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Editor’s Note: As Geoff wrote recently (here), we have assembled a wonderful team of technical experts to help Crimson Circle continue to bring you the highest quality of service. Here is the first interview with our “Techila Team.”

SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE: Where do you live?

JUAN CARLOS: I live with my wife and two daughters in Puebla, Mexico, a couple hours southeast of Mexico City.

SM: What do you do for Crimson Circle?

JUAN CARLOS: I work in the IT area. I am overseeing the Crimson Circle store modernization to a newer technology and to implement a fresher and crisp look and feel that the creative team at the Crimson Circle is preparing for Shaumbra. I work with a team of Front-End and Back-End engineers with a lot of expertise in their areas. I was hired in November 2020.

SM: Have you worked in this field for a while?

JUAN CARLOS: I have 17 years of experience in the IT area. And in my previous job, I worked for an e-commerce company for 3 years.

SM: Crimson Circle is an unusual sort company. What’s it like to work here?

JUAN CARLOS: I find it very interesting that Crimson Circle’s focus is helping people fulfill themselves and when to have this relevance in your life. It’s very interesting for me that Crimson Circle uses many resources like texts, videos and audios. I like that the company thinks about the technology to provide all these resources and make it work. That motivated me to join the company and I’m hoping to help affect this world.

SM: Do you have any hobbies or interests outside your job?

JUAN CARLOS: Yes, my hobby is playing the bass guitar. I like the music and before the pandemic I played in a band.

SM: Anything else you’d like Shaumbra to know about you?

JUAN CARLOS: I am passionate about technology, and my pleasure is to learn more about the programming language and recommend solutions using all the technology.

1 comments on "Meet the Staff - Juan Carlos Juarez-Lerma"

  • Ieda T. Alves on March 3, 2022 2:38 PM said:
    Olá Juan Carlos Juarez-Lerma Agradeço por seu belo trabalho, junto a esse maravilhoso grupo, Crimson Circle. Grande abraço!

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