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Helpful hints on using the Crimson Circle Store

Updated Monthly!


You’ve probably noticed there is a LOT of material available in the Crimson Circle store! Here’s some info about the left menu that may be helpful.

 • Live Events are always in-person with Geoff, Linda and other Shaumbra.
 • Cloud Class Online Events are available as streaming video, audio and (usually) text e-reader.
 • Advanced Studies lists all the teacher presented classes and teacher trainings.
 • Free Downloads are just that – very special recordings that are absolutely free. 
 • Products is the most extensive category. There you will find hundreds of items, full of profound information and unforgettable experiences, from Tobias, Adamus and Kuthumi. 

We invite you to take a bit of time to explore this treasure trove of inspiration!


People often write to Customer Service looking for information about products that have been translated into their language. There are three ways to easily find this information.
1. On the main Crimson Circle website, click Enter and go to the More tab.  From there, click on the International icon. This will take you to a listing of all our international pages. Select your language to see a listing of all available products with that translation.
2. On the Crimson Circle store home page, simply click on the Translations icon to see a table of all available translations. This list is updated throughout the month as new translations are added.
3. Watch for the emails that are sent (approximately quarterly) to language groups by area which list all currently available translations in the local language.


When you change your email address, please send your new address to Customer Service so we can update it in our systems. If you change it by entering a new email address in our system, it may result in losing access to any specialized mailings that you get from the Crimson Circle. (This is especially important for Angels and Teachers.) If you tell Customer Service about the change, we’ll make sure it is all updated properly.

Thank you for helping us support you by keeping everything up to date!

* * *

Speaking of email, here’s a good way to keep track of all your communication from Crimson Circle, including account information, event announcements and logistics, download links, purchase receipts, Shaumbra Magazine and more:

Create a folder in your email system and drag any Crimson Circle messages from your inbox into that folder so that they don’t get lost among your other emails. Or, if you’re a bit more tech savvy, you can set up “rules” so that the emails go to the correct folder automatically. This will be a big help to Angels, Keahakers, and event attendees who need to go back to messages for links and dates.


Did you like it? Let other Shaumbra know!

If you have experienced a Cloud Class, a download product, Advanced Studies class, or anything else purchased in the CC store, please consider posting a rating and review to help other Shaumbra in their decision.

To add a review go to the description page of the product that you would like to review. There are two tabs below the product image. Choose the “Ratings and Reviews” tab. This is where you can rate and comment on the item (see example). We hope you will use this opportunity to let others know about your experience with the material.


This is how to change your credit card number and activate it in your recurring orders, such as CC Angels subscriptions, Keahak, etc.

Sign into your account in the Crimson Circle Store. Then under My Account, go to “My Payment Data.” Here you may edit your card number and/or expiration date. You may also delete an existing card and add a new one.

Next go to “My Recurring Orders.” Click on your ID number, then at the top of the next page click on the button that say  MODIFY RECURRING PROFILE  (example). There, you can assign the desired card number to your recurring order. From the little dropdown menu, choose the card number that you want to use. This will activate the recurring order with your new card.


This tip is for when you sign in to your account in the Crimson Circle Store and get an error message that your login information is invalid. When this happens, click the words “Reset Your Password?” (see example).

Enter the email address that you use for the CC Store, then click SUBMIT (see example). Within a few minutes you will receive an email that looks something like this example. After successfully clicking the link in the email, your screen will look like this

Enter a new password using numbers and characters. Do not use symbols. Then click the   RESET A PASSWORD   button. This will take you to your account “My Dashboard” page. 

Be sure to keep your new password in a safe place!


Sign in to the store and click on “My Account” at the top of the page.

Downloads – look for "My Downloadable Products" on the right-hand menu. The download access link will be there immediately after you place your order, and will remain without expiration.

Cloud Classes – look for “My Events and Cloud Classes.” Again, the link will be immediately available after you place your order (or at the time of broadcast if the event hasn’t happened yet).

1 comments on "CC Store Tips"

  • Jennifer Ledbetter on November 19, 2017 2:11 AM said:
    Purchased a cd years ago on the 13th strand of DNA that gays and homosexuals have. Is it still available?

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