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SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE: How and when did you find Crimson Circle?

ALAIN: At the Quantum Leap (in 2007)! My partner, Patricia Aburdene, was invited to give a speech at the event, so I went with her on the trip and showed up at the Quantum Leap – and wasn’t quite sure what I’d stepped into! It was a lot of people that seemed very happy to see each other, which was very interesting to observe. Patricia and I were both interested in how to bring Spirit into business, so we had been around many strange conferences, but not that strange. We weren’t exactly sure what was going on. But hearing Adamus was the big turning point.

SM: Do you know how Patricia connected with Crimson Circle?

ALAIN: Geoff and Linda saw her book, The Rise of Conscious Capitalism, and they wanted a speaker with a business orientation, so they reached out to her and she said yes (after her agent initially said no).

SM: After that experience, did you start tuning in right away or did it take you a while to connect?

ALAIN: There was one short channel of Adamus, somewhere in the middle of the conference, that had us to the edge of our seats. We had already decided to leave early, but after that first channel with Adamus we decided to stay to the end to hear the last channel, by Adamus too. We had agreed “We’ll just listen for 15 minutes and then go,” because we had to get on the road. And then every five minutes, “We can stay a bit more,” so we stayed to the end and then took off because by then we were really late. But we were like “Wow, that was amazing!” This was new and it really hit something. On the first day, I had “randomly” picked up Masters in the New Energy from the book table to see what this was all about. Around that time, we had moved to Boulder and found out Crimson Circle was close by, so we started coming to the Shouds and got to know Geoff and Linda between their travels. They needed some help and business consulting is what I do, so little by little it began to take off.

SM: What skills did you bring to the job?

ALAIN: Well, I had already a pretty fat suitcase of things I had accumulated. I have a lot of business background and have done energy work and things like that, so it just depends what shows up, and I use whatever I feel is needed. I was a finance person but was first trained as a linguist at university. I was also a political science major and was also interested in economics and systems and social philosophy. I had also done teaching and translation, but all those things went to the background when I went into banking and finance. Then, at the moment of awakening when you hit the wall and say, “What am I going to do next?” it all kind of merged together. And that’s when I became interested in learning how to change business with consciousness.

At that point I realized that everything I had ever done was coming into play. I had all these differently trained aspects and it was like, “Oh, I get it now. I know why I did that thing for 15 years.” It was to have this deep understanding of business and financial systems and be able to do something else with it.

A big skill I have is my ability to take in a lot of different parts of a system, make sense of them and build systems that work. And it may be a technology system, but it always includes people, and I can make sure they have what they need to be at their best, understand what they need to do, what is the goal of the team, and make sure everything works holistically for the best possible outcome.

SM: How would you define the job that you do for

Crimson Circle?

ALAIN: I think I’m a little bit of the glue, or maybe more like the “anayatron” or communication facilitator. When Geoff and Linda are on the road and doing other things, I’m around to make sure that we’re still on track, that people know what to do, that they have what they need, that the systems are running effectively or, if they’re not, that we try to do something about it. I see myself more in the wings, but stepping in as needed, and also helping Geoff and Linda. Because they’re very busy on the road all the time, they need these moments of reprieve where I can work with them and say, “Okay, let’s think about the future and what needs to happen, and let’s think about setting some parameters.” Because if you don’t spend a little time doing that in a quiet space, it gets very overwhelming and you’re constantly running and trying to keep up. So, over the years we’ve always taken one or two solid days each year of really stepping back and looking at everything, and then periodically cycle back to say, “Where are we on this or that?” It’s building an awareness, “We need to be aware of this and think about it.”

SM: It seems like you bring clarity.

ALAIN: Well, out of the awareness the clarity may not be there right away, but eventually it will come through. One of the strengths of Crimson Circle as a group of humans working together is that we can propose a hypothesis, play it out, discuss it, try it and then very quickly decide, “No, that was really not right” or “Yes, this is a good evolution.” I think we’ve become better and better at seeing when things need to be corrected.

SM: What would you say is the most challenging part of the job?

ALAIN: Sometimes it is trying to make sure that I know what Geoff and Linda are thinking. Most of the time I feel I know, but sometimes when they’re on the road, things come up where I go, “That’s not quite how I remember the discussion.” It’s not my agenda; I just don’t want to give the wrong information or create something that’s not in keeping with the general agreement.

SM: What do you like most about the job?

ALAIN: It’s really been the ‘proof in the pudding’ for me, how an organization can create so much inspiration and be so inspired and produce so much in terms of direct output. With basically the same number of people as when I came on 10 years ago, with a little extra help here and there, we’ve created this amazing flow of consciousness. And being available to produce what Adamus wants to put out at an amazing pace. So, we’re just there in the flow. And being in the flow means you also get all the side benefits of it, so to speak. Sometimes it’s a little intense to integrate everything. I think everybody goes through those periods, and it’s visible that someone may be having a hard time, not in the sense that they fall apart, but because there’s just so much going on with the material itself and to still have to keep at it. Geoff and Linda are the first to put demands on themselves, and when I consider what they do I always think, “It’s good it’s not me” because that kind of traveling and being ‘on’ with people, even though you’re enjoying it, it’s very, very tiring.

SM: What’s your passion? And what would you like to Shaumbra to know about you?

ALAIN: Passion? I’m still looking for it! The biggest message that comes to me through Adamus is compassion, not so much passion. And continuing to grow in that compassion, which is letting people experience what they need or want to experience rather than feeding them the answers. For me, and also because I coach, it’s a continuous learning. I guess this could be like a passion – my passion is compassion.  I may not appear as very compassionate to people, but it’s a deep sense to step away and let them hear from themselves what they need to hear.

Alain provides consulting and strategies for conscious business development. He has been included in the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trust” and is a member of the Business Advisors Network. Alain may be contacted via email.

2 comments on "Meet the Staff - Alain Bolea"

  • Ieda T. Alves on March 3, 2022 1:09 PM said:
    Olá Alain Bolea Agradeço por seu belo trabalho junto a esse maravilhoso grupo Crimson Circle. Grande abraço!
  • Kathy A Ness on October 24, 2019 10:09 PM said:
    Thank you for being YOU Alain! I so love and appreciate what you bring to C.C

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