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  • Shaumbra Magazine June 2023
    Posted June 1, 2023
    The June 2023 issue of the Shaumbra Magazine is now available.  Click here
  • Light of the Merlin • Online • September 9 - 10, 2023
    Posted May 31, 2023

    Once a year for the past nine years, we have joined our Merlin energies in celebration of our journey to mastery on Earth. With the unprecedented level of changes happening around the world this year, the 2023 Light of the Merlin Online event has the potential to be one of the biggest and most transformational ever.

    “Merlin” is a title rather than name. There have been many embodied Merlins throughout the ages, each serving in that role at the most important times in history. Even Saint-Germain was known as Kammet the Merlin in the times of Camelot. Now, the title of Merlin is bestowed on those that allow the magic of their own energy to serve them in grace, and are illuminating their light to the planet.

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  • Three New Events in Kona 2023
    Posted May 6, 2023

    OCTOBER 22 - 26, 2023
    Each Masters Circle event is more of a gathering than a workshop, and will be tailored to the specific group of Shaumbra in attendance rather than a more structured workshop format. Adamus will talk about the issues of importance to the group, with plenty of interaction between group members and Adamus.
    For more info - Click Here
    NOVEMBER 8 - 12, 2023

    During a recent workshop Adamus Saint-Germain made first mention of “The New Light.” The physics are simple: As a result of Heaven’s Cross, there is a new level of divinity and consciousness with many humans around the world. The “light” from the soul’s energy that provides the personal life-force in this 3D realm refracts in a different way when it lands on a highly conscious or Realized person.
    For more Information - Click Here
    NOVEMBER 18 - 22, 2023

    This wonderful workshop is about staying here on the planet in grace, as a Master, at this Time of Machines, even when faced with the challenges of everyday life. This event will be held at Villa Ahmyo in Kona, Hawaii, an ideal location for experiencing grace with the natural beauty and peaceful energies of this remote Pacific Island.
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  • The Realm Workers: Call to Return - now Available!
    Posted April 12, 2023

    The Role of Realm Workers in Lifting the Veil

    The Realm Workers played a crucial role leading up to the opening of Heaven’s Cross on March 22, 2023. While living their human lives on Earth, they also worked in the other realms to help lift the veil that for so long has separated the human from the other heavens, or realms. Their work helped facilitate the easing of gravity, electromagnetics and other forces that kept the human consciousness from going into the “beyond.” The Apocalypse has begun, and conscious humans around the world are now able to embody more light into their lives.

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  • The Keahak XIII Project - available for sign up!
    Posted April 1, 2023

    KEAHAK®: Spirit in Experience and Energy in Motion

    For the past 13 years, the Keahak program has been about preparing us for what happened on March 22, 2023. It’s been leading up to what we now know as Heaven’s Cross, also identified as the Apocalypse by St. Germain. These advanced sessions, delivered two times per month by Adamus in the House of Keahak, dive deeper than any other Crimson Circle materials into the nature of reality and the metaphysics of Creation.

    Now, Adamus will be taking Keahak in a new direction. Keahak XIII will focus on how to gracefully bring these higher levels of consciousness in your life; how to stay in communications with your Soul; how to gently integrate your Free Energy Body (Light Body); and how to live as embodied Masters at a time when the planet needs it the most.

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  • ALL NEW FORMAT!! Shaumbra Magazine - April 2023
    Posted March 31, 2023

    The April issue of Shaumbra Magazine is now available! Check out the all new easy-to-use web format that you can read on any device, as well as share, print, comment, and translate with ease.

    "It's a Wrap" by Geoffrey Hoppe
    • Upcoming Events
    • Shaumbra Heartbeat by Jean Tinder
    And more!

    Read all the news and articles HERE!

  • Heaven’s Cross Merabh Now Available!
    Posted March 29, 2023

    A Deep Personal Journey into Your Own Heavens

    This is a deep inner journey into new realms of your Self and is perfect for bringing more personal depth and meaning to the opening of Heaven’s Cross. In this guided experience, Adamus Saint-Germain helps you expand into the other heavens and bring back newly available energies, wisdom, and consciousness to serve you in daily life. Infused with the illumination and grace of the Apocalypse, this beautiful encounter with your soul will help dissolve the barriers between the realms of Self, making your divinity, light body, past, future, and dreams, fully accessible to your human self.

    For more information - click here
  • Heaven's Cross, March 22, 2023 - Live Webcast
    Posted March 20, 2023

    Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2023


    Kona, Hawaii 9:00 AM
    Denver: 1:00 PM
    New York: 3:00 PM
    Amsterdam: 8:00 PM
    Moscow: 10:00 PM
    Sydney: 6:00 AM (Thursday)

    Check your local event launch time here: Time & Date

    Heaven’s Cross (or Heavens Cross) occurs when the level of consciousness on the planet reaches a point where the barriers that have separated the physical realms from the non-physical realms begin to open. It has been foretold for eons of time, and called the Apocalypse in biblical references. The original Greek translation means, “To unveil, uncover.” For humans that are aware and ready, this means easier access to their divinity. It creates a tangible energy flow between the human facet and the soul. The term “heavens cross” means that the heaven (or dimension) of the physical universe begins to intersect and interact with the other realms.

    We have created a very special page in the CRIMSON CIRCLE website to make it easy for you to find all the relevant information about this extraordinary event. 

    For easy access please CLICK HERE

    Join Shaumbra around the world for a free webcast on March 22, 2023 at 9:00 AM Hawaii time (1:00 PM Colorado time) as we celebrate the fulfillment of a dream many lifetimes in the making. 

  • Heaven's Cross Part 3: Questions and Answers - now available
    Posted February 22, 2023

    Reconnecting with Self

    This “apocalyptic” event is like nothing humanity has ever previously encountered. As the veil between Earth and the realms beyond begins opening, the implications are profound. While the reduction in emotional, mental, and physical gravity will eventually affect every part of human life, the most meaningful outcome is the divine access that humans have yearned for since the beginning of time. For those who allow their energy to serve without limits, the result of this magnificent time will be a life of joy, happiness, abundance, ease, and grace. Indeed, those who hold on to power will find themselves going crazy and eventually leaving the planet, because human consciousness will simply no longer support their games.

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  • Next Level Soul with Alex Ferrari - Conversation with Geoffrey
    Posted February 3, 2023

    Check out Alex Ferrari’s fast-paced interview with Geoffrey Hoppe as they cover the gamut of timely topics including metaphysics, Heaven’s Cross, what it’s like to channel Adamus and what’s happening in the world today.

    Watch here on YouTube

  • Kasama Online • August 11 - 13, 2023 -Available!
    Posted January 31, 2023

    Walking with your Soul

    In this highly informative live-hosted event, Adamus answers some of the biggest questions about the soul, as well as staying on the planet as an embodied Master with energy serving you in grace. The premise is simple: You are in the midst of a beautiful and natural process of reuniting with your soul, but oftentimes it seems challenging or elusive because of the human perspective and conditioning.

    Adamus addresses the toxic element of suffering that humans have come to accept as part of life, even though suffering is totally unnecessary. He discusses the attributes and destiny of the soul in a way never presented by religions, philosophers, or gurus. His definition brings clarity to the relationship between the human and its soul, as well as a feeling of familiarity as you remember the inherent intimacy of your soul. 

    For More information - click here

  • The Threshold Online • July 7 - 9, 2023 • Application
    Posted January 31, 2023

    According to Adamus, what one experiences in the Threshold workshop is something every single Ascended Master has gone through. It is the final step before Realization.

    This profound material has been Crimson Circle’s premier in-person workshop since 2014. And now, at Adamus’ request, the Threshold is offered as an online class, with easy access for Shaumbra around the world. 

    For more Information - click here
  • Sexual Energies School Online • June 16 - 18, 2023
    Posted January 31, 2023

    Why SES?
    Nearly all of us have experienced childhood trauma, emotional wounding, energy feeding, power games, and even physical or sexual abuse in our lives. With these painful things in our history, it’s easy to see other people and situations as the cause of our unhappiness and limitation. However, with a deeper understanding of energy dynamics and the choice for self-love, one begins to realize that it has all been a wisdom-gathering game played out in the basic pattern of the masculine-feminine energy split. As a result of this duality imbalance, there is an energy virus that has brought distortion to every part of life, including relationships, sexuality, physical health and more. Even though this virus is pervasive and seemingly inescapable, there is a solution, one that opens the way to self-love, energy sovereignty and enlightenment.

    For more information - click here

  • NEW! Heaven’s Cross – Part 2: The Apocalypse, Available now!
    Posted January 19, 2023

    The Heavens Revealed

    From the times of Atlantis to ancient Egypt, from Yeshua until now, humanity has dreamed of access to the divine, of seeing beyond, of mysteries revealed and a lifetime of grace. But the physics of this planet have hidden the doorways and blinded the senses to our true state of being. Now, because of humanity’s strong desire for change and your radiant light, an unprecedented level of consciousness allows the shadowing clouds to begin lifting and the veil to begin dissolving. Although the implications go far beyond this planet and physical creation, for humanity it means a quantum change that will evolve into every part of life.

    The “Apocalypse,” which means “to reveal,” was foretold in the Book of Revelations as a time when all the potentials would change and divine would join with human. The seven heavens of Earth are seven states of being that are accessible to embodied humans. While very few have gone all the way, these realms now begin to open as Heaven’s Cross unfolds.

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  • New! Masters Pause- I Am Potentials - Available now!
    Posted January 3, 2023

    Health, happiness, abundance, love. While everyone wants to bring the best potentials into their lives, most people are limited to the probabilities of yesterday. But even in Realization there are new things to learn, choose, sense and experience in the unlimited energy of the soul. In this beautiful “walking story,” Kuthumi describes a Secret Garden in which every potential exists and explains the human sense that can help you find the ones you want. At this point in the journey your Secret Garden has changed. The weeds are gone and now, with the integration of past lives and the completion of the Self, anything is possible.

    For More Information - click here

  • Now Available! Heavens Cross Part 1: Preparing for the Opening
    Posted November 15, 2022

    Christ Consciousness in a Hopeless World

    During the extraordinary Dream of the Merlin event, Beloved St. Germain announced the imminent opening of Heaven’s Cross, a welcome crack in the tight encasement around Earth and human consciousness. This planet has always been isolated from the other realms, causing humans to forget why they are here and blocking the natural flow of divine energies and communication with the soul. This disconnection results in a profound sense of hopelessness, which then causes mental imbalance, depression, addictions, and disease. Now, the opening of Heaven’s Cross, a literal physics event that changes the electromagnetics of Earth, brings access to the other realms, Christ Consciousness, sovereignty, and grace.

    For More Information - click here

  • New! - 2023 In Person Events - Now Available!
    Posted August 15, 2022
    NEW!! MASTERS CIRCLE - 2 dates see below

    The new Masters Circle event is more of a gathering than a workshop. Each Masters Circle gathering will be tailored to the specific group of Shaumbra in attendance rather than a structured workshop format. Adamus will talk about the issues of importance to the group, with plenty of interaction between group members and Adamus.

    For more information - click here April 9-13, 2023

    For more information - click here May 14-18, 2023


  • New! Checking into Heaven- now available!
    Posted July 29, 2022

    Mark Twain’s Afterlife Adventure

    Recognized around the world for his insightful and captivating lectures, short stories and books, Mark Twain has been a challenge for researchers long past his death in 1910. As noted in the Smithsonian Magazine, one of the issues “is that Mark Twain won’t stop writing.” Fortunately for the rest of us, it seems he still has more to say! In this delightful and inspiring message, Mr. Twain takes a few moments out of his celestial celebrations to delight the audience once again with his wit and wisdom.

    For more information - click here

  • Villa Ahmyo
    Posted November 3, 2017

    Villa Ahmyo is the culmination of a long-held dream of Geoff and Linda to create a safe space for Shaumbra to experience the Ahmyo Life in small groups or individually. As Adamus brings into focus what Ahmyo represents in the integration of the master and the human, the opportunity for Villa Ahmyo showed up and became reality in a matter of weeks.

    Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, Villa Ahmyo is filled with beauty and grace, tranquility and ease. It sits in nature among lush tropical trees, foliage and flowers, with a panoramic west-looking view of the Pacific Ocean.

    For More Information click here

  • In Honor of John Kuderka
    Posted October 3, 2017

    John Kuderka made his transition late Tuesday afternoon. John helped make the Crimson Circle what it is today with his technical expertise and passion for Shaumbra. Please take a moment and join with thousands of Shaumbra and angelic entities to greet and honor John as he comes to the other side. This is not a DreamWalk, but rather a Procession of Honor for a dear, sweet and amazing man. THANK YOU John, we love and admire you!

  • Faces of our Shaumbra Family - Video
    Posted May 8, 2016

    CLICK HERE to enjoy this heart touching video with photos of Shaumbra around the world. What a beautiful family we are!

    To participate in the next "Shaumbra Family" project, please send your photo to [email protected] You may also see these photos in our family album.

    Posted April 25, 2016
    A brand new venue for selling and sharing your creations with other Shaumbra. Check it out! 
    Posted March 30, 2016
    We have recently added a Crimson Site Map, that will give you an immediate view of the entire website.  The site map can be found on the footer of every page. All headings in the site map are clickable.   Click here to view.