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SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE: Where do you live?

KONSTANTIN: I was born in Russia, but I have lived in Veracruz, Mexico for about 25 years.

SM: Would you like to share about your family?

KONSTANTIN: I live here with my mom and sister. My dad passed away some time ago, now he accompanies me from the other side. My 10-year-old daughter is here, and also an aunt and cousins.

SM: What is your job with Crimson Circle?

KONSTANTIN: I’m in charge of quality control, which is making sure the development that’s done meets the requirements and has no errors. In other words, any time the development team makes any change, whether adding a new feature or fixing a problem, I make sure it works well and as intended. That has been my main focus so far. My other function is relaying inquiries to the appropriate technicians and becoming an overall expert in the platforms that we use. That is, if I receive a requirement or a question about something, I should be able to answer it in the functional context, and if I don’t know the specific answer, then I know the right person to send it on to. I’m still in the process of becoming that kind of expert, because while I’m familiar with the store software, I’m still a newbie to the Connection Center and the main Crimson Circle website.

SM: What else have you done in this field?

KONSTANTIN: My working experience started in 2003 when I graduated from university. I’ve worked as a developer, a functional analyst, and as a tester. So, I have a good background for what I am up to right now: specializing in the Quality Assurance field.

SM: Crimson Circle is a rather unusual company, what’s it like to work here?

KONSTANTIN: As you said, it’s been unusual. I mean, as any company, we face problems and we solve them, and things just go through their cycles and there’s a lot to do. The essence of the company has to do directly with serving people who are in search of internal needs, like their need of being happy. And being part of this mechanism that helps them find that happiness is quite fulfilling.

SM: Do you have any passions or interests outside of work?

KONSTANTIN: Yes, I’ve trained in martial arts in the past and achieved a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I also studied music and play guitar and bass. I am part of an acoustic musical trio, and we are sometimes hired to perform modern and classic pop and rock covers in English and Spanish. I also practiced gymnastics for a couple of years, but right now my main physical activity is roller-skating. I also like chess.

SM: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

KONSTANTIN: I have worked with the Tech-quila team for about 6 months already. And it has been very motivating to work with people who are willing to help you grow professionally and personally.

2 comments on "Meet the Staff - Konstantin Vikhrov"

  • ieda T. Alves on March 3, 2022 2:46 PM said:
    Olá Konstantin Vikhrov Agradeço por seu belo trabalho, junto a esse maravilhoso grupo, Crimson Circle. Grande abraço!
  • аноним on December 4, 2021 2:44 PM said:
    але ти класний чувак

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