The Creator Series Lesson 5: Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle gathering,
December 9, 2000 Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado

Tobias: And so it is, dear friends, that we come back into your circle. Wecome back into the energy from the evening before now (referring to the Crimson Circle gathering on December 9, 2000). We gather here to discuss your questions, and to put our energy behind these. But from the time that we left you last night until we gather here again today, the link of energy has been maintained. The circle has not been broke, and so we continue with the ease here on this day.

Now as always we will allocate sufficient time for answering your questions, but there are several things we would like to address with this group. For those who are gathered here in this immediate circle today, we ask each of you to simply open your hearts to add to the energy of this circle. During the next few minutes we will continue to adjust the energies for the most efficient flow of information. There is much that each of you bring here today to help intensify and amplify this energy.

We will address several topics before we get into your questions. The first topic is one that we will introduce here in a brief form, but then we will continue to address in upcoming gatherings of the Crimson Circle. This topic has to do with your inner communications.

Many of those who are family, who are Shaumbra, have been looking outward for communications from Spirit, from their guides, even from channeled entities like Tobias. But it is time now that you begin to bring through the inner communications that you own, that are part of you.

Up to this time it has been somewhat difficult for you to communicate with themselves, to communicate with their divine being. You have needed the outside translators in the form of angels or outside entities to help you discern and decipher the information that truly was coming through you. But as you know, this is now the time for you to take responsibility for your own being, for your own power, and your own creations.

There are recent changes that have been occurring at your deepest inner levels, levels deeper than even your DNA, levels that go into your magnetic structure and your vibrational structure. It is now becoming much more efficient and much easier and much more clear for you to start translating these inner communications. This will take practice. This will take work on your part, but once you begin to grasp and understand how this is done, this will be a very large step in your own empowerment and in your own ability to become a creator.

With the advent of the fourth element (referring to the channeled information from December 9, 2000) there will be a new series of communications that come from within you. There will be a new and a different type of communication that comes through to you. This will require several changes. First it will require that you allow space in your day for "listening time." It will require you to acknowledge there is a divine communication that is coming from your essence. It is trying to link to you, to bridge the gap through duality.

These communications will come in all forms. They will help to guide you in your life. They will help to alert you to upcoming situations. These communications will be - since we have used many analogies of the ship - like an automatic navigation system on board a ship, complete with radar for looking around you to see what is not obvious to the human eye. The communications will be like a speed control on your ship that regulates the speed at which you are creating and processing. It will be like communications that would come from a compass to tell you what direction you are heading in.

And yet this analogy falls short because these communications will be much more multidimensional. They will help you to know things. They will help you to have knowingness of situations as you stand in your divine moment. They will help you see beyond what has been obvious up to now. We will address this in much more detail in our future. We choose to bring this forth in this small group today and to then distribute to all who here and who read this to begin the workings with you. There are certain symptoms that you will feel and know. You will know that your divine being is attempting to bridge the gap, to link to your conscious human self. When you are not quite listening so well to this new communication, you will feel an intense sense of irritation and aggravation. When your physical body needs caring, does it not call out to you for attention? Is it not an irritant until you place energy in that physical situation and bring back proper balance? When you are not listening to your new inner communications, you will have a very intense feeling of aggravation and uneasiness. This may cause you to become more aggravated, but eventually it will cause you to sit in the divine moment in stillness and listen!

Now for each of you, you will come to understand these communications from your divine being in different ways. Some will literally hear these. Some will have a knowingnesses. Others will have a very strong sense of intuition. There are many ways this will manifest for you, and again we will get into more detail of this in upcoming sessions. But it is to know for all who are Shaumbra, all who are connecting with us now, that now is the beginning time for a new type of divine inner communication.

For those who seek outer communications and who are Shaumbra, we will tell you now that the outer communications will essentially be cut off at this point. And Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), we do not so much mean you during these gatherings, for he worries much of this! (chuckling) This is being done with your permission and with your cooperation, in order for you to focus not on what is inside of you.

So do not panic, dear friends. Do not panic when those who you have been feeling around you and communicating with do not seem to be there anymore. Indeed they are. Indeed you are never alone, but they will back off for awhile to allow you to hear the true inner communications.

What we are working with you on here, as you know, is to be your own creator, to be your own divine self. The series of steps we have gone through are deliberate, intentional, and somewhat painstaking for you. But there is a process to this, a process that someday you will teach.

Now we add this note as an extension of our discussions from yesterday. There are many changes taking place now, and you will see these happening more rapidly. As much as Cauldre does not like so much for us to give predictions, we will tell you of the potentials of a few things that are coming very soon. These will be like milestones for you. They will be like markers for you to understand what is happening within you and all around you.

Within a very short period of time, an old institution will be shattered. There is an old institution that will be shattered. This is, dear friends, appropriate, for as the new energy comes to power, old concepts will need to move out. We speak here of an external event, but it is indicative of what is happening within your being.

At the same time - and as much of a paradox as this may seem - there is something that has been buried for much, much time that will now come to the surface. And we are not speaking here of your lost continent, but we are speaking of something more specific. There is something that has been hidden and buried for a long period of time. It needed to go into a secret place. It now will come forward in your time, and in doing so, it will bring forth a truth that will be contested - strongly contested - by those holding the old energy. This will create much controversy. You will see these things happen in a relatively short period of time.

We do not give these as predictions, for as we have said, it is not ours to predict. It is yours to create. We see all of the potentials shifting and moving. We see that it is appropriate for these things to happen at this point.

And now with that, dear friends, we would be delighted to answer, or attempt to answer, your questions on this day.

QUESTION: Tobias, I notice that after attending a Tobias channeling, it is easier to communicate with Spirit. However, as time goes by, and I become immersed in everyday life, and communication with Spirit becomes more remote and difficult. Would you explain what one can do to keep the lines open, so to speak?

TOBIAS: We have addressed this question in our introductory remarks today.

QUESTION: Tobias, if we cannot use future intent to create, or simply do not need to, and we are not supposed to expect results in a given time, how do we know when we are creating?

TOBIAS: This is an excellent question. And this is part of the series that we're going through at this very point with you (the Creator Series). We have been deliberate, and we have been slow in the process. We have been asking you, Shaumbra, to accept all things as they are. We have asked you to accept yourself as a divine being, to accept your human self. We have asked for you to be in the divine moment. We have asked you to create in grace. We have asked you to know that changes will come and to bless them. These are all part of the process. In your question we see an impatience. We will address this question in the Creator series that we are doing now. We ask you to focus on the specific lessons, and when we come to the end of this series, you will have a deep and broad understanding of your own powers to be a true creator. You will understand h! ow creation truly works. So this is a good time to remind you and all who are linking to this across time and space to be patient with the process. Be patient with the process. We are working with you to release old concepts of what you thought creation was, so that we could introduce the new concepts. In the meantime, dear friends, be patient with this process.

QUESTION: Tobias, you said that gay people have a "clear marble" that does not ever turn light or dark. Is this like a male or female energy? What specific functional benefits does this set-up provide?

TOBIAS: This clear marble that we speak of in our metaphor does not take on the full energetic characteristics of the white or the black. It will lean towards one or the other, but will remain more in the gray shades. With other human, the clear marble will take on the full characteristics and aspects of either the white or the black. The purpose is to have more flexibility, and to have less specific definition to the balance of energy. The purpose is to provide a bridge, in a sense, between light and dark, rather than take on the characteristics of duality. It is also to provide a new balance of the duality of male and female energy. The male/female energy is one of the strongest examples of duality in the second creation. This unusual attribute of the clear marble was specifically chosen by the human angels who you call "gay." We find that such an interesting word - for perhaps there is a cer! tain happiness in not taking on such a strong polarity! They are helping to set the new template that will shatter this old concept of male and female energies.

QUESTION: Please expound further on the simple metaphor of the marbles.

TOBIAS: We use the metaphor of the marbles to help you understand your energy composition and the balance of duality. When you crossed over from the first creation, your oneness was divided it into two. These became light and dark, or positive and negative, or whatever terms you choose to define the polarity.

The third element - what we defined as the clear marble - is much like a chameleon. The clear marble takes on attributes of the white or the black to provide an offset balance of energy. This offset balance of energy then provides the force, friction, and propulsion that are needed for your human experiences. We do not mean this literally, in terms of having "marbles" within you They simply represent the energy composition within your being. We use this example of the marbles to help you understand why you have been feeling certain things in your physical and emotional being. In addition to the white, black and clear marbles, there now comes the fourth element. This is changing your entire energy set-up. You are going through many changes in your being. We bring this new information to you to help you to understand specifically what is happening.

This fourth element is coming into your human energy composition. Cauldre asks here, "Where does this element come from? Does it come from the first circle?" And the answer to that is, "No." This is difficult to explain here, but this fourth element is the "child" of the white and the black. It is birthed from the relationship of your white and the black energy balance. It comes from the great love and dynamics that there are between these two. It is what you would call the Christ child. Understand that all of these things we speak of are happening within you at this time. There is the birthing of the Christ consciousness within your energy composition. That is why you are experiencing the things you are now in your life.

We will spend more time with this concept in our future discussions. We ask each of you here and connecting with us to not over-intellectualize this process. It is very simple. Look at it from its simplest aspect. The fourth element is simply the birthing of the Christ child within you.

QUESTION: Tobias, is there any relationship between the three marbles and the departure of the attributes of self that we have been in this life?

TOBIAS: In short, yes. With this new element coming in, there is a new relationship between the white and the black and the clear. These three original elements will consider the fourth element to be an outsider. They will attempt to reject it. You will feel this in your body and mind and emotions. As we have also said at the beginning of our session here, there is an old institution that will be shattered. This is an outer manifestation of the very things that are taking place within your being.

QUESTION: Tobias, is it appropriate to write a word like "worry" and place that in the oven instead of finding a visual for that emotion or issue?

TOBIAS: Absolutely, and we thank you for your input on this. You can write words to put in the oven. You can use symbols. You can use anything that is appropriate for you, for you indeed are the creators. This is a good example here of another way to approach this.

QUESTION: Tobias, I am more confused than ever before. Take away old metaphysical ways of thinking. Don't ask anyone. Don't try to create the way you used to. My guides are not available. Just accept and allow. How do I get this task accomplished, i.e., change careers?

TOBIAS: You are trying much too hard! You are looking for answers in all places, other than within your being. For you we specifically suggest a one-week vacation! You need time away from your mind, away from your worries. We have been working with you - and with all the others - on the very deliberate series of steps to help you release the old. This will allow a new balance into your life. Indeed we ask you to be patient, but you struggle much with this. You will tire if you continue these activities. Again we prescribe for you this one-week vacation away from others. It is much needed. In this time we will come to work with you. Indeed ultimately it will come from within, but there will be energies that we bring here to you, but you must be in this quiet space. And we are addressing the one who wrote the question. We are not asking all of Shaumbra to! go take a one-week vacation! (laughter)

QUESTION: I have not experienced nighttime terror or nightmares that you have mentioned in the last two circles. Is this something we have to look forward to yet?

TOBIAS: No, in your specific case this clearing has already been done. There is no reason for these old things to come up in your dreams. You have spent much time in the other levels working on the understandings of the crossing through the wall of fire. No, you are fine.

QUESTION: Tobias, I have been involved with others and groups that have 444 and in phone numbers and addresses. What's up with this?

TOBIAS: You will continue to see this element of "four" and multiples of "four" as we have mentioned in the past several Crimson Circle sessions. We have talked of the importance of "four." When you see this number, it simply will let you know that you are on the right path. These are the little markers. These are the little assurances that you get that you are headed in the right direction.

QUESTION: Tobias, it is interesting that you refer to a wall of fire versus the human understanding of hell. Will you help us understand that?

TOBIAS: Dear friends, it is quite the same. It is no surprise that we use this concept of the wall of fire. In your religious books, the wall of fire is depicted as hell, of being sent to hell for an eternity. Has it not seemed like hell in some cases with your many lifetimes on Earth? When you left Home, when you left the first circle and went through this wall of fire, you knew and we knew that you could never return Home. The Home that you left would never be the same because of the work that you did on Earth. We do not mean, dear friends, that you will never reunite consciously with your divine self and with Spirit and All That Is. What is meant in this concept is that all things changed when you went through this wall of fire. It is interesting that your own religions have used this concept but changed it to mean something bad, something that does not come from truth. But the symbols and energetic elements are still there. Indeed we anticipated this question, and there is much significance in this.

QUESTION: I need to get out of Denver for health reasons. I don't know if I should stay in Colorado, but live in the mountains or foothills, or move to Montana. The winters in southwest Montana have concerned me, though.

TOBIAS: We go back to our opening statement of communication. It is time to listen, but you look to the outside for these answers. Spend some time in quiet, and you will know. Also for you and for all others who are connecting here, it would not be appropriate for us to answer a question such as this. Although we have indications of the answers, it would not be appropriate for us to provide a direct answer. It is time to go within to listen. Remember, there are no truly wrong choices. There are some choices that simply take longer to manifest.

QUESTION: Will I begin to lose weight now?

TOBIAS: In your specific case, no. It is not appropriate at this time. Your body needs this extra energy and balance for a period of at least another year to allow for the changes you are going through. As you know, you do not have the strength right now to endure the rigorous changes that your physical being are going through. You need this weight for the extra strength and energy. We ask you ask you bless your physical being instead of cursing it. The weight serves a purpose for you. It is there to protect you, in a way. Bless it, and bless yourself. The proper balance of biology will come to you as the fourth element integrates into your being. As we discussed last night in our channeling, expect these changes and bless them.

QUESTION: Tobias, is it part of the ascension process, or of Alzheimer's disease, when I find myself having lapses of memory?

TOBIAS: It is part of the process that you are going through. There is a common thread here with Shaumbra - the feeling of temporary disconnect, the feeling with loss of memory. You are changing at a very rapid pace right now. It is not always possible to keep your two feet planted on the ground. As the balance of the marbles begins to change, you will find these experiences more intense and more frequent for a period of time. Simply laugh at them. Simply bless these changes.

QUESTION: Tobias, in the questions and answers last time, you mentioned putting a picture of yourself in the oven. You used that symbol for health and for weight. Do you need to designate why your picture is in the oven or will grace just know the issue?

TOBIAS: It is best not to designate. It is best not to pray or to voice intent. There is already an acknowledgment and an understanding within that you are placing your biology and your physical balance into the oven of grace for balance. Dear friends, simply close the door. Push the start button. Allow grace to do the work. You struggle so much in your minds, trying to even figure out the process of the oven! It is quite simple. Grace is a natural state of balance and flow. We ask you to stand out of the way. Allow the grace of your divine being to handle these things without expectation of results or outcome. There is a natural balance and a natural flow within your divine being. It is called grace.

QUESTION: Tobias, the story of Taylor last time felt very personal, until you got to the oven of grace. Was the story of Taylor a metaphor or parable or was Taylor an actual person?

TOBIAS: Taylor is a compilation of many people. It is based on actual experiences of those who are Shaumbra. There have been a few instances where we have told a story of a specific person, but in the case of Taylor, it was a compilation. The stories we share with you should feel familiar. We are simply mirroring back your own experiences. We are putting it in front of you in the form of a story to help you see it more clearly. This information and the energy behind it should feel familiar. It should feel like it comes from you, and it should feel balanced. That is how you will know that this is right place for you.

QUESTION: Is there any chance that there is a special magic pill or shortcut you could share?

TOBIAS: (laughing) This is an amusing question, and we will give you an amusing answer. If you are looking for a shortcut or for a magic pill, our advice to you and all others is to simply stand out of your way. Stand out of your way! There is so much of your intellect that gets involved. But we also see that you truly have fun with this. You truly enjoy playing with this! If you would like a very fast process, stand out of your old human way and allow the changes to come through rapidly and bless them as they do.

QUESTION: We just experienced a rough three-car collision. What's up with this?

TOBIAS: You are headed on a path that you feel very strongly about. You are very focused on that particular path, and see no other alternatives. At times you need a wake up call. We see your enthusiasm and excitement in the journey that you were taking. We see you filled with light and joy and love here. This accident came in as a wake up call, and as you know, no one here was injured. It was a blow to your ego more than anything. You were being asked to step back for a moment and reevaluate your journey as a human. We are not talking about the literal destination you were attempting to get to, but your journey as a human. There were some imbalances of understandings that you have held for a while. But you did not recognize these. You held them righteously. You used them as a defense. And in a sense, your own being knew you were using these as a manipulation with others. This accident that you had on your way to something that was dear to you was a reminder that "things are not always as they seem," to quote the Kryon.

QUESTION: Any wisdoms to share regarding partnerships and relationships in the new energy?

TOBIAS: (struggling) This is - we change our energy here into one of much solemnness - this is a difficult and challenging area for many of you. You are making rapid changes in your being. You are going through the creator process. You are going through the process of the integrating your divinity very rapidly. For many of you, relationships are not so appropriate right now. We know you long to be with someone, to share the love that you have in your heart, to share day in and day out parts of being human. But for a period of time here, relationships will tend to hinder the path that you are on. Understand it is not Spirit that is withholding a relationship from you. It is the part of your being that understands you are truly destined to be a teacher of empowerment. During this time of changing, the distraction of an outside relationship would tend to throw off the balance of energy that you are so diligently and carefully working on. This is not easy news to convey to you and to those who are linking here. But again that is why we come here so often and thank and honor you for the service. We know that you sacrifice much here. We know that you sacrifice much. We know you long to share the love that you have. We can only say there will be an appropriate time for this.

QUESTION: There are several people here who are extremely interested in moving medical things forward. Do you have anything more specific to that and the people here?

TOBIAS: We ask those who work in these arts to carefully review the information that is being brought up now regarding the fourth element. This will provide many of the missing pieces. It will help you see beyond what you have been trained to look for. It will help you to see beyond the obvious. It will help to answer many of your questions. The knowingness of the fourth element will then cause the answers to come to you. There are learned ones who are very close to coming to new understandings of what we have called the quad math. This information will be brought forth shortly. It will be an affirmation of what is taking place with the new energies. It will also provide you with new insights and understandings into this. But for the time being, review this information about the fourth element, for you are undergoing this process right now within yourself. Look within yourself for what is taking place, and then you will begin to put together the pieces of the puzzle for the research work that you are doing now. This will become blatantly obvious and clear to you shortly.

QUESTION: It seems that the concept of two worlds is more evident and discomforting. What can we do to handle this better and still live in both?

TOBIAS: Handle this through compassion and understanding. Understand that you are living more and more each day in this new energy Earth. Understand that there is great honor for those who stay in the old energy. There is the need for those to tether and to balance the old energy. Not all of you can move into the new at one time. This would cause a tremendous energy imbalance. Honor the ones you see along your way each day that are in the old energy. Bless them and know that one day you will be their teacher. It is time for you to set the example. While it appears that you will be increasing the chasm between the old energy Earth and the new, there will be a bridging of this chasm that comes here in the years ahead. You will be the ones who help guide the others across that bridge.

QUESTION: Tobias, you talked about relationship pairs using the mountain climber metaphor. Are there more than two in these groups?

TOBIAS: There are millions. There are many, many, many who are assisting each other, one at a time. We use this story of the mountain climber to help you understand how one holds the balance and the stability, while the other moves forward into new territory. But if you choose to look down below, you will not see just one other, you will see millions and millions who all follow, who all assist, who all at certain times have the role of the place holders, the energy holders. Others have the role of explorer and the adventurer. You have traded roles over eons of time, but now you, Shaumbra, are the ones who are the explorers and the journeyers. Thank those who hold the energy for the work that you are doing. Now before we leave on this day, we will address all who are reading, all who are listening to this across your dimensions. We tell you that indeed we do understand what you are going through. We know there are times when you feel we are not so empathetic with what you go through. But dear friends, we are all learning. You are learning. We are learning through you. As we have said before, we do not have the answers. This truth should also be joyous to you. Know that you are the ones who are helping to set the templates of the energy of the new Earth. You are the ones who are creating the way this new space feels and looks. You are the ones who are building the new village, the new energy Earth. You are creating the look and feel and charm and energy. You are the ones selecting the colors of the buildings. You are the ones architecting all of the infrastructure. You are the ones creating the music and the vibrations. When the gates of the village are opened, wthe others will have a beautiful and loving and healthy and comfortable place to live. You are the ones designing and building the new village.

And with that, dear friends, we remind you that we are always available in energy and in love, even though we will be backing away here for a short period. We remind you that you are never alone in the work that you do. There is family on Earth. They are known as Shaumbra. And there is more family just a short way outside of your circle.

And so it is ...


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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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