson Circle success ever since the beginning. Ultimately, everything that we talk about in Keahak or in Master’s Life will come through, to varying degrees, in the free Shouds. The energy is there. It makes it very accessible to anyone who’s looking for answers.

And then there was a challenge too. How do you do such a global group at this time? How do you do a group where there’s no rules, no membership, no fees or dues? How do you get the message out across the world, when Cauldre and Linda and the staff are primarily English speakers? How do you do this? That’s where so many of you came in, adding your energy, where it’s not needed to have dues. There doesn’t have to be annual fundraising drives. They don’t have to charge excessive prices for the products or have certain requirements for different levels that you have to attain by going to certain classes and paying more and more fees to get to the next level. It’s very open.

To many people, this would seem nearly to be an impossible task. If you were to go to a business consultant with this as a plan, they’d laugh at you and tell you it’s simply not possible. But it does work, and the reason it works is really quite simple. 

It works because of you. It works because you had this agreement to be in this core group that would support it. And you put this collective energy together – an energy that has such massion, that has such dedication – and that energy, which is really the entity “Shaumbra,” now attracts the right people, the right energy flows, the right abundance, the right timing. It attracts all the right things. 

Without the core group of slightly over a thousand Crimson Circle Angels, it wouldn’t work. They would have to resort to a different business model, a different way of generating revenues to pay the costs, and certainly there are a lot of costs. They wouldn’t be able to do it at the quality levels that they do. So it is your making up the core group of Shaumbra that attracts all the energies and makes all this possible.

As you know, this isn’t about trying to grow the organization. It’s about making Crimson Circle accessible and sustainable. It’s about maintaining the element of ease and accessibility to the material for those who are going from awakening into Realization. 

In Tobias’ time with Crimson Circle, it was more skewed towards the awakening side. People who had gone through awakening and now ready to begin that long, difficult and arduous journey into their Realization. In the past few years under my guidance, it’s much more skewed now to the coming into Realization, and now so much of what we’re doing is talking about how to stay on the planet in the physical body. How to be in mass consciousness and not go crazy. How to be sovereign in the midst of a lot of limitations coming from the outside world.

Not so much now about the awakening portion, but, as I’ve mentioned, there are new waves of humans now, especially coming out of this COVID era, so many humans now reassessing their lives, what they feel is important, what they want to do with their life. Often that leads them into the awakening, and then there are so many questions and deep concerns, and that’s where we come in, where Crimson Circle comes it. It’s not a New Age group. It’s not even a spiritual group. It is a guidance group for those coming through awakening and now finding their way into embodied mastery. 

So, I extend my thanks to each and every one of you, as Cauldre and Linda and the Crimson Circle staff have. I ask you to take a deep breath and feel the appreciation, the gratitude and the thanks for being such an integral part of this phenomenal group on the planet called Shaumbra.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can become a CC Angel!

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