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Wisdom from the Masters

These Realizations, distilled from nearly 25 years of inspired messages, provide a comprehensive framework for understanding your journey from awakening to enlightenment. Covering the metaphysics of life from pure consciousness to physical creation, from your beginning to your ascension, victimhood to healing, suffering to mastery, from the search for meaning to ultimate freedom, these 21 truths encompass the foundations of physical and nonphysical reality.

Crimson Circle was founded in August 1999. From the humble beginnings of that first meeting in a teepee, it quickly grew to gain an international audience of many tens of thousands of awakening humans. Through the first 10 years with guidance from Tobias, who then passed the baton to Adamus, a facet of Beloved St. Germain, a tremendous amount of compassion and life-changing wisdom has been shared by these and other Ascended Masters. While it’s mind-boggling to take in at a glance the vast scope of these messages, the highlights of this ageless wisdom have now been distilled into 21 Shaumbra Realizations.

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