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Aspectology is one of the most important classes offered by Crimson Circle. But unless you’re familiar with it already, you might be wondering what it’s all about. So, we put together answers to some of the most common questions we receive about this life-changing material.

Q: What is Aspectology?

A: Literally, it means “the study of aspects” but we like to call it New Energy Psychology.

Q: Why?

A: Traditional psychology looks for what’s wrong or broken about you and tries to fix it. New Energy Psychology sees you as an unbroken creator being and brings awareness to how and why you’re creating life as you are. From the perspective of Aspectology, there’s actually nothing wrong with you.

Q: Then why is life so frustrating? What are aspects anyway?

A: Aspects are creations of the Self for experience and expression. Aspects can also create other aspects, and any of them can get stuck due to things like physical, mental, and emotional trauma, vows, and other intense situations. Stuck aspects then show up as recurring patterns, overreactions, toxic inner voices, emotional triggers, creative limitations and more. Aspects often oppose each other, resulting in inner conflict and confusion. In severe cases, one can become dissociated.

Q: I don’t think I’m dissociated, but I sure feel confused sometimes. What’s the solution?

A: All aspects seek integration, even those part of you that resist and mock the whole idea. Therefore, the solution is the invitation and reintegration of all parts of Self. This ongoing experience will be intense at times, but the more you allow it, the easier it becomes.

Q: I’ve really tried hard to fix things in my life. Most techniques work for a while, then it’s back to the same old patterns. How will this be any different?

A: The “same old patterns” are always caused by aspects. As their creator and installer, you also have the authority to retire and integrate them. Aspectology offers an understanding of self that no other method or technique can provide, and the 3-day workshop is just a beginning point. Integration is an ongoing choice that unfolds over months and years because, after hundreds of lifetimes of aspect creation, there is no “quick fix.” But you will have the tools to become the true conscious creator of your life.

Q: I don’t think aspects are a problem for me, but I’m being harassed by an entity. It’s been blocking my abundance, messing up my relationships, and making me ill. I’ve gone to several healers, but nobody has been able to get rid of it permanently.

A: Aspects will often disguise themselves as something external like ghosts, spirits, demons, alien beings, sometimes even other people. But ultimately, it’s all your creation. Aspectology helps you understand how it works and gives you the roadmap to freedom.

Q: Why is this described as a “core class”?

A: That description is only given to a few of the most important presentations. The Sexual Energies School is core because it’s about energy management and self-love. Aspectology is core because it’s about creation management and self-expression. Someone said it like this: “With the mortar of SES holding together the building blocks of Aspectology, you can finally create the Self of your dreams.”

Q: It seems expensive. Shouldn’t such important material be available to anybody?

A: Here’s another way to look at it. Psychotherapy sessions typically range in price from $100 to $350, and you’re expected to continue for months or even years. For the price of 2 or 3 hours of processing, Aspectology offers tools to literally change your life. Based on follow-up surveys, over 88% of the attendees said it was a good value for the price, or just right for the price. In addition, over 80% of the attendees say it is a life-changing event and another 18% say it is an important, positive experience.

Q: Can I attend any time?

A: Geoff and Linda host this important event once a year. They are very present with you during the event, as are Tobias, Adamus, and other angelic brings. You’ll also be able to draw on the supportive energy of the worldwide group going through the material at the same time.

Q: I already took Aspectology several years ago.

A: The original class was recorded by Tobias in 2008, then updated with additional sessions from Adamus Saint-Germain in 2015. Everyone who has taken the class again has expressed astonishment at how much more meaningful it was the second or third time around.

Q: What will I experience in this class?

A: Energy begins moving the moment you make the choice to attend, so life may bring a few surprises. During the class itself, there will be times of difficult intensity as well as profound revelation and relief. You’ll see yourself in totally new ways, and the door will open to a flood of homecoming. Not all aspects will return at once, and there will be resultant times of confusion, pain, and weariness as the aspects that are stuck in those emotions come to the surface. But now, instead of wondering what’s wrong with you (an aspect question), you’ll know exactly what to do.

Aspectology is a 3-day workshop offered once a year, hosted live by Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe with channels from Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain.

Cost: $595 (previous attendees receive 50% discount)

Access: 90 days access to videos and text

Language: E-reader text translations in 15 languages!

 • Čeština  • Dansk   • Suomi  • Français  • Deutsch 
 • ελληνικά  • Magyar  • Italiano  • 한국어  • Norsk  
 • Português  • Português brasileiro  • Română  • Pусский  • Español 


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