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SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE: Where do you live?

TIM: I’m originally from northern California but have lived here in Kailua Kona for approximately 39 years.

SM: Do you have family here?

TIM: I have two wonderful adult children. My son joined the Army and did three tours in Afghanistan. My daughter is phenomenal, she’s out of college and is currently working as a bartender. I recently got married to a beautiful, wonderful woman, Erin, so I have two great step kids too. Family life is phenomenal!

SM: And you have a doggie as well?

TIM: Oh absolutely, Takoda! One of the greatest things about working for Crimson Circle is that I get to bring him with me every day to work. He and Belle play a little rough, but they’re good buddies.

SM: What are your responsibilities with Crimson Circle?

TIM: Anything and everything they need done as far as maintenance, construction and just keeping things operating at the properties here. I do everything from jacking up the house and fixing foundations to building cabinet doors to welding sides for the trailer to anything they need.

SM: What else have you done in this field?

TIM: I’ve been doing this for 32 years, started right out of high school building homes. Then 9/11 came along, and the contractor I was working for thought the end of the world was coming and shut down the company. So, I put an ad in the paper and have never looked back. I haven’t had an employer since then; I’ve had clients. This is the first time in 20 years that I agreed to work for somebody, to actually have an employer. Geoff offered me a full-time position and I couldn’t say no. I jumped at the opportunity.

Here in Hawaii, we have a lot of extremely wealthy absentee owners, and I’ve worked for people like that my entire career. But when I met Geoff and Linda, it was a different vibe. They’re humble, they appreciate quality, they are awesome to work for. It’s the best gig I’ve had in 30 years.

What I like about the job is that it’s all-encompassing. It’s not just rebuilding kitchen cabinets or doing one single project. It’s everything. I like the diversification of it. If you show me a picture of something in a Sunset Magazine, I can build it. I build whatever they want, and I love doing it. My dad told me when I was a young kid, “If you love what you do for a living, then you’ll never work a day in your life.” I love coming to work. They are super awesome. I like Linda’s attitude and Geoff’s wisdom. Any time I have an issue, he’s the first one I think of. “Okay, what would Geoff say?”

SM: The whole company is kind of unusual, maybe even a little weird by some people’s standards. What’s it like for you to work for Crimson Circle?

TIM: It gives me a lot of material to make fun of (laughing). All my buddies are like, “Have you gotten your orange robe yet?” (more laughter) But no, it’s super cool. And Geoff is the most humble guy in the world. I can sit there and talk to him like he’s a brother. There’s such a mutual respect. He’s not like the clients I’ve worked for in the past where they look down on you like you’re just the hired help. They’re just real people, and that’s why I said yes and hired on.

SM: Do you have any hobbies or passions outside work?

TIM: Anything outdoors. I love shore fishing, hanging out with family, working on my three 4-wheel-drives. I love fishing, lobster diving, anything with the ocean.

SM: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers?

TIM: Life is good!

1 comments on "Meet the Staff - Tim Keith"

  • Ieda T. Alves on March 3, 2022 2:47 PM said:
    Olá Tim Keith Agradeço por seu belo trabalho, junto a esse maravilhoso grupo, Crimson Circle. Grande abraço!

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