Lesson Twelve, Part II: The Creator Series
"The Unity Channel"

Presented at the Kryon Midsummer Light Conference
Breckenridge, Colorado
July 15, 2001

This is Part 3 of a three part series that constitutes Lesson 12 of the Creator Series. Part 1 was given on Thursday, July 12, 2001, and Part 2 was given on Friday, July 13, 2001. This channeling was presented at the Kryon Midsummer Light Conference in Breckenridge, CO, July 15, 2001, where 450 lightworkers from around the world gathered to share love, energy, and a common bond of service to Spirit. On final morning of the conference, Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman, Tobias through Geoffrey Hoppe, and Kryon through Lee Carroll joined together on stage for this historic channel. The following text is the Tobias portion of the Unity channel.

TOBIAS: Dear friends, The Kryon, Archangel Michael – oh, this is quite a moment for I, Tobias. It is interesting for Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), for he hears three voices in his head! (audience laughter) He finds this quite interesting! This is a blessed and sacred moment.

On the other side of the veil we talked amongst ourselves, as we do quite often. We do sit around and chat about you! (audience laughter) We imagined the day when we would gather together like this, all of our energies present in the moment, in the Now. Certainly, all of our energies are always around you, but to be able to bring them in like this, in this holy way – it has been difficult to do up to now.

Why now? Why this unity on this day? It is because of the work you have been doing and the consciousness you have achieved. It allows all of our energies to come in at one time to meld with you. This would have been rather overwhelming if we had done this years and years ago. It would have been overwhelming and perhaps difficult on your circuitry if we had done this even two or three years ago.

But look what you have done! Through your work, it is now possible to have all of us and all of you present in this exact moment, right here. It is bringing us to great emotion, the spirits that gather here. This is a landmark moment! And mark our words, the unity you see here, the unity in this room, you will begin to see more and more of this in your new energy. You will see the walls break down. You will see the teachers and the talkers and the healers and the facilitators work together and share their information for the good of all. Mark this moment on your soul! Mark this moment on your human calendar, for this is glorious. This is special!

(emotional) I, Tobias, have been waiting a long, long time for this. Words are difficult to express this, so feel the energy that Archangel Michael, The Kryon and I send to you at this time. Yes, breathe it in.

Oh, we wish we did not have to say any more words, but Cauldre tells us we must talk on! (audience laughter)

When we gathered here together three nights ago (Part I of Lesson Twelve), there was much sadness. There was much baggage. There was much work to be done in this room with this group. You were low on energy. Your cup was very, very low. And that is exactly appropriate. We knew that you needed to come to this place to be rejuvenated and to be given new strength.

When we sat together two days ago in this room (Part II of Lesson Twelve), the energies were flying left and right. You were releasing rapidly. It was somewhat chaotic in here! And it was very, very warm. You say it was your air conditioner, but who was making your air conditioner go out? It was you! We add this footnote here, as a caution to the hotel. With this much energy going through this room these last few days, they can expect plumbing and electrical problems for months to come! (audience laughter) And they will have a hard time putting the blame on you! (audience laughter)

Two days ago the energy was going in all directions as you were releasing, as you were bringing in the new, as you were allowing us, all of us on this side of the veil to come in to facilitate this process with you. Look at the energy on this morning, dear friends. Feel the energy on this morning. Different. Not tired any more. Not sad and lonely anymore. Not chaotic, not going in all different directions. Feel within yourself. There is an energy of fulfillment, of love, of strength. You have done wonderful work, wonderful work in these past few days. You will be able to take this energy of yourself, of your Divine Self, back down this mountain. And you will find that you can now put it to work. It will serve you. Remember that!

There was much preparation that went into this day. We have been working on this for months and months of your human time, knowing that we would have an assembly of human angels who have journeyed to be here, so we have been doing much work. Just to give you a beyond-the-scenes look at what was going on, those who we call your runners were busy passing back and forth energies. They were fulfilling the vibrational requirements that you had. They were making shifts in your life for weeks and months prior to arriving here. We know you felt the shifts. We know you experienced shifts in your jobs, in your relationships, and in your emotions. There was much going back and forth. And the runners, your angel runners, were doing much, much work.

For the Kryon, there was much adjusting of grids at that time to respond to your changing consciousness. Archangel Michael was busy, working with you at night in your dreams, helping to make those last minute preparations, for the clock was running out prior to you coming here. That is why you felt the way you did in the weeks and the months prior to coming here. That is why we knew you would come here tired and empty, for you were preparing for a major event, the event that we have today.

Now we come to you as a group on this day. And just like you humans, we too wonder what we should wear for you! (audience laughter) It is to say that we wear special vibrations, and we wear special colors. But you know, we are nervous, too, coming to you, this honored group of angels! Oh, Michael, wondering what shimmering blue to wear. Look now with your eyes, your mind’s eye, or in your heart. Look now at the colors that we bring. Look at the way we dress for you on this day, the honor that we have. You will see Michael surrounded in shimmering, electric, pulsating, vibrant blues. You can see the flames leaping, leaping out, touching each one of you who are here.

Oh, Michael! It was Michael who came to me, Tobias, on many occasions when I was a human to help and to assist, just like he does for you now. We laugh because you call him a "he." Your books list him as that. Sometimes, you know, we call him "Michelle," for it is the energy of both male and female. (audience laughter) We do not want you to be confused about that. That is why he picked such a grand and glorious female (Ronna Herman) to bring his word to this world.

It was Michael who placed his energy, as he often does for you, for me in the lifetime when I was called Tobit. He placed his energy to assist on the journey (in the Book of Tobit), and sure enough, he chose the dog. A dog carried the energy of Truth, carried the energy of the sword on our wonderful journey.

(emotional) It was Michael who came to me in my last lifetime on Earth when I was behind bars, when I was in prison in my last lifetime. Michael placed his energy in a bird. The bird sat outside the window of my cell each morning and sang to me. And at first, I did not so much like this, for I had had some bad experiences with birds. (audience laughter) Michael came and sang to me each morning, telling me that the truth was within, telling me that I was not alone, reassuring me, giving me strength and energy. And whereas at first, I resented this bird infringing on my sadness and on my anger, I soon learned to allow the love vibrations from its song into my being. And we would sit, morning after morning, talking and sharing.

(very emotional) Then one morning, I realized it was time to go. Michael had been telling me that I was needed on the other side. If I chose, I would no longer come back to Earth in physical form. I would come to his side of the veil to assist Michael, and to assist the Kryon to work with each of you. This was shortly before the appearance of Yeshua ben Joseph on Earth. It was a little bit more than 2000 years ago that I was asked to come back on the other side to be part of a team that would assist the grandest and most glorious angels of Earth on their journey for the coming 2000 years. I have not returned to Earth in physical body since then. I have been working with these wonderful entities. Dear ones, I have been waiting 2000 years for this moment. It is quite overwhelming.

Now the Kryon, getting dressed for this day, getting dressed in the shimmering coppers and golds, the beautiful and vibrant metallics. I watched the Kryon change colors many times today. Look now with your eyes, if you can see this, or in your heart, if you can see it. Breathe in the colors and the vibrations of the Kryon sitting here; the Kryon, the one who calls himself the "magnetic master." Dear friends, do you realize this would be like a concert pianist calling himself a "piano tuner?"

The Kryon has been with you ever since you left Home, ever since you crossed through the Wall of Fire, responding to your changing and rising consciousness, taking the energies that you were emanating, the love that you were exuding, gathering it up and responding appropriately to the design and the structure of the universe, of your Earth, of the new creation. The Kryon told me even this morning that the greatest sadness, the greatest longing that he has is that he has not been able to actually be a human, to take on form. He has had a job to do. It has not been appropriate. He wishes to experience the things that you have experienced. He sees the tremendous love that comes from each thought, indeed from each action that you have. He said on this very day, "One day when the timing is right, when I am through with my duties, I would like to experience the joy of being a human angel." It was a touching moment.

Dear friends, now when Michael, when Kryon, and when Tobias look at you, let us tell you what we see. Let us tell you how we see you dressed on this morning. We see an energy that has changed, even in these past three days. But what we see now are two layers. There is an outer layer, which we can literally see around each of you. It is shimmering. It is changing colors. It is illuminating golds and whites and silvers and multi-colors in between. There is a layer immediately around you, in what you used to call your auric field. Now we call it your "divinity field." It is immediately around you. As this divine seed that you have carried with you since the beginning of all time outside of the first circle, as it awakens, it is filling in the space around you. Do you know this space, somewhat of an egg-shape form, that is immediately around you? It is where your guides used to sit. It is the space they used to occupy. It was empty for a long time – what appeared to be a long time. Now it is filling up. It is illuminating. It is radiating. There is a tremendous difference that we see from when we sat here three nights ago up to now.

Dear friends, this is your divinity. This is your birthright. This is the essence of you that is being birthed. It is showing up now immediately in the dimension around you. Your job, your task is to bring it now directly into your human "now" and your human reality. It exists just slightly outside of the reality that you sit in right now. It is waiting to be brought in. And how do you do that? Simply breathe! Breathe in your divinity. As you do, it takes this energy that is in this egg shape immediately around you, and it anchors it into your "now." Breathe in, and it fills up the cells, the molecules, the DNA, all of the parts that are in your human reality. It is so simple. After this long, long, long journey of yours, it is now as simple as breathing this into the "now."

Now this will take a bit of time for it to anchor. As you breathe, it is not quite so used to finding residence within you, in your reality, so continue to work on this breathing. Do it simply. Do it without agenda. Simply breathe in divinity. Breathe in abundance. Breathe in biological health. Breathe in balanced relationships. Breathe in self-worth. Breathe in self-worth. Breathe in self-worth. As you do this, you meld the outer layer that you are wearing. You meld it into your "now." You have a new unity between what you call your ego and your True Self. The unity begins within, dear friends. The unity for this world, for this Earth begins with you. It begins within. It begins right now. As you become a unified human angel, one who has melded the ego – which is a wonderful, wonderful thing – you have melded your ego with your divine energy. You become a unified human angel. And when you do, you can go into the most difficult situations and bring the energy of unity with you. And you will anchor it there in those places and situations when you breathe. It is that simple. Do not make it so complex.

(teasing) We see some of you now trying to add things to this! (audience laughter) Do not make it difficult! When you teach others, you will want to keep it simple. We will remind you of this over and over. The unified human angel can go into a place like your Mideast where there is stress and chaos and war, and bring the energy of unity. You can go into parts of your world where the land is shifting and belching, and you can bring this new energy of unity and balance. You can go into your workplace, and without saying or doing anything you will exude an energy of unity and balance. You can go into your own challenging, biological family and bring unity. It is here. It is now. Your new relationship with Spirit, who is you, is available now. If you doubt this, simply breathe in, and see the effect that it has.

As Michael has said, there is much work for you to do. We need you now more than ever, ever, ever before. We need those who carry the flaming Sword of Truth with them. We need you to go into this world as a divine angel. Bring this energy where you go. Why do you think it is that we do not gather all of you together and have you live in the same place? There would be an imbalance, first of all. You would blow the electric circuits. But we need you in places all over the world where there is challenge and there is difficulty. We need you in places like Ohio! (big audience laughter) We need you in places like California where there is the shifting of the land. We need you in the Mideast where there is human challenge and turmoil. We need you all over the world to bring your energy as you integrate, as you allow your divinity to come into your "now."

What will happen next is you will hear a loud banging noise. It will be someone knocking at your door. They will say to you, "I do not know why I am here. I do not know who you are, but I was led here. For some strange reason my car broke down in front of your house. What is it that I should know from you?" And dear friends, that is when the new level of your work as a teacher of divinity begins. And when you open the door, and you see a sad and confused and lonely, impoverished human in front of you, breathe in. Breathe in your divinity and know your work is beginning.

We love all of you beyond measure. And at this moment the Kryon, Archangel Michael, and I, Tobias, we project our love and our energy and our colors out to you in the grandest of ways. We love you dearly. We pass this baton of love now to the Kryon.

And so it is.