We’re a relatively small group of people (approximately 100,000) from very diverse geographic, cultural and spiritual backgrounds. We intuitively know we’re on this planet in a sensory human existence to expand our experience as conscious beings.

We don’t believe that humans are fallen angels, lost aliens or descendants of apes. We originally came from the angelic realms and we’re here to learn about and enjoy life in a physical state of being. When we’re ready to go beyond the human experience, we’ll gather everything up (memories, aspects, wisdom, etc.) and walk on.

Before we leave the planet, we want to live out our last lifetime as enlightened Masters. This means we want to be aware of the goodness of life, the brilliance of our human experience, and the grace of full consciousness. We also want to have fun, travel around, dine well, be creative and laugh a lot. That’s the way of the Master.

As a matter of fact, about 1,500 Ascended Masters have recently reincarnated on Earth, even though they didn’t need to. They did this just to enjoy life in a way they never did before their ascension. That says a lot. If the Ascended Masters came back just to enjoy life without old karma or agendas like trying to save the world, we’re pretty sure it’s good to do the same.

In this lifetime, we were drawn together starting in 1999, called by an inner knowing that consciousness was preparing for a quantum leap as never before in the history of humanity. We lived through our awakening, which was like being a ship tossed about in the storm, beaten and shattered against the rocks. Now, we’re adjusting into life as Masters, although it isn’t quite what we expected. We’re still mortal and vulnerable, we still have good days and bad days, and we still have to take out the trash.

Yet, we’ve learned about this amazing thing called And. “And” means that we can experience many things simultaneously. We’re no longer restricted to linear or singular reality. We are old and young at the same time. We’re both wise and fools. We’re students and master teachers in the same moment. “And” is wonderfully liberating. (And, when we occasionally forget, the Master Self quickly reminds the Human Self of the magic of And, for it does not go away once it has been allowed.)

We’re honored to have Saint-Germain working with us. He was a human just like us and then became an Ascended Master. He broke free in the late 1700s and spent time hanging around in the Ascended Master’s Club, a hot spot in the angelic realms, before he came to work with us in 2009. He’s quite the actor (and encourages us to act as well).

He comes to us under the moniker of Adamus, but, underneath this costume, we all know he’s Saint-Germain, GAM (Grand Ascended Master). He’s friends with the likes of Kuthumi lal Singh, Tobias, Madam Blavatsky, El Morya, Buddha and Bob (an Ascended Master from Canada). They were all humans before they became GAMs.

For whatever reason, the alien beings don’t spend time with us and we’re more than OK with that. We prefer the Grand Ascended Masters who walked the Earth as humans, for they know what it’s like to get sore feet, aching hearts and everything else human.

Excerpts from interview with Kevin Moore (www.channeling.com). View full video HERE.

Here are some other facts About Us:

• We’re based in Golden, Colorado, USA. We love having a “Golden” postal address. It just sounds better than Plainsboro or Hoboken.

• Our Internet broadcast and recording studio is in Louisville, Colorado. It’s pronounced “Lew-is-vill” not “Loo-vill.” Loo-vill is in Kentucky.

• We have a second base of operations in Kona, Hawaii. It’s called Villa Ahmyo, and includes the beautiful Shaumbra Pavilion where we host intimate and life-changing gatherings with Adamus Saint-Germain.

• We have about 10 full-time and 6 part-time staff members, plus dozens of international web hosts, translators, helpers, volunteers (you'll find them listed in the back of Shaumbra Magazine every month). Many of them have been with us for 10+ years. We’re getting older (and younger), and we’re still having fun.

• We do a live webcast on the first Saturday of each month (with one month off during the summer), featuring Adamus Saint-Germain. It’s free. You don’t have to pay anything. Sweet.

• We do about 25 live events around the world each year. We used to do more, but traveling has gotten harder and we like our studio, the Crimson Circle Connection Center, in Colorado and our new center in Hawaii.

• We have no Rules, Rituals or Requirements. There are no memberships or dues, and you’re not required to take any courses unless you want to.

• We’re a regular “C” for-profit US corporation, because there’s just too much paperwork to be a non-profit. And we’re not a church.