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With the popular Keahak program approaching it’s 10TH year, we interviewed Linda Benyo Hoppe to get her insights and observations about Keahak. She and Geoff always do a brief introduction, and Linda is also responsible for making sure the technical equipment is working properly, and then she leads the breathing as Adamus makes his entry. After the session, Linda sends the digital files to Peter, who does the processing and uploads to the House of Keahak. Here’s what Linda had to share about Keahak:

SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE: Linda, you’ve been with Keahak from the start, of course. What changes have you seen over the years?

LINDA: Well, that’s a good question and an interesting one, because it’s always changing and evolving. Adamus always looks at where we are, and delivers the message accordingly. The past few years in Keahak have been particularly fast-paced. Adamus constantly brings in new information that is challenging for the human mind to absorb at first, and just about the time we absorb it he’s bringing in yet another round of new information. I’ve never experienced anything like it, with so much to take in at one time.

SM: Did you ever expect Keahak to grow into what it is today?

LINDA: When we started Keahak 10 years ago, we were pretty nervous because we didn’t know what it would entail, and we wanted to do it right. We had to create a system to make sure everything was taken care of, and that everyone was supported. And then, of course, it went so well and more and more people wanted access and it’s become just one of the most – it is the most valuable thing that we do, in my opinion. Adamus brings in the new information in Keahak. It eventually makes its way to the free monthly Shouds, but Keahak is the tip of the arrow.

SM: You and Geoff do a short opening for every Keahak session, then you lead the breathing before Adamus comes in. What do you experience during the session, as you’re sitting in the same room with Adamus, channeled by Geoff?

LINDA: Well, it’s very interesting for me because, while I’m the only other human sitting in the room, there’s a lot going on. Adamus gets Geoff ready – or maybe Geoff gets ready for Adamus? – and then he has his way of connecting with Geoff, and they start the channel. The next thing you know, it’s just beautiful beyond words. We talk about being in the House of Keahak, and it’s true. We are in the House of Keahak. You can feel the energies. You can feel all the people, no matter where they are. You can feel Adamus absolutely in touch with everyone, like they were sitting in the same room. Adamus gestures a lot with his hands, and sometimes he gets up and walks around the room. Most of the times his eyes (Geoff’s eyes) are open. There’s a palpable energy in the room during the channel. It’s thick and warm and rich. Sometimes it knocks me out; sometimes I can hardly sit still because the energy is surging through me.

SM: Do you ever find yourself falling asleep during the sessions?

LINDA: Well, it’s not really sleep. I just open up to a very deep level, like an expanded soul level. Later I wonder, “Did I really hear all that?” but then I listen to the session again later on and realize that I actually heard everything. I was in a different state of consciousness, even though I felt like I had dozed off. But no matter what, I always come back as Adamus begins his wrap-up so I can do the breathing out.

SM: Some people say it’s a ‘different’ Adamus during Keahak than during a monthly Shoud. What’s your take on this?

LINDA: Well, it’s Adamus but clearly Adamus’ message is always tailored to the group. And when he does the Shoud, he gets pretty entertaining and distracting if needed, but it’s not the same in Keahak. The message is always straight-forward and strong. There’s a clarity in Keahak because the listeners are so committed to the program. I’d say that there’s a lot more of the “St. Germain” flavor in Keahak, whereas the Adamus persona comes out more in a Shoud.

SM: You and Dr. Doug Davies do the monthly Living in Keahak show for Keahak subscribers. What’s the show about, and what do you like about doing the show?

LINDA: Dr. Doug Davies and I are good friends and we’ve known each other for a long time. Doing the “Living in Keahak” show with Dr. Doug is fun because it gives us a chance to review the Adamus sessions in great detail, and then talk about how we can apply the information in our daily lives. Before we do the show, one of us will call the other and shout, “Oh, my gosh! Did you hear what he said this time?” Adamus redefines science and physics, and he takes things to a place that is almost beyond comprehension. We hear it, now how do we bring this into our life? Dr. Doug is particularly good at distilling the information and giving us ways to look at it as the human, and then taking a look at now, how do we really bring this into our life?

SM: What are the top two or three things you’ve learned from Keahak?

LINDA: Oh, there’s so much! I don’t know about the top three. Let’s say that this is all about our Realization. And the single concept that comes up all the time is the importance of allowing. On one hand, allowing is super easy, but on the other hand it’s very tough. The other big thing is letting the Master distill the wisdom from our experiences. The human doesn’t need to process and resolve everything. It’s about letting the Master distill even the toughest life issues into wisdom. It’s so easy to get caught in life’s distractions, and Keahak brings us back to why we’re really here. It’s all about our Realization. It’s a freedom that Keahak brings to us that I think is magical.

SM: And Adamus talks a lot about the fact that all energy is ours and it’s time to let that energy serve us individually. How are you doing with that?

LINDA: Well, it’s one of those things where some days I’m really good at that, and then there are other days where I need to work on it. It just depends on what the day is. But I’m getting better and better at it.

SM: So every new Keahak year is different than the previous year. Where do you think Adamus is going to go with Keahak X?

LINDA: Oh, my goodness. I am quite excited about that, because this period of time, this summer, in particular, is this time of where he says that Realization – this is it. This is it. And so I think that this will be as important and significant as any Keahak, as he continues to be right at that place of support for us on the journey.

SM: Good. Anything else you want to add about Keahak?

LINDA: Keahak is not required for anyone. Everything he talks about in Keahak sooner or later comes out in the Shouds, but Keahak is just a great way to connect twice a month, really feeling Adamus walking with you every step of the way. There’s a lot of support, a lot of encouragement, but it’s not a requirement. The people who attend really enjoy that connection twice a month.

SM: Anything else?

LINDA: In Keahak, everyone feels their own personal connection. It’s not a group thing. Truly, it’s an individual experience, which is stunning. If you told me that there was only one thing we could do, my choice would be Keahak. I find it invaluable beyond words.

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2 comments on "Keahak from Linda's Perspective"

  • Nancy Aguilera on May 8, 2020 5:43 AM said:
    Thanks a Lot for this interview, it is very important yo know the Linda comments. Best regard
  • Linda Dobson-Hacker on May 7, 2020 4:13 PM said:
    It's been a very, very long time since I've been excited about anything. This is the first time I've felt pulled to be a part of Keahak. Yes, the payment option helps, but I also know it's "Keahak now, more than ever".

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