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Adamus opened a can of worms (an American expression similar to opening Pandora’s Box but much less elegant), and now I have to put them back into the can. Worm round-ups are not my favorite activity.

When Adamus took over from Tobias in September 2009 he clearly stated that he was only going to channel through me. To quote and paraphrase Adamus,

“I’m coming in as Adamus, for Shaumbra only, so that we can journey together into this New Energy. I’m going to be bringing my message through Cauldre, the one you know as Geoffrey. I have no desire and I will not do private sessions with other people. I’m choosing Cauldre – as long as he is willing and as long as he stays clear with my message – I’m choosing him to bring this in because I don’t want ten, fifteen, twenty different messengers at this time. I’m going to make my message clear, and as long as Cauldre and Linda stay in clarity, stay out of ego, stay out of any energetic feeding, I will bring my messages through them to you. So, please, I do not want to hear about anyone out there, as some are already doing, claiming to be channeling Adamus. You can continue to bring in the messages from Saint-Germain.”

Before you jump on Social Media and ask what I’m afraid of by having other people channel Adamus, please hear this clearly: This is Adamus’ request, not mine. I channeled Tobias for 10 years without any exclusivity or problems. The more the merrier, I say. Channel on. We Be Channelers. I don’t care who or what anyone is channeling as long as it is in integrity.

But, simply put, Adamus does not want his message confused by having multiple channelers. He doesn’t need a woman to channel him for the feminine energy. (He says I have more than enough… maybe even too much of a Goddess thing going on.) He doesn’t need it to be channeled by someone in any other language because the energy comes through in English, and the Crimson Circle translators do an excellent job of getting his message out in over 20 languages.

In spite of Adamus’ request, Adamus impersonators have popped up around the world. We send them a friendly letter along with Adamus’ quotes from the Shouds. We remind them that anyone with integrity can channel Saint-Germain but not Adamus. They usually get angry and accuse us of trying to control Adamus. One person went so far as to trademark Adamus in New Zealand and threaten legal action if we ever came to their country. Really.

I believe these people actually DO feel the energy of Adamus, just like most Shaumbra do. And I’m sure most of them have worked with St. Germain in the past. But they don’t have an agreement with Adamus to bring forth his message.

Adamus started the Shoud on May 5, 2012, by addressing this issue (and reopening the can of worms). He said, “So this is a message for others who are claiming to be channeling under my name, others who are claiming to be doing Shouds: It is not appropriate. It is here. It is this group. It is this messenger. It is this team. It is this staff that brings it together. When I came in, in my first message I said, ‘This will be it.’ One messenger, one group that I’m talking to. That’s it. Anyone else, I’ll be so bold as to say, is, on a good day confused, on a bad day delusional or fraudulent.”

I like his reasoning: The awakening process is very fragile. He doesn’t want his message diluted, altered or defocused by having more than one channeler. This actually creates more pressure for Linda and myself. Both Adamus and Shaumbra hold us accountable for accuracy of the messages and for our ability to participate in the Shoud without filtering. Adamus wants only open-eyed channeling and 90% of the time he wants to be walking or standing. He has trained me in specific body movements, timing and vocal delivery. From the way he says, “I Am That I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain” to the “look” he gives to an audience member, and the booming energy that comes from my voice, this is pure and classic Adamus. It simply can’t be duplicated. And Adamus is clear that he doesn’t want anyone to try.

You might ask why this even makes a difference or why we waste time addressing it. First, we don’t want channel conflict. Many Shaumbra and metaphysicians aren’t aware of the “One and Only Adamus” request. They might listen to something from another supposed channeler and assume it is the Adamus. But the message and energy from the others is substantially different in content, energy and personality than Adamus through me. So confusion is created.

Some people claim to channel Adamus in personal readings. Adamus does not do – nor does he believe in – personal readings. Period. He thinks they are a waste of time and involve too much processing. But an unsuspecting person who thinks they are getting a personal session from Adamus is getting false information, and then they make life-changing decisions based on this potentially misleading information. The consequences could be harmful.

The funny thing is that there are multitudes of good angelic beings that would love to channel through honorable humans. Heck, I hear that Archangel Raphael is almost desperate to find someone, and Attila the Hun would like to give his side of the story but can’t find a qualified channeler.

Adamus and Shaumbra go hand in hand. Adamus chose to work exclusively with Shaumbra even though other groups wanted him. He is committed to supporting us every step of the way. That makes Shaumbra a pretty special group. The other side of the agreement is that he only wants one channeler. Period.

Shaumbra have helped make the “Adamus” name what it is today. Around the globe, spiritual seekers know that “Adamus” means straightforward delivery, paradigm-shifting information, provocation, arrogance, and a lot of humor. He’s the Captain of this spiritual pirate ship, guiding us through stormy waters onward to Enlightenment Island. As he would say, there’s no room at the helm for two Captains.

I don’t know if this article will put the worms back in the can, or just make them wiggle more. But I had a lot of fun writing it because it made me realize how special Shaumbra and Adamus are to me. It makes me “shiver me timbers.” Arrgghh!

5 comments on "The One and Only Adamus"

  • Isabel Freitas on June 5, 2023 9:49 AM said:
    I like to naw more about Adamus bat in Português And abaut the grupe Carmesim Tanks
  • John on October 14, 2022 4:10 PM said:
    I'm new to this; is Adamus St Germain" and "Saint Germain," the Chohan of the Seventh Ray the same consciousness? Or are they different aspects of the same consciousness?
  • Rudy Meevis on September 27, 2021 12:26 PM said:
    There is no one like The One and Only GRANDMASTER ADAMUS!!! And So It Is
  • Anna Lewicka on June 2, 2020 6:58 AM said:
  • Alice on May 17, 2020 10:06 AM said:
    Very inspiring! Just for the record (foreigners): What means this saying "shiver me timbers" ? Thank you and so long...

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